Everything Is Stupid

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: That movie about building blocks, like everything in the song that is now stuck in my head, is awesome! Never thought I'd use a word like that.

Everything was awesome in the LEGO Universe, with Emmet Brickowski and his friends hanging out in the LEGO Universe's Cloud Cuckooland realm, and not the more infamous one from Banjo-Tooie.

"It is so awesome that we have the chance to spend time up here, now that they have rebuilt Cloud Cuckooland!" Emmet exclaimed, somewhat having the unrealistically idealistic state that everything was now perfect.

"What can I say, you're literally living in cloud cuckooland, mate." Lucy told him, referencing an old, similar phrase.

"This place disgusts me." Batman complained, unable to cross his arms due to being a Lego figurine. "I would rather live on an island inhabited by witches." he stated, referencing an aforementioned game.

"I don't know why you guys are doing nothing but make references when everything up here is awesome!" Emmet cheered, jumping up and down in frame-by-frame. "Oh yeah! Everything up here is awesome!"

Batman scoffed. "You already said that! Stop saying awesome in every one of your sentences! It's going to become a running gag in this crappy fanfic!"

Unikitty then came down from above in quick frame-by-fame, overhearing Batman's ranting. "Sounds like someone needs a nap!" she stated, teasing Batman.

Batman groaned. "I wanna go home."

A Lego brick house suddenly fell from the sky, dropping on top of Batman, crushing him.

"This is not what I meant!" Batman growled, his voice muffled from being trapped under the Lego brick house, which broke into separate Lego pieces after it landed.

"Ha ha! Like I said, everything is awesome!" Emmet exclaimed.

"You call that awesome?" Lucy asked, referring to the fact that a house fell on Batman.

Emmet sighed. "Never mind. It's just that sometimes a bunch of random stuff tends to happen in the universe we live in."

It was then that a Lego Zubba Hive was built upon the top section of Cloud Cuckooland, with several Lego brick Zubbas buzzing out of it, harassing the other characters as the Lego Cloud Cuckooland suddenly started looking like a Lego version of the one from Banjo-Tooie.