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After we were introduced to the rest of the prison community, Eric, Anthony, and Joven helped Rick and Carl take care of the animals. Gillian helped Beth with Judith. Me, Zoe, Ally, and Felix went out on runs. And everyone else did their own thing. Today we were going to The Big Spot. Gillian came up to me and said" Good luck and don't die" I said" That's positive" Gillian grinned. I looked over my shoulder and saw Beth and her boyfriend Zach saying goodbye. Well Zach did, Beth walked away. I heard Zach say"Aren't you going to say goodbye?" Beth said" Nope" Gillian walked away as Daryl said" Damn romance novel" Gillian heard him and said" Amen brother" Daryl nodded towards her. Gilliam smiled before walking down to the field. I said" You two are both morons" Daryl held up his fists and said" Bring it on!" Gillian gave me the middle finger. I rolled my eyes. Gillian had been hanging around Daryl for a little too much. I said" Daryl let's go before Glenn screams at us" Glenn looked up and asked" What?" "Nothing" I heard a voice say" Hey" I looked up and saw Bob. The guy was new like us but he'd been at the prison for only a week. Gillian called him "Boob" Bob said" I'd like to start pulling my weight around here, let me earn my keep" Tobias said" Weren't you on your own when Daryl found you?" Bob nodded. I said" Can you handle being with a group?" Bob said" I can try" I looked at Daryl who shrugged. I said" Zoe can you take a day off?" "Sure" I said" Bob if this goes badly I'll blame you" Bob nodded. I got in the car.

Gillian's POV (I figured I'd switch it from time to time)
I walked down the field with Carl and asked" Is Farmer Rick off duty yet?" Carl aid" No he's busy" I said" That's too bad!" Carl said" So how's it going Gigi?" I said" Good but stop calling me that!" Carl chuckled and ran to the field, I ran after him. I heard Carl say to his father" Why didn't you wake me up?" "I knew you were reading comic books under your blankets with a flashlight" I laughed out loud and Carl rolled his eyes. I said" Rick are you two going to be farming all day?" "Yes" "Boring" He ignored that. I started to say" So Rick-" but was interrupted by a whistle. Rick said" Carl get the gates" I ran with Carl to the gates and we both pulled on the ropes. Michone ran past us on her horse Flame. Rick said" I'm glad to see you in one piece!" Michone said" So am I. Somebody hit the jackpot" She pulled out comic books out of her bag. Carl said" No way. Awesome! Thank you" Michone smiled and said" I also found this" She handed Rick a razor. I raised an eyebrow. Michone said" Your face is losing the war" Rick smirked. Carl asked" So you're be here for a while?" "Just a little while" Daryl drove down the path to Michone and said" Hey" "Hey yourself" "I'm heading to that Big Spot we were talking about. The one down south?" "Can I come?" Carl said" Michone you just got here!" "And I'll be back" I rolled my eyes. Jessica gave me the peace sign before Tyreese drove off behind Daryl. I said" I'll go help Beth with Judith" "Okay" Beth and I weren't friends exactly, we just hung out. Eric and Lyndon loved Judith no lie. Everybody did but not Jessica. It hadn't been since Lyndon was born, had she held a baby. Beth stared at me and asked" Why is Jessica the leader of your group?" Just that sentence sent me into a flashback.

"Jessica!" I screamed in her face and she didn't respond. "Jessica! Say something please!" Eric said" She's been like this since they died" Lyndon was crying in Athena's arms. Felix said" Jess we have to move" Jessica said" All we do is run. Why?" Zoe ran in saying" They're everywhere!" I looked my sister in the eyes and said" The only reason we've got this far is because you protect us. Please help us" Joven held out his hand and after a while, Jessica took it.

I came back to the present and Beth was shaking my shoulders. "Gillian? Are you okay? You zoned out" "Yeah I'm fine" Tobias came and said something in Swedish that I didn't know. Beth looked confused and I said" Tobais is Swedish but he knows English also" Beth nodded. Tobais said" You know Eric and Jessica's birthday is in two days" I smiled already having a plan.

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