Summary: Phineas wants Isabella to ask Ferb to their school's Girls' Choice Dance, but is upset when it actually happens.

Dance Dance Situation

*Middle School Gymnasium*

The Fireside Girls had stayed after school to decorate the gym for the upcoming school dance, and they were all excited for it.

"I don't know about you guys," Katie said between blowing up balloons, "but I am pumped for this dance!"

Ginger stood on top of a ladder, hanging streamers. "I think we all are. It is girls' choice, after all."

Holding on to the bottom of the ladder, Millie teased, "Gonna ask Baljeet, Ginger?"

Ginger smirked. "Maybe..."

"What about you, Isabella?" Adyson asked as she and the girls' leader hung up posters. "Lately, there's been a bit of a debate between Phinabella and Ferbella. Then again, I think we all know how 'Act Your Age' is supposed to turn out."

Isabella just smiled. "Remind me to give you a spoiler-alert-patch later, Adyson. And, anyway, I'm not telling you who I'm going to ask. You'll just have to wait and see."



"So, Ferb," Phineas said as he sat next to his brother under the tree, "what do you think of that girl's choice dance coming up?" Ferb only shrugged. "Do you think Isabella will ask you to be her date? I hope she does." Ferb raised an eyebrow at this. "I admit that I still kinda like her, but I think you'd make her a lot happier than I would."

Ferb rolled his eyes. "Please. We all know how 'Act Your Age' is supposed to turn out."

"But, isn't this fanfiction sort of non-canon at this point? Besides, you're more deserving of Isabella than I am." Ferb shook his head. "You are!" Ferb shook his head again. Phineas was becoming annoyed. "Fine! I'll-I'll make her ask you! Yeah, that's what I'm gonna, today! I'll make her want to ask you! Then, you'll live happily ever after and get married and-and have a bunch of Ferbella-babies! And, they'll be as cute as their mother!"

"Aren't you being a little dramatic?"

Phineas blinked and calmed down. "Probably, but my little rant did make for a nice gag, don't you think?" Ferb nodded.

"Whatcha doin'?" Isabella upon arriving.

Phineas shrugged. "'Bout as much as a platypus. Speaking of which, where's Perry?" Perry crawled over to them and laid on Ferb's lap, prompting the boy to pet him. "Oh, there he is."

"Uh, yeah. So, Phineas," Isabella nervously twirled a strand of hair, "the school dance is coming up, and I was wondering if you'd like to-"

"No!" Phineas shouted, jumping to his feet and grabbing a startled Isabella by the shoulders. "You have to go with Ferb! He's more deserving! And, your babies would be so cute!"

Unnerved and very confused, Isabella stammered, "I-I was just g-going to ask you to DJ..."

Phineas blinked, letting that sink in. He let go of his friend and blushed in embarrassment. "Uh, yeah. Yeah! DJ! I can do that."

Isabella sheepishly walked up to Ferb. "Uh, ignoring that... Ferb, do wanna, maybe, be my date to the dance?" Ferb smiled and gave a thumbs-up. "Great! I already have my dress picked out. You're gonna love it! And, Phineas, I'm trusting you to play some really great stuff, okay?"

Phineas blinked twice. "O-okay."

-A Few Nights Later-

*Middle School Gymnasium*

At the school dance, the kids who came were either talking, eating, or dancing to Foot Stomp Mash Up (Drusselseinoween). Except for Ferb, who, dressed in a white shirt and black slacks, was simply leaning against the punch bowl, waiting for a certain someone.

And, there she, wearing a magenta-colored dress that reached her ankles and a matching bow in her hair. "Hi, Ferb. Whatcha doin'?"

"Waiting for you," Ferb replied, smiling.

"Well, wait no longer. Here I am."

Phineas just watched them from the DJ station. Suddenly, he wasn't so interested in making this coolest dance ever. He sighed.

"Whatcha looking at, Phineas?" Shelby asked.

Phineas turned and barely recognized her. She was in a pretty orange dress that reached her knees, and her hair was down and curly, instead the usual cornrows. "Wow, Shelby," Phineas commented. "You look really pretty."

Shelby blushed. "Oh, th-thank you. I'm suppose to be supervising the snacks - you know, so Buford doesn't pig out on everything - and I thought I'd say hi. So, what were you looking at?"

Phineas sighed again. "Ferb and Isabella are here together. I thought I'd be excited, but I'm... What's the word? When you're all...not happy?"

"Um...sad? Depressed? Melancholy?"

"Yeah, those'll suffice."

Shelby glanced at the Ferbella duo on the dance floor and realized why Phineas was upset. "You still like Isabella, huh?"

Phineas shrugged. "I guess..."

"Come on, Phineas. You're an awesome guy. You shouldn't have to sit here griping. You should be making this the best dance ever. Maybe add some karaoke, or something."

Phineas glanced at Ferb and Isabella, then back at Shelby's smiling face. Maybe she was right. Griping just wasn't in his nature. "Shelby, I know what I'm gonna do, tonight."

Meanwhile, Ferb spun Isabella and dipped, making her giggle. "Ferb, this is so much fun!" Suddenly, the music stopped, and protests - including a cry of "My watermelon!" - rang out from the other kids. Ferb and Isabella stood up straight. "What happened to the music?"

A spotlight shown on Phineas, who held a microphone and stood in front of a stage that wasn't there earlier. "Ladies and gentlemen, who's up for karaoke?" The crowd erupted into applause.

Isabella grinned. "I love karaoke! You wanna sing with me, Ferb?"

Despite, feeling slightly hurt that his brother had built something without him, Ferb gave his date a thumbs-up.

(This song is a parody of Fallin' for You by Colbie Caillat.)


I don't know, but

I think I may be

Falling for you,

'Cause I finally see

That you're always

There for me.

After every-

-Thing that we've been through,

-Ferb and Isabella-

I think I

Finally realize

That I like you.

But I'm too scared to say it,

So I'm hiding

What I'm feeling,

But I'm tired of


Keeping this inside my head.

Halfway through the song, Shelby had noticed Phineas walk outside and decided to follow him. She found him sadly kicking at a pebble on the ground. Concerned for her crush, she asked, "What's wrong, Phineas?"

Phineas started at her voice and turned around. "Oh, hi Shelby." He scratched his ear. "I-I'm fine. Everything's fine." Shelby narrowed her eyes in a knowing look. "Okay, I'm...just a little bummed, alright. I like-like Isabella, but I want her and Ferb to be happy. Which, they seem to be, so I'll get over it."

Shelby rocked nervously on her feet. " you wanna dance?" She added hastily. "A-as friends?"

Phineas smiled slightly. "Sure. Moping's out of character for me, anyway." He took her hand, which reddened Shelby's cheeks, and led her back inside.

-Ferb and Isabella-

I've been spending so much

Time just thinkin' 'bout you.

I don't know what happened,

But I'm falling for you.

I've been waiting all this

Time, but now I've found you.

I don't know what happened,

But I'm falling for you...


I'm falling for you.

The End

So, Ferbella then. Well... I might do something else for this, but for now I'm calling it 'Complete.'