A young woman sat quietly looking out the window as she waited for her husband to come for her, it had been a month since she had been taken from him and sold to some wealthy noble. She looked towards the door after hearing someone knock (please don't be him) she thought as she slowly approached the door and opened it "Yes?" she quietly asked as a maid entered her room. "I came to see if you would like some tea" she said smiling at the woman "Um no thank you I was about to head to bed but thank you very much." she said smiling at the maid "Ok let me know if you need anything." she bowed before exiting the room.(whew glad it wasn't him) she thought as she looked back out the window as she did she smiled when she spotted him waiting for her where they promised to meet. She began to climb out the window happy to finally be free of that disgusting noble and back with her love. (I am so happy he found me) she thought to herself as she climbed down the tree outside her window and ran to her husband. Her husband looked up hearing footsteps approaching him and smiled when he saw his beloved wife running towards him. "Kida" he said smiling as she ran to him and jumped into his arms. "Koichi I missed you so much" she said as she embraced him tightly.

They then quickly fled to their home but little did they know that they where being watched from afar. The noble glared as he saw them run off into the night and called his security to come to his office. "Kida has escaped find her immediately! Look for a tall man around the age of 30 with a slim build, pale skin and black hair... that is who she will be with"

When Kida and Koichi reached their home they discussed what to do so she would not be found. "Kida I was so worried I would never see you again, I'm happy I found you." Kida smiled sweetly as she looked at him, then stood on her tiptoes and kissed him softly. "We should get some sleep and tomorrow I can get a job at the bar using a disguise so that they will not find out where I am. I don't want you getting caught who knows what they might do to you."

Koichi looked lovingly at his wife before sweeping her up into his arms. "Koichi, what are you doing?" she said her cheeks turning a light pink. "You said we should head to bed so that is what we are doing" He said teasingly then kissed her deeply before carrying her off to their room.

The next day Kida awoke early in the morning and shivered slightly from the cool breeze that blew through the window of the house. Kida found things around the house that she could use to alter her appearance she found a dirty blonde wig that she had used for a costume party one year, an old tattered dress and some really light face powder and black chalk to make it look like she had bags under her eyes. She then quietly walked into the kitchen and made breakfast leaving a note for Koichi before leaving to talk to the bar owner about getting a job working as a barmaid. As she walked through the town she noticed a couple of men walking around talking to people but shrugged it off and made her way to the bar. When Kida arrived at the bar she noticed a help wanted sign and smiled before knocking on the door. (Good at least they have an opening.) she smiled to herself as she waited for the owner to come down after a few minutes a slender man in his late late 30's came down and opened the door "Can I help you?" he asked Kida bowed to the owner before she spoke "I saw your help wanted and was wondering if I could apply for the job." she smiled.

The owner looked at her before responding "Do you think you can handle the work? It won't be easy." he said with a slight frown on his face "I will give it my all and I am sure that I will be fine with keeping up with my duties." she replied with a smile that the owner returned "very well we will see how it works out." He opened the door for her to come in.

A few hours later

Kida returned home and saw Koichi sitting at the table reading a book "Im home!" she chirped causing Koichi to look up at her and smile "Welcome home! How did it go?" he asked as she smiled at him "It went great! I will be working at the bar from now on." She replied with a smile "I'm happy it went well for you." he said as he walked up and hugged her. Kida made dinner and they sat at the table talking late into the night before going to sleep. The next day Kida made her way to the bar and froze for a moment looking behind her but saw nothing (That was strange...I could have sworn I felt someone watching me) She shuddered before she continued making her way to the bar for work.

2 months later back at the estate security knocked on the office door. "Enter" security opened the door and entered the room. "Lord Katsumi, we asked around about the man you described and found that his name is Koichi her husband and discovered that she has disguised herself as an old hag working at a bar… What will you have us do?" Katsumi smirked as he answered " Kill him and bring her back to me at any cost." Katsumi leaned back in his chair as security left to go find her (Kida…you will be mine) he thought to himself as he laughed sadistically.