I wake up feeling refreshed as chakra surges trough my body getting rid of any previous drowsiness. I grin to myself, this is the day I've been waiting for. Having enough money to travel with comfort feels good. The fact that Jashin-sama is pleased with me is even better.

Yesterday I sacrificed a small village leaving it a mess of fire and blood(Team Targaryen). Drawing a huge upside down triangle in a circle in the center of the village. The body count was somewhere between 600-800. Ah, life is good. I left one person alive. They have undoubtedly found another village by now crying about a pink haired skeletal demon. I needed my reputation to spread.

It will undoubtedly hurt Shikamaru, but he needs to get used to this. The day will come when I kidnap him and convert him to Jashinism. I dream of that day every night, of the sweet torture I'll put him in, of the tiny little devils we will have one day. I may be a Jashinist, but I am also a girl, and we tend to have these dreams.. don't we?

Getting out of bed and heading straight for the shower connected to my room in the inn I have been staying at for a few days now. I got in the shower and turned the heat to maximum. i sighed in content as the comfortingly scorching heat hit my body. I would love to stay here forever letting my troubles wash away with the water.

Sadly I needed to get an early start in so I could drop of the head that's been rotting in my scroll for a few days now. 'When did you become so lazy?' inner snickered. 'You are me so stop fucking insulting yourself.' I growled in my mind, grinning. Verbal abuse wasn't the best, but it was better than nothing, ne?

Humming I quickly got done, dressed in my usual attire, strapping on my weapons and headed down to breakfast. The inn didn't normally provide it, but a little threatening never hurt. Well it wasn't really a threat, all I did was innocently smile and ask for breakfast opening up my bingo book page. I know, I know, I shouldn't scare civilians I don't plan to kill. Seriously though who can resist a little friendly teasing?

The breakfast was delicious as always. The innkeepers looked almost happy to see me leave. I wonder why?

Humming merrily I passed the covering innkeepers making my way outside. Still humming I started to tree hop away. I laughed between the lines of the children's song feeling joy. I was going to visit a place that should have been home. I wonder what I can learn from the priests, who knows what sort of knowledge they might have. Hmm, knowledge-maybe they have a library!

Oh, I see it now ancient scrolls that will help me connect to Jashin-sama. I heard the stories from my father about a deeper connection, about something only the ancient rituals can allow. There were also stories of visions and ventures into our Jashin's domain. The mere thought of this had me shaking in pleasure. There was also my bitches of a mother's tale about the first time she met uncle Hidan. I can't be too sure of this since it came out of the mouth of a traitorous wench, but I have hope.

When mother, went to visit father's house, without his knowledge she stumbled unto something terrible. Hidan was holding his heart with both hands kneeling on Jashins symbol. This shocked her enough, but what happened after had me in shock. Hidan was talking, but it wasn't Hidan at all, the voice was addressing him. This story is something I desperately want to believe.

I ran uninterrupted for two days and one night reaching an inn in a small village somewhere near the hidden waterfall village. I decided to rest for a night before continuing to my destination. After a nice five hour nap and some food I headed out again intending to get to my destination without any more stops. But my luck didn't hold out.

I didn't realize the hidden sound village stood in my way, or rather I did not realize Orochimaru found me interesting enough to send Kabuto to get me. How he knew where I was I had no clue. Well.. ok I was no sensor and I didn't bother covering my tracks too much. I was so stupid. Seriously when have I gotten so cocky?

Kabuto stood facing me calmly as though I was no threat to him. I would show him! You do not mess with a Jashinist and get away with it.

Putting on my battle expression an innocent smile, I tilt my head to the side "Are you here to play?"

"Lord Orochimaru has requested your presence." Stepping forward I ask " Is it voluntary?" Kabuto gets into a fighting stance hands glowing blue "I guess that's a no."

I leap back pulling out a scroll and quickly bite my thumb smearing blood over it. With a puff my new weapon is revealed. It's a black and red triple-bladed scythe, two blades of the same size on one end and one longer on the other end facing the opposite side. There are two symbols of Jashin on both ends of the pole. It's every Jashinist's dream come true, at least that's what I believe.

Now all I need to do is get a single drop of this (fucking heathens- inner supplies) Kabuto's blood and I can try my most powerful technique yet. I've tried to copy Hidan's technique many times unfortunately without much success, this time I will finally do it. I can feel it and will make sure of it!

We engage in taijutsu neither of us able to get a strike on the other. I tried throwing a few earth jutsu and even my lightning never grazed him. He on the other hand, seemed reluctant to waste any chakra. All he seemed to be doing was dodging and swiping at me with those damned chakra scalpels. Until I finally grazed him. He disappeared in a puff of smoke. My eyes widened. A fucking shadow clone. Damn just my luck.

He appeared behind me plunging his glowing hand trough my heart. I let myself fall to the ground in apparent death. Then just before landing on the cold ground I turned around slashing at him, managing to slash his left kneecap. I grinned game over. He was going to be a perfect sacrifice.

I tore my own heart out dripping blood into the familiar symbol as the heathen looked on in interest. That's when I started singing

Jashin is the way, I know,

I finished the symbol.

For my mantra tells me so,

Cutting myself on the thigh, I laughed as a gash identical to my own appeared. I kept singing

That's not true, you may scoff,
Well, know what? You can fuck off!

I carve the words fuck you into my arm as I prepare to finish the ritual

Yes, Jashin loves me,
Yes, Jashin hates you,
If you say different,
then you can kiss my-

I plunged my chakra scalpel into the heart still in my hand.

Kabuto drops and I end the ritual. Setting my heart back into my chest happily, I skip over to him and cut of his head with a quick swipe of my scythe, his blood is so beautiful.. Burning his body and sealing his head in a scroll I skip on, not looking back. I will reach my destination without any more trouble. I toss the scroll over my shoulder a note attached.

-Greetings Pedo snakey say hello to uke-chan will u?

The song is not mine. Not sure whose it is, but it's definitely not mine.