It had been five years since Emmet defeated Lord Business, and not as long since he saved the LEGO World from Armamageddon, and he was just sitting down, enjoying his day, then a thought popped into his head.

"Hey, I just realized something!" he stated, raising his plastic head.

"What's that, Emmet?" Lucy asked.

"I realized that...Everything's NOT Stupid!"

"Wow really?" Lucy gasped. "That's...Unbelievable!"

"Super Cool!" Batman added.

"Outrageous!" Metalbeard added.

"And Amazing!" Unikitty added.

"Phenomenal!" Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi added, shapeshifting into a female humanoid with curves and a big butt.

"Fantastic!" 1980's Spaceship Guy added.

"So Incredible!" Sweet Mayhem added, not having her helmet on.

"Woo hoo!" All the other Lego versions of random characters cheered, including a Lego version of Banjo and Kazooie, who may or may not have been really cheering over Emmet's pointless realization, and walked out of the crowd.

"Hey, oh no you don't! Come back!" Queen Watevra remarked, shapeshifting into a Smash ball and rolling right after them, prompting them to run away while Lego Indiana Jones just shrugged off the reference.

"Well, things can't be NOT stupid all of the time." Emmet shrugged, then he turned to face the reader. "And that quote's gonna get stuck inside your head."