Chapter 7: A Couples' Walk

It wasn't long before I collapsed to the ground as I took my first step into the premise of a village.

Zorua was right, a village to the North was exactly what I found.

In mere seconds, someone yelled, "Oh my gosh! Are you okay!?"

I moaned in reply.

"Raichu, can you carry him sweetheart?" the woman winced.

"He's probly just tired from a long walk."

"Ergh... Help... Me... I need... I need a hospital..."

"Oh my goodness! He's hurt, Raichu, baby, take him to the medical center."

I couldn't see what was going on with my eyes closed, but I felt my body being lifted and slung over someone's shoulder.

"Hey! Isn't he...? He's a Riolu,"said the guy.

"What's he doing here now?" the girl asked.

"Beats me... Unless he's Lucario's kid," the guy added.

"You don't think..." she started.

"We'll figure out later. Lets just get him to the medical center."

I was nearly unconscious until the loud chatter of several voices awakened me.

"Hi, we have a child here. He seems severely injured. Can you take him and see what's wrong?" Raichu's companion asked.

"What is the injury and the cause of injury?" a female asked.

I felt my body rested on some kind of bed.

"We have no idea. He just... We found him passed out at the umm... Near the entrance of the village."

"Just found him hunh? Well, from the looks of things... His muscles are all terribly weak, as though he was straining to get somewhere. But its odd, because he's a Riolu. Hmm..."

"Stand aside please, nurse. Mmm... Okay. This isn't a matter of working out. He was electrocuted. A lot from the looks of things. The scar on his cheek indicates someone attacked him with a claw. Is he awake?" a male voice asked.

"B... B... Bare... Ly..." I groaned in pain.

"Is my theory correct then, child? Did someone attack you?" the man asked.

"Y-Yeah... I... Ungh..."

I faded into darkness after that moment.

The feeling of pain was replaced with a feeling of numbness, then a shivering cold front.


"Ergh... Oh... My... My head... My body... My everything..." I moaned.

"You'll be fine soon enough, Riolu. Nothing we at the Wells Medical Clinic can't fix," said the woman's voice from earlier.

I gained the strength to open my eyes.

In an emergency room with me were 3 others.

A brownish-orange mouse with pointy ears with a spiked tail. A yellow mouse with red pouches on its cheeks, with a bolt shaped tail with two rounding circles at the end. Then finally was a round, pink Pokemon with a pouch going across her stomach.

"You guys... Saved me?" I asked.

"Yeah. Are feeling okay?"

I groaned as I turned my body to face them.

"Been better," I chuckled.

"I'm Joanne, and this is my lovely partner Raichu."

I smiled past the pain.

"Nice to Ergh... Meet you. I'm Riolu..."

"So, what happened exactly bud? How'd you get so beat up?"

The nurse left the room.

I almost instantly told the truth, until a thought of sudden rationality struck me.

'Celebi... I don't think I should tell them...'

'Why not?'

'I... I'm thinking about Zorua. I don't even care that his dad nearly shocked me to death. Zorua seems to love his dad, and to put his dad through prison or whatever might happen... He'll live my life. He'll be without a dad or any family, he'll be angry at the world. And unlike me, he'll become evil. Making my death his life long mission.'

Celebi went silent for a moment.

'You really think it'll be for your own good?'

'There's a saying on Earth, forgive but never forget. One of the staff at the orphanage, one I liked but he passed away, taught everyone to read and he liked history... A lot. He would read us famous passages in history textbooks. Anyways, he told us that. Forgive, never forget.'

Celebi went silent for a while.

'If you think it will be the best,' she finally said.

'Trust me on this one.'

"Hey? You in there?" Raichu asked me, snapping his fingers together.

"Yeah... Sorry. Just zoned out a little."

"What happened to you?"

I thought for a moment.

"I was electrocuted by... A Pokemon. But by accident. I was walking and... This guy just... Ugh! I don't remember!" I growled in false frustration.

"Its okay if you don't remember. But if you do remember anything, tell me. I work at the PAS."

"What's that?" I asked him.

"Pokemon Authority System."

"Oh... Cool. So you're like... A police guy hunh?"

He grinned, "Best there is."

I buried my face into my arm and released a violent cough.

It was shocking to see blood spew from my mouth onto my forearm.

"That doesn't look good. I'll get a n-"

Almost in a flash, the nurse reappeared through the curtain of a door and attended to me.

"Lay down! You shouldn't be sitting up!" she panicked.

I didn't even notice I sat up.

She helped me lay lay down.

"You shouldn't be moving in your condition," the nurse said lightheartedly.

"When 'can' I move?" I asked.

"Your recovery can be any time from now. The head honcho here thinks you'll be healed within a few weeks."

"A few weeks!?" I screamed in shock.

My body jerked forward, causing me to yelp in pain.

"Is something wrong with that?" asked the nurse.

"Well... Yeah! I mean... I have to get back to my dad. And..."

I gasped at the sudden thought that occurred.

"Staraptor!" I shrieked as I lifted my body to sit up.

"Lay down!" the nurse ordered sternly.

"Who's Staraptor?" asked Raichu.

I followed the nurses orders.

"He's... A friend of mine. He was shocked too, I think."

"About your dad..." Joanne started.

"Oh! I uhh... Went to pick up some stuff for him. Staraptor offered to fly me, and now I'm on my way home. Well... Was."

"Where is Staraptor now?"


'Damn it! I am the worlds worst liar! I'm trying to lie to a cop! A cop!'

"He's... What happened? I-I don't think I remember."

'That'll have to do for now. Until I make up a big story.'

"Well... I want you to know that there's nothing to fear if there's something you're not telling me. I'm only here to help, but I can't help if you aren't honest."

I gulped.

Joanne rammed her boyfriend in the ribs with her tail.

"Can't you see he's hurt Raichu?" she shifted her gave to me, "I believe you."

She then scowled at Raichu.

"Would you please be so kind as to leave? I'm sorry, his condition is really bad. It would be best if he focused on recovering and not talking."

"Sure thing, not a problem. We'll just get going then. See ya round Riolu. Hope you get well soon," said Raichu sincerely.

"Get well soon," added Joanne.

"Thanks you guys. See ya round."

"Don't worry sweetheart! We'll be back. I promise," Joanne answered cheerfully.

"If you remember anything. Gimme a shout. I'm only here to help," said Raichu.

"Yeah, I will," I croaked.


"See ya," I concluded.

I rested my body, closed my eyes, and slowly drifted to sleep.