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The ride there was long. My group had lived in the woods for a long time. This group wasn't dangerous just protecting themselves. Mari was being annoying as usual. Daryl asked us" You guys don't look like assholes. Are you assholes?" I said" I'm not an asshole" while looking at Wesley who said" What? Are you calling me an asshole?" "Nope just looking at you" Everybody laughed. After a while, Gillian asked Tyreese" So how many people are with your group?" Tyreese chuckled and said" Too many to count" "Twenty? Fifty? A hundred?" "How old are you kid?" "Guess" "Twelve?' "Nope" "Eleven?" "Not even close" "Thirteen?" "Maybe" Tyreese laughed. Gillian grinned. Eric said" Whoa!" I looked up and saw a huge prison. I looked at Eric and grinned. Daryl said" You guys never seen a prison before?" "No but we have been in Juvie before" "Wow there's so much to learn about you guys" I grinned. I saw a kid pull on ropes and the metal doors opened. This place was protected from all sides. The car stopped and a man in his thirties walked up to the car. I got out and he said" Who's this girl?" Tyreese said" You mean who are these people?" The man's expression changed when everybody else in my group exited the car. Gillian said" Cat got your tongue?" The kid from earlier ran up, huffing and puffing, and said" Man I'm out of shape! I should run more!" Gillian handed him a water bottle. He took it and said" Thanks" Then he took a double take. Gillian rolled her eyes. Maggie said" We found them at that Target we told you about. They answered the questions and we liked the answers" The man nodded and asked" Who's the leader?" I raised my hand. He held out his hand and said" I'm Rick Grimes. This is my son Carl" I shook his hand and said" I'm Jessica. These are my siblings Lyndon, Eric, Gillian, and Athena. These are our friends Tobias, Zoe, Justin, Wesley, Joven, Mari, Ian, Anthony, Yasmina, Tivion, Felix, and Ally" Carl said" A lot of people" Athena looked around, saw something, and screamed" YOU HAVE HORSES?!" I looked where she was looking and saw a brown horse. Rick said" Yeah" But Athena was too far to hear him. She was already at the stables and petting the horse's mane. I said" She'll be there for a while. She loves horses" Rick smiled and said" Before the council introduces you to the rest of the group, let's get you settled in" We walked to a a door marked, Cell Block C and entered it. Inside there was another African American woman doing crutches. A blond girl writing in a journal. A woman with short hair cooking. A teen with glasses playing with Legos. And a man sitting down reading a book. They all looked up when Rick entered and the short haired woman's eyes landed on mine. "New people?" "Yes" She walked over to us and said" Sit down I'll fix you up a plate. Oh and welcome" I smiled at Joven and he winked. Gillian's stomach growled. Athena came running back to us and said" Do I smell food?" Gillian rolled her eyes and said" No it's poison! Of course it's food!" The woman smiled. After a long lunch filled with seconds (Eric, Gillian, and Felix had thirds) the woman said" I'm Carol" I said" I'm Jessica and can somebody else say who the other's names are cause I'm getting tired of repeating myself!" Rick quickly introduced everyone else for me. The woman doing crutches said" I'm Michone" The man with the book said" I'm Hershel" The blond girl said" I'm Beth" And the teen playing with Legos said" I'm Patrick and may I say it's wonderful to see new faces" I said" That's sweet" He smiled then went back to playing with his Legos. A whine rang out through the room and Eric said" Was that a baby?" Beth quickly got up and went into the room with cells I guess. She came out with a a baby. Gillian got up and went to Beth. She said" To be honest, I'd never thought we'd ever see a baby again" Beth nodded. "She's beautiful" Beth said" Thank you" Zoe asked" How are you feeling?" Beth looked confused fro a moment before saying" Oh she's not mine" I asked" Where's the mother?" Everyone looked down. Gillian said" I'm sorry, we shouldn't have asked" Hershel said" No it's okay. It's hard to talk about that's all" Gillian said" Where's the father?" Rick raised his hand slowly. Gillian put her hand to her mouth before saying" I'm so sorry" She looked at Carl and said" You're her brother?" Carl nodded and Gillian said" She looks like you" Carl said" Thanks" Beth asked" Do you want to hold her?" Gillian nodded and Beth placed the baby in her hands. "It's been so long since I've held a baby. Last time was when Lyndon was born" Lyndon looked embarrassed. Beth said" You're good with her" "What's her name?" "Judith" "Judith. That's a beautiful name" Rick whispered to Hershel" I think they're going to fit in good here" I smiled at that. Gillian continued rocking Judith until Rick wanted her. Gillian said" I get her next time!" I smiled and said" I think someone's taken a liking to Judith" Rick said" I think so too" And that's how our first day at the prison went.

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