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Chapter 4

3rd person

Everyone stood perfectly still, assessing the enemy before them.

Breed had a maniacal smile on his face. His cape blowing in the wind, looking down on his prey.

"Pe-tototo, at first I considered waiting in my ship for you to come to me, but where is the fun in that!"

"Where did you take Caesar!" Law growled as he slightly unsheathed his katana.

"Oh, he has already been restrained. But no need to worry, you will be meeting him again very soon worthless humans!"

"Are you stupid?" Luffy retaliated. His eyes were shielded by the brim of his signature straw hat, but there was a big smile on his face.

Immediately the straw hats looked toward thier captain with a knowing smile.


"I can't loose here, I have to become the King of Pirates and I would never let you hurt my nakama." Luffy laughed with pure determination in his eyes.

"TRY SAYING THAT AGAIN YOU BRAT! I was going to use all of you as my slaves but now you've just sealed your fate!"

Breed held up his hand, it slowly looses shape as it turns green and starts to drip.

The allies reaction is immediate: chopper turns into heavy point, zoro puts his third katana into his mouth, nami clenches her climatact, Brooke wields his katana, robin crosses her hands, sanji's leg is on fire while he tosses his cigarette aside, franky points his guns at breed, ussop pulls back his sling shot, law has his hand out and ready to use his devil fruit, and luffy has his arm pulled back, ready to stretch.

"YOHOHOHO, looks like he is a devil fruit user!" Brook yells, "but I have no eyes. SKULL JOKE!"

"This will make things interesting!" Zoro says with a familiar demonic glint in his eye.

"COME!" Breed yells. The sea starts to churn and the mysterious figures jump on board with bright green collars.

"Kill them!"

Instantly the green collars on the creatures pulsate green, then all at once they pounce on the straw hats and Law.

Zoro and sanji went back to back in a competition to see who could defeat the most enemies.

"I got more than you, stupid marimo!" Sanji yelled.

"What was that curly brows, you want me to chop you up!"

"You couldn't even touch me in your dreams!"


Zoro put his third sword in his mouth while sanji raised his leg. But right before Sanji and Zoro clashed, usopp ran in between them followed by five other bunny laphins.

"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Zoro and sanji yelled at the same time while slicing and kicking the 5 enemies.

"All according to my plan! I once defeated 1,000 of these because I am the great Captain Usopp!"

"WOW! Really usopp! Your so cool!" Chopper screamed with stars in his eyes.

"Watch out Chopper! We are surrounded, but it's nothing someone SUPER like me can't handle!" Franky beamed while knocking out another 10 of them.

Trapped in a corner, Nami raised her climatact causing dark clouds to form over the attackers.

"You better be careful because there is a thunderstorm forming! Thunderbolt Tempo!" Nami yelled while waving her climatact towards the ground causing lightning to strike and knock them all unconscious.

Robin turned back to the assailants in front of her after having confirmed that Nami was alright.

"Cies Fluer."

Several pairs of arms sprouted from the animals and bent their backs till they snapped.

Unknowingly one of the creatures had snuck up on Robin.

"Watch out Robin! YOHOHOHO!" Brooke warned while pulling out his sword to give a few quick jabs to the assailant.

"Thank you Brook!" Robin smiled while breaking more of the creatures backs.

"So scary!" Brook yelled.

Law was holding several of the bunnies heads and using 'room' to chop many of the others in half.

"Every time we take one out, two more take its place! We don't have time to be held up here, we need to get to Caesar!" Law growled.

"Judging that breed is a pirate, I think that it's unlikely that he would hand Caesar over to Doflamingo. So I believe Caesar should still be on the ship." Robin replied calmly.

***on the opposite side of the boat***

Luffy was out for revenge from the Kung fu dugong who knocked him into the side of the ship using armament Haki.

"You are really strong, but you took me by surprise earlier. We have unfinished business!" Luffy smirked while wiping away some blood.

"Ruuuur!" The Kung Fu Dugong while putting up his blackened fists.

"If you fight with Haki, I'll fight with gloves off. LETS DO THIS!"

Luffy and the kung fu dugong leapt into the air, both had their arm pulled back ready to punch. They met in the middle, fist to fist. After a few seconds of struggling, Luffy smashed the Kung Fu Dugong into the side of the ship, causing a few of the animals to gasp in shock.

"I WIN!" Luffy yelled with both fists in the air!

All of the sudden the Kung fu dugong's eyes cleared and a flicker of recognition crossed his face.

"LUFFY! Stop messing around, and come help! More of them keep hopping out of the ocean!" Nami yelled with teeth bared.

"R-right! Sorry!" Luffy laughed as he ran across the deck.

"Ruuur RRRUUUURR!" The Kung fu Dugong yelled, but it was drowned out by the ongoing battle...

Meanwhile Breed was watching the whole scene.

"Pe-tototo let's make things interesting shall we!" Breed said to himself with a devilish grin on his face.

He slowly raised his hand, transforming it once again.

"Peto-peto!" Breed yelled while flinging the mysterious green goop into the crowd.

"CHOPPER!" Luffy screamed, but it was to late...

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