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Out from within the depths of darkness came a unbeknownst voice, I could tell that he thought of himself as higher than everyone.

"Nice to meet you ladies and gentlemen!"

"Who are you!" I quickly reply, if it's Doflamingo he is in for fight he won't forget. I can feel the stranger's presence from on top the observation deck, Law, Zoro and Sanji also senses him too.

"Pe-totototo," slowly the clouds part and everyone on deck starts to see the illuminated figure. He is wearing a fancy tuxedo with a cape, his demeanor matches his snide voice.

"My name is Breed…. I'm a Peto-Peto fruit eater!" The newly identified villain states.

"Peto-Peto (sticky)?" Zoro questions from beside me.

"What's that? Are you some kind of slimy man?" I ask, because…. That would be SUGAI! WAIT…I have to stay on guard otherwise he could hurt my nakama, and I promised I would never let that happen after…

"That's not Doflamingo?" I hear Usopp mutter as he holds a teary-eyed Chopper in his arms.

"I guess not," Chopper whispers back.

"Hehehehehe," Breed giggles from atop the ship.

Before I can ask what he is laughing about, I hear Traffy cry out.

"Shimata!" With a loud bang, one of the water bunnies appears next to the peto-ossan, holding Caesar.

"Caesar!" Franky yells up to observation tower.

"Sholololololo, Fools you can't keep me as a prisoner! Don't underestimate Doflamingo!" Caesar laughs. He deserves another punch in the face just because he underestimates my nakama.

"So that guy is working for Doflamingo, huh?" Sanji says with anger, from behind me. I can feel my excitement rising for the coming fight, I hope if he has a devil fruit so that things can get interesting!

"Matte!" I yell as I run forward about to stretch up to the observation tower's roof, when I sense something flying towards me so fast that I can't avoid it!

The last thing I see is everyone's shocked faces as one of the creatures punches me on the side of the face and slamming me into the side railing.

I was expecting the usually faint pain, when I realized that he used Haki, the force was so strong that it almost broke the side of the ship and tossed me in the water, but thanks to Sunny I stayed on the ship.

"Luffy?" I hear the person closest to me say. It took me a few minutes to realize that it was Sanji, because my head was still spinning, throbbing with pain. It has been a while since I have been taken off guard since mastering Haki.

"Ow Ow Ow Ow…" I manage to say as I wipe off the blood from my nose with the back of my hand… wait…BLOOD?

"Your body is rubber, it can't hurt. Unless that thing can…use Haki!" Sanji realizes. As I stand back up I see the kungfu dugon holding up his black covered fist, with the same heartless red-eyes as the other creatures. The only difference is the weird looking mark on his chest. This faintly reminds me of something…

"You _!" (Once again kid friendly!) I said with anger, that was the second time taken by surprise tonight; I have to pay more attention! Now he is going to get it! Right as I was about to attack the Kungfu dugon, a snide laugh came from atop the tower.

"Pe-tototototo!" Breed laughed maniacally, everyone listened intently as the infamous pirate flag was heard fluttering in the background.

"I'll take Caesar! Goodbye!" LIKE IT WOULD BE THAT EASY, this guy is asking for me to kick his butt(a**). Apparently Traffy is thinking the same thing.

"Shimata!" Traffy curses as he tries to use room but suddenly Sunny jerks, making everyone stumble.

"What now!" Traffy yells (This is the first time I have seen Traffy upset, why is he upset? We can always get Caesar back…owww, I have to stop thinking)

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