Morgan looked at Koichi with a serious face "That is no longer my name and you know that…" Koichi stared at him plainly "True harmony would disappear and pirates would fight over the title of Pirate King if they knew Morgan has passed…but I still think you never should have made that pact erasing your existence just to keep someone for fighting to become the Pirate King. When it will happen someday anyways," He snarled. Morgan looked at him sadly "It is for the better don't be like this…we are still family Koichi so please keep the pact a secret." He sighed.

Koichi "I won't tell anyone on one condition and that is that Kida and I become part of the Sirius…" Morgan looked at him seriously "and why do you want to join my crew?" he asked. The latter sighed "because it is not safe for her in Yamato she can't be found. And on the sea she can stay hidden." He answered. Morgan raised a questioning brow but did not ask, "very well if you will keep my secret then I have no problem with you staying but make sure she stays out of trouble and that no danger will come to my crew." (Is she the reason he gave up the pirate life?) He thought looking toward Koichi .As the latter looked towards him and nodded in response. (She must be kept hidden at all cost…)

On Deck

The crew went about their duties while Alan waited for Koichi to return. Kida was helping Thomas swab the deck as she had promised the night before. She hummed as she cleaned quickly finishing with her half of the deck; she walked over to Thomas "want some help?" She asked smiling at him. Thomas "No its ok thank you for your help!" he chirped. Kida "is there anything else I can do?" she asked tilting her head to the side. Thomas "hmm maybe one of the others will have something you can do." He said smiling at her "Ok!" she chirped, as she ran off she bumped into Christopher "Oh! I'm sorry!" she apologized "Its fine don't worry about it" he laughed, "Is there anything I can help you with? Thomas said he didn't need anymore help…" she inquired.

Christopher "I don't need any help but maybe you can help Nathan with lunch." He suggested scratching the back of his head "Ok I will see if he needs any help…oh where is the kitchen?" she asked looking down at the ground embarrassed. Christopher smiled shaking his head "It is the double doors up the stairs" Kida smiled "Thank you!" she chirped before running off to the kitchen. She entered the dining room and saw a door to the left and slowly pushed the door open.

Nathan "How many times do I haft to tell ya to stay out of my kitchen?" he growled causing Kida to freeze "um…I-I just w-wanted to see I-If you needed h-help…" She stammered. Nathan turned around at the sound of her voice "from you…No I don't need yer help." He replied in an icy tone. Kida flinched slightly but stood her ground "Please let me help…I promise I won't get in your way…" She pleaded looking down at the floor. Nathan sighed "fine you can take those plates to the table." Kida looked up at him and smiled happily causing Nathan to blush "Ok" she chirped picking up a platter filled with pasta tossed in a creamy sauce and topped with grated parmesan. She smiled as the smell wafted up to her nose "this smells really good can't wait to try it." She chirped then picked up a second platter with grilled fish and walked towards the door using her back to push the door open. She then proceeded to put the dishes on the table and returned to the kitchen "anything else I can help with?" she asked with a smile on her face. Nathan looked up from the salad he was making "You can call the others into the dining hall." He replied. Kida then left to get the crew she told them all to go to the dining hall .she then walked towards the captain's cabin. She was about to knock when the door suddenly opened. Morgan stepped out followed by Koichi "um lunch is ready Nathan said to come to the dining hall." She said. Morgan "great I'm starving" he chuckled before walking off to the dining hall.

Kida looked Koichi in the eyes "everything ok?" she asked hesitantly "Everything is fine…we should head to lunch" He replied. Kida tilted her head slightly "um…ok" she then followed him to the dining hall (What is going on? I hope we can return to land soon.) The two entered the dining hall and sat down next to Eduardo and Russell. Kida placed some pasta and a piece of fish on her plate she then proceeded to take a bite her eyes lighting up "this is delicious!" she chirped taking another bite. Russell looked over at Kida happily eating "Of course it is Nathan is the best!" he laughed as the latter entered the room placing some food on his plate.

Nathan sat down across from Koichi and began eating when Morgan cleared his throat causing everyone to pause and look towards him "Now that everyone is here I want to inform you that Koichi is going to be joining the crew along with the woman. He will be our master gunner he is very skilled so make sure he is taken care of." Everyone looked at the captain with wide eyes (Is that what they where talking about?) "Aye captain" they responded in unison. Kida froze with her fork halfway to her mouth (Why would he…I can't…) she was brought out of her thoughts when someone spoke to her "are you ok?" Koichi asked.

Kida turned to him her eyes narrowing "Why would you? You deicide this… Without even talking with me first… Its my life too Koichi!" she raged as everyone looked to her with their eyes wide, Koichi flinched slightly "Kida I-" he was cut off when she stood abruptly her hands curled into fists at her sides "If we stay-" she bit her lip to keep from saying more then stormed out of the room slamming the doors behind her. She ran to the mast and began climbing to the crows nest when she reached the top she dropped to her knees "why…why would he decide this without me? If anyone finds out…I will be putting everyone in danger…" tears began to stream down her cheeks.

Back in the dining hall

Everyone sat in silence as they stared towards the doors that echoed, as they slammed shut before looking towards Koichi "shouldn't you go after her?" Nathan asked. Koichi "No…it is better to let her calm down first." He sighed. Morgan looked to the latter "are you sure this is what you want?" he asked. Koichi looked towards him "Yes she will get over it…this is for the better." He said firmly "Very well. But keep the arguing to a minimum can't have you upsetting my crew." Morgan sighed as the latter nodded "Aye captain."

"Tonight we will have a welcoming party for our new crew members, we drink till dawn! Make sure to prepare plenty of food and bring up the best booze." Morgan laughed "Aye captain!" everyone cheered before leaving to prepare for the upcoming party. Alan approached Koichi as he emerged from the dining hall "So you're staying on the Sirius?" he questioned the latter looked over to Alan "Yes" Alan sighed, "I thought you wanted to give up the life of a pirate…that was why you left the crew back then."

Koichi looked at Alan seriously as he spoke "Yes I did want to give up that life…but things have changed. I left everything behind so I could have a peaceful life and settle down with Kida…but now I am doing this for her sake to protect her." He sighed looking up towards the crows' nest. Alan followed the latter's line of site to see Kida sitting with her knees pulled up to her chest her head resting against them.

Alan placed his hand on Koichi's shoulder "I understand you want to protect her…but is this really what is best for her? It doesn't look like she is too happy about your decision." He said as he looked back towards Koichi who stood staring at her sadly "She may not be happy now but she will see that this is for the best." He confirmed. "Sounds like you have made up your mind about this so I have nothing more to say about the matter. Well I think I have stayed long enough, tell Morgan I will be back to play again sometime!" Alan laughed as he headed back towards the Rika and began to set sail. Koichi took one last look at Kida before turning to head below to help carry the barrels of liquor up to the deck (I promise I will keep you safe…even if it costs my own life to do so.) he thought as he walked down the stairs to the cellar.

Russell set down the barrel he was carrying and wiped the sweat from his brow (I think its time for a break.) he thought as he walked towards the mast and began to climb up to the crows' nest to relax. When he reached the top he climbed over the rail and froze when he heard singing.

Oh, the waves roll low

And the waves roll high

And so it goes

Under the bright blue

Endless Sky

Waves try to measure

The days that we treasure

Wave hello, and wave goodbye.

Kida looked out towards the sea sadly a tear rolling down her cheek. Russell frowned as he noticed her begin to cry and walked over to her placing his hand on her shoulder causing the latter to twitch and quickly turn towards him. "s-sorry I didn't mean to scare you…are you going to be ok?" he sympathized as he stared into her emerald orbs. Kida quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and looked off to the side embarrassed "I-I'll be fine…t-thank you." She replied looking up at him forcing a smile. Russell sighed shaking his head as he sat down beside her "you know…life at sea isn't so bad and everyone here looks out for one another." He smiled at her sweetly and she smiled back "thanks Russell.

In the Kitchen

Nathan was preparing for the party when Thomas came in "have you seen Russell? He is supposed to be helping carry up the liquor." He asked hesitantly "No did you check the crows' nest? He is probably lazing about." He replied plainly. Thomas thanked him then ran up on deck to look for Russell.

"Hey Russell! Come help bring up the liquor" he yelled up towards the crows' nest causing the latter and Kida to look down at him. "Guess I've been found out." He laughed causing Kida to smile "looks like it " she giggled causing Russell to smile "good you finally laughed." Kida looked up shyly "thank you for talking with me Russell you're really sweet." She chirped "well I better go help before they drag me down" he replied quickly disappearing over the rail to hide his blush and climbed down to the deck."

Later at the party

Everyone was sitting on the deck eating and drinking. Eduardo glanced at Kida as she was drinking and talking happily with Russell then looked to Koichi who was staring at her "isn't it about time you talked to her?" he whispered to the latter who looked over at him "you're probably right" he replied getting up and walking over to her and gently placing a hand on her shoulder causing her to look up at him. "We need to talk," He stated as she nodded in response. "Excuse me for a bit." She bowed before following Koichi to the bow of the ship. The crew watched as the two walked off (wonder why she was so angry about being on the ship)

Koichi turned to Kida when they had reached the bow "Why where you so angry? I understand I should have talked to you first…but I just want to do what I can to protect you from being taken again." He said smiling at her with a loving look in his eyes. Kida looked into his eyes and smiled back " I know Koichi and I am sorry for the way I acted it was childish…It's just that being at sea makes it hard to hide my secret that we have kept hidden for so long and I don't want to put them in danger if anyone finds out." She looked at him sadly. His eyes widened as he realized what she meant. "I won't let anyone find out so don't worry ok?" he consoled. Kida looked into his eyes and nodded "I trust you." Koichi leaned down kissing her softly she smiled and returned his kiss, before they returned to where the crew was sitting. When they returned everyone looked up at them Morgan was first to speak "So are you both in agreement to joining the crew?" Kida and Koichi looked towards one another and nodded "Aye captain." They both replied. Morgan smiled raising his glass "well then a toast to new members!" he laughed as everyone cheered and clinked their glasses together.

Kida sat between Russell and Koichi and looked down shyly "I'm sorry…" everyone looked towards her "for what?" Eduardo asked with a smirk causing Kida to blush out of embarrassment she was about to answer when Nathan cut in "quit torturing her Eduardo." He growled (she is too cute when she blushes…) he thought as Kida spoke "I want to apologize for how I behaved earlier…it was very childish and I'm really sorry." She bowed her head "its understandable anyone would be upset if they were not given a choice when something involved them." Christopher sympathized awkwardly patting her head. "All is forgiven right guys?" he asked "Aye" they replied in unison causing Kida to smile "thank you for forgiving me"

Koichi leaned towards Kida and whispered in her ear "should we head to bed? He asked in a teasing tone causing her to blush up to her ears. "Kida are you ok?" Nathan asked concerned "huh?" she looked at him in bewilderment "your face is all red" he replied causing Christopher to look at her concerned "are you feeling sick?" He asked placing his hand to her forehead." you don't seem to have a fever." He stated "I-I'm-" she was cut short when Koichi answered for her "she said she is not feeling well so I better put her to bed." He said winking at her as the latter blushed a deeper red. Koichi picked her up in his arms and began walking to the infirmary "Oh ok should I prepare her some medicine to-" Eduardo cut him off "she's not sick doc he just wants to make up with her…" he stated plainly (lucky bastard) he thought as he watched the two disappear down the stairs.

Thomas looked at Eduardo in confusion "didn't they already make up?" he asked causing Nathan and Russell to shake their heads (its not fair…wish I had met her first) they both thought "don't answer that Eduardo!" they both exclaimed causing the latter to laugh "lets just say it is too adult for you" he joked causing Thomas to turn bright red. "This is great fun glad I let them join" Morgan laughed. (I wonder why he has to hide her) he thought taking a swig of his drink. They drank the rest of the night as the other two where down below.