Chapter 2

Tobias, Christina, Uriah, and I stand in a line next to the net. I have my arms behind my back and me feet shoulder-width apart. I figure it makes me look tough, and I hope I'm correct. A smile from Tobias increases my confidence, and I tilt my head up. Will had to work in the control room, so after giving Christina a kiss goodbye he regretfully abandoned us to the initiates. We couldn't hear Eric above us (he had so graciously offered to take the initiates from the ceremony to the compound), but we knew he was no doubt scaring them to death as he did to Chris, Uri, and I when we were in their place.

"Everybody ready?" I ask, trying not to let my voice shake. Tobias squeezes my shoulder and walks forward to the net as the first jumper lands in it, laughing with glee.

"Awesome," the boy says. Tobias helps him down and asks him his name.

"Hm, a boy this time," Christina whispers. I shrug my shoulders and resume my position, steeling my gaze when the initiate looks my way.

"First jumper—Jonathen!" I tilt my head my in his direction, keeping my expression neutral. He wears Candor standard colors, which mean he'll be one of my initiates.

"Hot damn," he says, wolf whistling at Christina. She makes a disgusted face and shudders.

"Hey," I whisper to her, "at least he's my initiate. Four'll kick his ass." Christina laughs as the next jumper falls—a Dauntless born.

The last jumper is a young girl with short brown hair and glasses with a cracked lense—probably from the jump off the train onto the roof. She wears Erudite blue, with a delicate frame. She probably won't last long, but nobody thought I was going to last long either. There were no Abnegation transfers this year, but that doesn't surprise me. There are rarely ever Abnegation transfers into Dauntless.

The initiates are in a clump, with all of us in a row facing them. There are ten Dauntless born, and eight transfers. That means that eight of them will be leaving us sometime throughout initiation. The thought makes me sad, but it just proves how ruthless you really have to be to be in Dauntless.

"My name's Four, and this is Tris," Tobias says with a glance in my direction. Some of the initiates snort, others laugh, and I cross my arms, clenching my jaw so they know to shut up. Some of them look frightened, others dubious and I make sure to keep them in mind and give them a hard time during training. "We will be training the transfers," Tobias continues, "while Christina and Uriah," he waves his hand toward them, "will be training the Dauntless-born initiates."

"Initiation will be hard," I speak up. "It will hurt, it will frighten you. You might not make it through to the end. Be prepared for anything, just like a true Dauntless should be."

Uriah steps forward and holds his hand up to his left. "Dauntless-born, I assume you don't need a tour?" The initiates walk in the direction Uriah pointed to. Just before they leave, Tobias speaks.

"One quick note. During each of the three stages of initiation, you will be ranked. If you are ranked after ten, you will not be accepted into Dauntless and will move on to be factionless. During the stages, you will be ranked on progress in an effort to have you improve before the final stage of training. That is all." Tobias waves them off. The transfers all look mildly terrified, except for Jonathen, the first jumper. He just looks cocky and is idly checking his fingernails. I bristle and put him on my inner list of grievances.

"Transfers, if you'll follow Tris and I, we will give you a tour of the compound." Four walks off without looking back to see if anyone followed. I jog up to his side.

"That Jonathen kid is gonna be another Peter. I can see it," I whisper. He nods, turning around to face the initiates once we reach the chasm.

"This is the chasm," he says, "you fall off of it, you die."

"Don't be stupid, initiates," I warn, "Many have met their end off of this chasm. We don't want any of you to meet the same fate." The initiates all hesitantly look over, some gulp, others laugh it off and pretend to push.

"Follow me," I say, walking over to the edge of the pit. Memories enter silently of Al, Peter, and Drew attacking me here, violating me. I push them out of my head and turn to face the initiates. "This is the Pit. Everything social that happens in Dauntless takes place here. Shops, Tattoos, you can even see the Control Room up there." When I point to the tattoo parlor, part of me yearns for my job again, but I also can't wait to begin training these pains to be members. I'm already hoping some of them become factionless and others make it through. I hope that isn't too mean of me…

We lead the initiates to the dorms. They had a few updates since last year. Nicer toilets, cleaner sinks, but everything is still out in the open. "You will all be sleeping here. Get changed, and meet everyone in the caf for dinner." Tobias says and he and I move to exit the room.

"Wait!" The Erudite girl calls, "is this the girl's dorm or the boy's dorm?" Tobias smirks, remembered that someone in my group asked the same thing.

"Both." We exit, hearing choruses of 'sweet!' and 'uh no' from various initiates.

"So, what do you think?" Tobias asks, slinging his arm around my shoulders and pulling me close.

"I think…" I turn and kiss him, wrapping my arms around his neck, "this is going to be fun."

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