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Optimus watched attentively as his scout paced across the large NEST hangar in San Diego, crossing the concrete as Bee absentmindedly twisted a piece of scrap metal he had found in the beach sand outside. Ironhide and Ratchet watched with cautious optics from their positions leaning against several cargo containers nearby.

"Good grief, Bumblebee! I swear, if you don't stop pacing, I will let Ironhide use you for target practice!" Ratchet finally snapped.

The yellow mech froze in place, then awkwardly sat down and continued fiddling with the scrap metal, his doorwings twitching agitatedly. Ratchet snorted, and was about to reprimand the young mech again, but stopped suddenly, optics growing hazed, signaling he had received a message. The medic abruptly rose to his pedes, and then collapsed into his alt mode.

"Alex Ridiner is conscious; Will Lennox is currently explaining recent events." Ratchet informed the assembled Autobots, then drove with abnormal speed from the hangar.

Bumblebee leaped to his pedes, only to be held back by Optimus.

"Ms. Ridiner is still adjusting to her recent release, we do not need to crowd her," the Prime rumbled. Bumblebee whirred anxiously, and renewed his pacing, still fiddling with the scrap metal piece, Ironhide groaning irritably.

"It's just a human Bumblebee! I do not see what gotten you're wires crossed!" the old mech grumbled, Bee ignoring his old mentor thoroughly.

Optimus heaved a sigh through his vents, a habit he had picked up from Major Lennox, and settled down to wait. His optics soon dimmed as he received a comm. from Ratchet.

"Amy Ridiner is being escorted to our position; she had expressed a desire to confirm Bumblebee's health. Autobots: alt modes," Optimus ordered as he collapsed into his own alt mode.

Soon the hangar only housed two trucks and a very fidgety sports car, his radio twittering and chirping as he switched between radio stations.

"Bumblebee." Optimus warned lowly, receiving a apologetic chirp in response. The three Autobots watched as Ratchet's holoform escorted Major Lennox, who was pushing a young woman in a wheelchair.

"You have met our scout Bumblebee; he was one of a 5 bot team in this expedition," Ratchet explained as they entered the hanger. Optimus watched as the young femme gazed in awe of watch she correctly observed as living machines. As her gaze landed on the shiny yellow Camaro, Optimus noticed her hands twist tightly together, and her face pale somewhat. Bee chirped worriedly at her reaction.

/Bumblebee you may approach/ Optimus quietly told the young scout. The Prime watched as Bee slowly transformed, watching Amy constantly.

Bee knelt and twittered quietly, his baby blue optics wide with worry. Amy struggled out of her chair, ignoring Ratchet's protests, and haltingly limped over to Bee, one of his hands ready to catch her if she should stumble.

"I hear that you're name is Bumblebee," Amy said, smiling cautiously.

"Yes Ma'm" a western sounding voice sounded from Bee's speakers.

"It's nice to actually meet you, Bumblebee; I hope you're feeling better than the last time we met," Amy replied, her voice quavering slightly.

""Thanks …to you… sunshine!" Bee cobbled together, his optics brightening as she giggled.

"I wasn't very much help I'm afraid, "Amy said quietly, her eyes dropping to her feet, biting her lower lip. Bee whined in protest, and slowly lifted the injured woman to his eye level. She blinked at the close proximity to his shining sapphire optics, her breath catching.

"It's the small things that matter…we all think …yur a hero miss!" Bee said, ending in a small boy's squeak. Amy laughed despite herself, placing a hesitant hand on Bee's bright armor.

"I believe that's what I should be calling you!" she said, "Major Lennox told me that you're the only reason I'm not still under that dam," Amy smiled warmly at the scout, not hearing Ironhide's angry rev, or Optimus' accompanying hiss of frustration.

"Thank you," Amy murmured, tears welling in her eyes. Bee whistled happily, his doorwings perking up.

"You just gotta meet my friends!" a teenage girl's voice drawled, making Amy laugh at the voice coming from the warrior's speakers. Ironhide and Optimus both transformed, and Amy's eyes went wide, even as Bumblebee stood to give her more height. Optimus still towered over them both.

"Amy Ridiner, you have our thanks for assisting Bumblebee while he was a captive of Sector Seven," Optimus said in his deep baritone. Amy just nodded, still too shocked to speak.

"It has come to our attention that you are now unemployed, and with such a resume, may have a hard time finding employment," Ratchet said, his bipedal frame walking in the hangar as his holoform fizzled out of existence.

"I seem to need an assistant in the med bay, would you be interested?" Ratchet continued gruffly, Ironhide snickered quietly.

"As long as you avoid the wrench of doom," the old warrior jibed, Lennox laughing loudly.

Amy smiled at the Cybertronians, watching as the pieces of her new life come together.

"I'd love to," Amy replied calmly, feeling Bee buzz excitedly as Optimus started reprimanding his weapon specialist.

"This is going to be interesting," commented Lennox, leaning against Ratchet's leg as the medic and old warrior started arguing.

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