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Hacker Side Stories

Chapter 1: Tsuna Meets Akihito

"Dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a camera. You must be Takaba-san."

Takaba Akihito jumped as a voice sounded next to him in the near empty cafe. It was the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday, so business was slow and Akihito had been hoping for a quiet lunch. No such luck apparently.

"Who...?" Akihito trailed off as he looked up to see the person who addressed him. Akihito blinked as he realized the man, no boy, was only a teenager. "Who are you?" He finally said. "How do you know who I am?"

The boy was young and, even Akihito could admit, rather cute. He was short with oddly spiked brown hair that looked soft, creamy pale skin, and delicate, feminine facial features. What was most striking about his appearance, however, were the large brown eyes. At a glance his eyes looked normal, but the more Akihito looked the more he realized they were actually tinged orange and there appeared to be something icy hidden in that otherwise soft gaze.

"My name is Tsunayoshi, but you can call me Tsuna if you want." The boy smiled, but did not offer his last name. "I am... an acquaintance of Asami-san."

Akihito tensed as the boy finished introducing himself and sat down across from him. As disarming as the boys appearance was, Akihito had long since learned that even the most innocent faces were capable of murder. The pretty ones often being the most dangerous if his time with Feilong was anything to go by. Besides, it was never a good sign when someone referred to Asami in such a casual way.

"Er... Asami?" Akihito slipped his hand into his pocket under the table, trying to work his phone without being noticed. "I'm not sure I-"

"You don't have to worry." The boy, Tsunayoshi, smiled slightly as Akihito's eyes widened. Tsuna had his right hand up, in it was Akihito's phone. "I'm not one of Asami's enemies. I just wanted a chance to meet and get to know you without that old bastard running interference."

"'That old bastard?'" Akihito repeated softly in wonder. There weren't many people besides himself willing to address Asami as such, true or not. "Just who are you?" Akihito's stomach squirmed as he itched to bolt for the door. Something about Tsuna made a part of Akihito want to trust him, but another, more sensible part was more cautious. "What do you want?"

"I thought I already told you." Tsuna's expression became more sympathetic as he seemed to understand Akihito's apprehension. "I just wanted to talk to you." Tsuna placed Akihito's phone on the table as a gesture of peace, Akihito was quick to snatch it back but didn't try to call or text anyone. "You see Asami-san and I have been... acquaintances for some time and I find myself fascinated that he's gotten so involved with someone." Tsuna smirked, looking very amused. "That the bastard actually decided to settle down makes me want to know the person who tamed him."

"Tame my ass." Akihitio replied without thinking. "That bastard will never be anything other than a wild animal." Hearing a soft chuckle brought Akihito back to reality, he blushed and looked away, rubbing the back of his neck softly. "Er.. I mean-"

"It's a rather apt description." Tsuna gave another quiet laugh. "I suppose Asami's prefers the ones with an attitude, good." Akihito blinked at the satisfied expression on Tsuna's face. "It'll be nice for someone other than me to actually call Asami-san out on his shit."

"Huh?" Now Akihito was really confused. "Just who the hell are you?"

"Tsunayoshi, age 15, middle school student." Tsuna replied. "I sometimes do work for Asami-san and other times he works for me." Akihito's eyes widened. "You could say we're almost business partners, having worked together for a few years now."

"Partners? In what?" Akihito asked cautiously. "Like with the clubs or..."

Akihito trailed off once more, feeling the sentence didn't need to be finished. Fifteen was you, really young if the boy was to be believed about working with Asami for years, but that didn't mean he couldn't be involved in Asami's shadier business. His suspicions were confirmed when the boy nodded and began to speak again.

"I take care of some off the books work." He paused. "You know, Asami-san had me do an extensive background check on you several months ago." Akihito blinked. "Had to make sure you weren't dangerous before he started pursuing you earnestly." Tsuna waved over a waiter. "I was even involved in coordinating your rescue from Hong Kong."

The reminder of Akihito's stay in Hong Kong made his blood freeze. Even now, after having been home for over a month, Akihito still cringed whenever the memories were dredged up. So lost in thought, Akihito didn't even notice when Tsuna placed an order for the both of them until the waiter place a slice of apple pie and a cup of coffee in front of him.

"Two creams, one sugar." Tsuna said as he dipped his fork into a slice of lemon meringue pie. "That's how you take it, right?"

Say what now?

"Okay, what the fuck is going on?" Akihito slammed his palm on the table, heedless of the stares from the few patrons and staff. "What do you want from me?"

"Nothing." Tsuna looked surprised for a moment before shifting to guilt. "I guess I haven't really explained myself well."

"No, you think." Sarcasm dripped off the words. "Random people always sit with me to talk about Asami and somehow know how I take my coffee."

"Yeah, sorry." Tsuna rubbed the back of his head and mumbled an apology. "I was trying to be casual so as not to alarm you, guess that failed."

Despite himself Akihito could help but relax. While the whole situation put Akihito on edge, something about Tsuna just put him at ease. A part of him still didn't trust this no-last-name boy, but it was small and quickly shrinking.

"So your one of Asami's employee's?"

"No." Tsuna shook his head. "We're more like regular allies."

"But your a kid." Akihito was half expecting the glare he got for that remark. "Why would Asami work with a kid."

"I may be young, but I have skills that Asami finds valuable."

"Er..." Akihito hesitated as his mind wondered to less then innocent territory. Worry and annoyance (coughcoughjealousycoughcough) crawled its way into his chest. "What kind of skills."

"I have international connections and am handy with the technical aspect of his business."

"Oh." The feeling receded and Akihito took a sip of his coffee. "I still don't get why you wanted to talk to me."

"Curiosity mostly." Tsuna shrugged. "After the lengths Asami-san went for you I wondered what kind of person you were."

"Well I'm just your average photographer." Akihito shifted a little as Tsuna's eyes became more penetrating. "Don't really know why he went through the trouble."

"I know about your relationship with him, if that what your worried about." Akihito blushed and sputtered. "He had me check your medical background to make sure you didn't have any diseases."

Akihito gawked as Tsuna calmly finished his pie.


"What did you just say?" Asami's voice was even but cold as he spoke into his cellphone. "Why would that brat be with Akihito?"

Asami knew Tsuna was curious about Akihito, especially after the Hong Kong incident, but hadn't expected Tsuna to go behind his back to meet with Akihito. Asami had made it clear from the beginning that he didn't want Tsuna near Akihito, but he never specified why. He couldn't risk Tsuna telling Akihito any of the dirt the brat had on him.

"The apartment?" Asami's frowned, taking an offered glass of whisky from Kirishima. "Stand watch, if either or both of them leave follow and call me immediately." Asami hung up the phone and chugged the glass. "Kirishima, I'm leaving. Cancel any remaining appointments I have today."

"Of course, Asami-sama."

Asami was tense the entire drive back to the apartment complex, quietly cursing the little hacker. While Asami had no doubt that neither boy, especially Akihito, would betray him, still he didn't like the idea of the two coming together. They were both too similar, although Akihito wasn't as smart and Tsuna was slightly less fiery, and that could spell trouble for Asami. He'd never live it down if Tsuan showed Akihito that picture from that time in France. And damn it, the cake splatter last year was Tsuna's fault.

Lighting a dunhill, Asami breathed deep and closed his eyes. He willed away the memories of some of his less than glorious moments and instead focused on how he would get the brat back for this. He wouldn't be able to separate the two now, no doubt they would be fast friends, but at least he could get Tsuna to keep his mouth shut.

Once the limo pulled into the parking garage Asami didn't even wait for Souh to open the door for him. Instead he quickly made his way to the elevator and up to the top floor. Despite his internal hurry, Asami's steps were still measured an precise, looking the picture of ease and comfort. As he reached the apartment door Asami pause. There was odd noises coming from inside.

"No you have to tighten your grip." Tsuna's voice drifted threw the door. "Can't really feel anything if you don't put a little muscle behind it."

"Won't that hurt you?" Asami couldn't help but tense as Akihito's voice joined in. "I'm always sore when someone does that to me."

What are they talking about. Despite himself, Asami couldn't help his slowly rising temper. He wouldn't... neither of those brats would. Asami's thoughts were interrupted as the conversation in the apartment continued.

"It's alright, I'm used to doing this with pretty strong people." There was a slight rustle. "Now you need to spread your legs below you knees just a bit, but keep your thighs closed, then push with the balls of your feet." A soft thump and a groan made Asami clench his fists. "See? If you want to stay on top you have to-"

Having enough of the suspense Asami slammed the door open and made his way down the entrance hall, not even bothering to take off his coat or shoes. Within seconds he was in the living room and face with... both boys completely clothed. Tsuna was on top with Akihito's right arm in a joint lock, but Akihitio didn't look worried. Instead, he gazed at Asami confused.

Tsuna looked at Asami from his position with a raised eyebrow. The mirth in his eyes told Asami that Tsuna had known about his presence for some time. Damn brat.

"Oh hey, Bastard." Asami's eyebrow twitched as Tsuna got off of Akihito. "I was just showing Akihito-san a few self defense moves."

"Yeah, some of them are pretty awesome." Akihito grinned cheekily. "Maybe I'll use them on those gorilla guards the next time one of them tries hall me off to Sion." Akihito's grin got wider. "Or maybe I'll use it on you, Asami."

Tsuna chuckled and Asami's frown deepened. His expression wasn't quite as dark as before. While it wouldn't be bad for Akihito to learn how to defend himself a bit better, Asami didn't like the implication that Akihito would use those techniques to fend off him.

"And just what did the little brat teach you."

Akihito looked a bit surprised at how Asami addressed Tsuna, but quickly shook it off and grinned. He supposed it wasn't that surprising Asami would refer to Tsuna in such a way, not after hearing Tsuna openly call Asami a bastard. Still, Akihito couldn't help but feel a slight twinge in his chest.

"Just a couple of holds. The apartment isn't really the best place for more showy moves." Akihito's grinned widened. "And he told me about an interesting cake incident."

Akihito whipped out his camera to take a picture of Asami's face, on it was an expression Akihito had never seen before. It was an odd mixture of annoyance, embarrassment, and his usual steely eyes. Asami was trying to look indifferent and, for the first time Akihito had ever seen, was failing.

"Next time I'll bring some pictures."

"Try it and there will never be a next time."

Asami growled, Tsuna and Akihito just laughed.

(A.N. I might write a little for Asami and Akihito, in this universe, by themselves later, for now I'm focusing on Tsuna side stories. My Hacker series is not a romance, I have a background relationship or two in the main story, but that's it. I feel if I make any romance a plot device in the main story it will detract from what I'm really trying to do. Doing a side series of in-universe oneshots is a way for me to get out some ideas and to explore those background relationships. Keeping these parts separate is also a way for me to respect my readers who are not yaoi fans and to give a little love to my readers who are. If you did not read my summary and/or warning I will again state that there will be future chapters with sexual content and I will give fair warning for all those who wish to skip such scenes/chapters. This sexual content may not be limited to yaoi as well, I still need to further explore my characters and there relationships and a romance could blossom where you least expect it. I'm going to try and keep everything consistent with Hacker, but these will mostly be good stand alone stories. Anyway, thanks for reading and don't forget to review, ja ne!)