Polished Gems #42: The Agate Pyramid Part 1

Black Opal was scanning the Earth via a panel system, hoping to find some sort of data that can assist in her experiments and ideas for destroying the diamond alliance. Green Diamond was looking over her shoulder at the display, slightly unnerving the mutant gem.

"You don't have to stay with me my diamond." Black Opal said.

"Nonsense. I need to know the specs of this planet as soon as they come up." Green Diamond said, "By the way, how have the studies on our corrupted gems been?"

"I believe I'm making a breakthrough. The forced fusion process had melded the gems both physically and mentally. Though their forms are contorted and nightmarish, they aren't physically unstable. It's their minds that are the issue. The gems that had been fused together were traumatized from the start but the forced fusion process, but now due to the experimental method Feldspar implemented on them, their minds are in even greater disarray." Black Opal explained.

"I see. Is there any way we can possibly fix them?"

"I'm uncertain at this point. I did not get the privilege to analyze them before the fusion, so I have no data on how their mindset was then. Right now I'm utilizing the radar system the base has to scan Earth for any potential corrupted specimens."

"We have that?"

"It was created to keep track of the fusions. So far I'm not having much luck outside of a couple strays, but going after them would likely lead to contact with the Crystal Gems. Unless you are alright with-"

Green Diamond placed her hand on Black Opal's shoulder.

"No. They may be at much of a risk as us at facing my sisters' retaliation, but that doesn't mean they should inherently join us yet. Maybe. Depending on what we could do for our forces, we may have to coerce them into fighting with us. But the purpose of Tourmaline joining us is that they do not have to deal with this burden. The boy has strength that is nearly incomprehensible." Green Diamond said.

"I mean...he is indeed powerful, as showcased by his battle with Pyrite. But to be fair she was still exhausted from the battle with the Crystal Gems."

Green Diamond removed her hand and looked towards the main display overlooking the blue planet.

"I may only be going by word of mouth on this, but I can tell that it didn't just boil down to Tourmaline coming in to steal the kill. You may have not talked to Tourmaline as intimately as I have, but the progression of his power is staggering. Months ago he and a little over half of the number of gems were able to put down Pyrite. Then, after missing one skirmish, Tourmaline was able to defeat Pyrite on his own. The gap between before and then was merely four months. At a little over five hundred years of existence and he was able to do what an entire squadron of elite gems could not do."

"We had the other gems surrounded though. Not to argue with your logic my diamond but the odds were stacked against them in more ways than one."

"So you're equating the reason for the outcome was merely because of that, and not because of Pyrite alone? How would the fight have gone if you did not have your soldiers?"

Black Opal was silent for a few moments.

"It is entirely possible that Pyrite would've lost then and there. But...it is possible that she could have won. She did not use her maximum power to avoid fatigue and injury."

"I see. And yet Tourmaline was able to stand up against Pyrite at her peak. The crystal gems merely had a taste of that monster's power. He faced her head on, full forces colliding against one another and he managed to come out on top. Defense is important in a battle like the skirmish but what Tourmaline and Pyrite had was a fight, no holds barred. Both of them fought like they were ready to die. When it came down to it, Tourmaline not only had the strength to beat her, but the longevity to manage to hold off her corrupted form long enough to protect his friends. He is a frightening force and I'd like to keep him on my side. By any means necessary."

"You...fear him?"

Green Diamond chuckled.

"Don't be stupid. I can easily control him if I so desire, but a soldier by choice is much more powerful than one who submits by force. I want to maintain his growth. By a couple years of intense training, with my elites, our future army, and of course my excellence, we can easily topple my former sister's monarchy. And that brings us back to the Crystal Gems. They are also powerful. Under the tutelage of their former leader, they were able to fight against the diamonds with one solitary army. No territories other than that one planet. Such strategic genius must not be trifled with little resources."

"Agreed." Black Opal nodded.

"What we need to focus on is fixing what we have before we begin expanding. Unfortunately my former home had nothing salvageable, and starting something on Earth will surely enrage the gems. I'm depending on you to come up with some sort of solution soon Black Opal, and it must be done quickly. Not just because I'm impatient, but so we do not get discovered by the other diamonds."

"I'm trying my best your grace but as you've said we have little...wait…" Black Opal gazed at her monitor with a baffled expression on her face, "Oh my…"

Green Diamond looked away from Earth and at her perplexed subordinate.

"Have you discovered something?"

"A jackpot."

The great gem walked back to the corrupted gem in the chair and looked at the screen. In a field of green, there was a large cluster of yellow dots.

"Are those the signals of gems?"

"Yes. No doubt they are all corrupted specimens."

"How have the Crystal gems not cleaned out this area?"

"I'll check now."

The black gem turned to a side panel. With a few presses on some displayed commands, a countdown sequence began.

"A drone is being deployed now. In two minutes we shall receive visual on the area."


"Are the others training?" Black Opal asked.

"Yes. Nothing else to do but train now. I've been tempted to join them, but sadly other pressing matters take priority. Hopefully after this mission I'll have some free time. I've been itching for combat for the longest time now."

"Indeed. Your return with Pyrite must have ignited the need for battle I imagine."

"Yes. I'm disappointed I couldn't have destroyed her when she was sane. I would've loved to see what she was originally like."

"I doubt you would've been a fan of her personality.." Black Opal said, "Seems that the drone is close enough. Switching display."

The radar blinked to a bird's eye view of a giant desert. In the center was the area with all the corrupted gems. From above was a massive square with a single point in the middle. The drone moved at a downward angle and revealed that the square was actually a gargantuan pyramid. It was sandblasted brown and red, and its tip scraped at passing by clouds.

"I'd say this explains why these gems went unchecked. This area's massive! I'll need to configure communication devices before the troops enter that stronghold."

"How long will that take?"

"About two weeks at most." Black Opal said as she pressed at the control panel, commanding the drone to come back.

"Wonderful! Get right to it deary. I'll go tell the little ones the good news."

"Yes my diamond."

Green Diamond then left the gem to her duties and rushed to inform her soldiers about their upcoming mission. When Black Opal switched back to her other display, she noticed that more signals were surrounding the square area where the pyramid is. She stared intently at the screen with newfound curiosity.

"Those weren't there before...and with that many gems around the pyramid we'd certainly would've seen at least a couple roaming the desert. This place may be a lot more harrowing than I initially thought. I better make sure the others are prepared." She thought.


Green Diamond walked down towards the training hall, a gleeful smile on her face. As entertaining as it was to watch her pupils spar, it grew tiresome after some time. She needed some variety in their actions. The threat of destruction is what truly makes a battle wonderful. Knowing in one second you can be on top of the world and in the next someone throws out all the way down back to the surface. It almost made her giddy.

"A fine start to the day. No more monotony, no more boredom!" She said to herself, "My warriors are going to put on such a wonderful display for me!"

She suddenly stopped as she came to a junction. She looked over to her side, looking down another corridor that lead to another intersection. Millenia on the battlefield had honed her sixth sense, and she could tell that she was being watched. She started to walk down the hall slowly.

"Alright you're busted, come on out." Green Diamond called out.

Suddenly as she slowly walked down the hall, her giddiness now showing in a new surprise. She hesitated with one of her steps and heard a click. Green Diamond's smile grew wider.

"Come on now don't be afraid! I'm more curious than I am angry at you. Are you a spy for the diamonds? Are you strong? Are you dangerous?"

"I'm not a spy!" A female's voice called out.

Green Diamond stopped.

"Hey now, don't spoil the surprise!"

"I'm no one to worry about! I'm just scared and confused!"

"Scared?" Green Diamond said to herself.

She smirked and began to walk down the hall slowly.

"No need to be scared! I can assure you that I am currently unarmed and have no intention to harm you! I am merely a working drone passing by making my rounds."

"Really now?" The voice called out.

Green Diamond was almost to the intersection.

"So long as you calmly cooperate I will take you to my leader, and she shall speak with you-"

A sudden cloud of fog appeared from around the corner, completely engulfing Green Diamond. A figure swiftly appeared from around the corner, charging forward with what appeared to be a sword. Green Diamond's smirk turned into an excited grin as she smacked the thrusting weapon away and counter attacked.

"-personally!" She shouted as she punched the assailant in her head.

The smaller, slender gem cried out in pain as she was knocked to the ground. The fog cleared and she was able to see her assailant. She had shoulder length black hair that covered half her face, showing one grey-blue eye glaring up at her. She wore a long sleeved, form fitting off shoulder shirt which was the same color as her eyes. Bright blue etchings decorated the circular collar. Around her waist were grey wrapping that went down near her ankles. On the edges were the same etchings as on her shirt, with blue tassels on sides. Dark blue pants were tucked into black boots with gray heels and toes.

There was a small drop of black blood leaking out of the corner of her gray skin. She quickly got to her feet, in her battle stance with her sword in both hands.

Green Diamond leaned over, hands at her sides and grinning at the mysterious gem.

"Oh yeah?" She mocked as she cocked her head.

The gray gem slid her foot backwards to try to get some distance between her and her opponent.

Green Diamond quickly stood at alert, causing the gray gem to flinch.

"This day just gets better and better!" She declared.

"Where am I? Who's your leader!?" The gray gem demanded.

"Oh that bit from earlier? I lied. I'm the boss sweetheart!"

Jet's hands started shaking at the revelation.

"What? You come in here sneaking around and you weren't even prepared for the chance of facing the matriarch at any random time? What kind of amateur are you?"

"I didn't come here by choice, you kidnapped me!"

"Why're you talking nonsense? We didn't have anyone like...waaaait a second...your gem…" Green Diamond pointed at the black oval shaped stone embedded in the gem's chest, "I've seen that stone before. Oh I remember now! Tourmaline had it!"

The gem's eyes went wide and she threw the sword at Green Diamond. The gray gem charged forward, drawing another blade from her chest.

"What have you done with Tourmaline!?" She screamed.

Green Diamond ducked under the sword to humor her aggressor. She the felt a tingling sensation on her back, but it was so insignificant that it didn't phase her. The gray gem, not realizing her planned attack had no effect, continued to charge forward, but was met with a fast punch to the solar plexus. She felt the wind get knocked out of her, and she reeled back, clutching her stomach.

"Nice try sweetie, your little spray would've burned someone else I imagine. But you're dealing with a diamond." Green Diamond taunted, "Now then...I'm guessing you're Jet right?"

Jet scowled at the great gem.

"Where is Tourmaline you bitch!" She yelled as she charged again.

Green Diamond grabbed the acid coated blade and yanked it out of Jet's hands, throwing it down the hallway in the process. Jet looked up, perplexed by how powerless she was in the face of her opponent.

"Hey hey hey! No need to get all pissy. Tourmaline is currently in the training facility, working out with his buddies. I can take you to him, but first and foremost, we need to have a little talk about respect."

Jet took a few steps back, and Green Diamond lunged in with a jab to her forehead. Jet cried out in pain from the stinging blow.

"Come on now, couldn't have hurt that bad!" She said as she jabbed her again in the same spot, "Don't worry. Not gonna mess up that face of yours for your reunion!"

Jet staggered back from the jabs, and Green Diamond continued to push her back with her punches.

"Here's a little thing about respect! It's something that's either easy, or hard…" Green Diamond slugged Jet across the chin, "...to earn! And considering our, introduction just now…" The great diamond smacked Jet into the wall of the corridor with a backfist, "...you have really gotta work hard!"

Jet's head felt like it was about to crack open.

"I'm sorry...I didn't know you-"

"Were this strong? Was the reason your friend is alive? Well now you know! And I'm not pissed because you attacked me, I'm pissed because you suck so much!" She shouted as she punched Jet in the chest, causing her to stagger back more.

"Tourmaline went on about how strong you were, but in truth you're a joke!" Green Diamond uppercutted the small gem and swept her off of her feet. As she fell, Green Diamond grabbed her by the wrappings and forced her to stand.

"I'm batting you around like a pebble and you can't even muster up a counter attack. How'd you get his respect? Just because of that acid on your sword? What...a...joke!" She delivered three punches to the lower stomach, chest, and chin with each of those last three words.

"You're just surviving off of a gimmick! And gimmicks don't get you anywhere when you're dealing with true warriors!" Green Diamond kicked her between the legs, lifting her off of the ground. Jet wheezed in agony, "You need technique instead of your petty crap!"

Green Diamond continued to batter the poor gem, bruising her all over save for her face.

"But...even if you did!" A hook was thrown at Jet's face with each of those last three words, "You'd...still...have no chance...against...MEEEEE!"

With one final punch to the chest, Jet was thrown against a wall. Green Diamond took her some thirty feet with her beating. She was about to slump to the ground, but Green Diamond grabbed her head, dragging her against the wall and bringing her to eye level.

"Still, you're sturdy for such a little thing. You're not even bruised after those hooks. Guess I've gotten sloppy at hand to hand." Green Diamond said.

Green Diamond took Jet's head in both of her hands and got close to her face. Jet was in an intense amount of pain, but she could still look on at Green Diamond with some form of resistance.

"I can see why Tourmaline has at least some tiny shred of respect for you though. You most certainly have the stare of a fighter, but you can't back it up."

"When he finds out about what you did to me, he and the others are gonna kick your sorry ass." Jet threatened.

Green Diamond frowned and flicked a finger between Jet's eyes. The grey gem then dropped to the ground and clenched her head.

"I got news for you sweetie, your friends aren't here. Tourmaline decided to come with us because we have a mutual interest. We're gonna make an army and we're gonna shatter the diamonds. They're the real monsters in all of this, causing both him and I so much pain." Green Diamond said.

She got on her knees and looked over Jet, who could only meekly look up at her.

"Your other friends have no idea what we're up to and we're gonna make sure they don't know that. They're gonna go about their merry lives and when they see us again we're gonna sprinkle em with the dust of the diamonds' gems. And you're gonna help us out."

"You're insane."

"I know I can't really convince you to go through with this, but I'm sure Tourmaline might be able to let you see our side of things. You definitely are close to him considering how you flew off the handle at his mere name being mentioned."

"Just...take me to him again...please."

"Nooo no no no no no. We're not done here yet. If you're gonna work under me, you have to give me the respect I deserve, and prove to me that you're worth my respect. And judging from the way you fight, you got a pretty steep hill to climb." Green Diamond raised her hand and Jet covered her head with her arms, "You gems are all the same."

She slapped Jet across the head, and the gray gem winced in pain as she felt her forearms sting.

"You think you're so special!" She started to slowly slap her again and again, front hand and back hand across her head and arms, "Oh yeah there's no way anyone can beat my special power! I am invincible and undefeatable and unsurpassable! I am so strong with my amazing gift!"

Green Diamond began to quicken her pace with her assault. Jet felt tears begin to well up as she bit her bottom lip in an attempt to not scream in pain.

"You are my most favorite type of person to break! Your kind are alway so perplexed when your stupid tricks amount to shit! And you have the most stupefied expressions when I'm beating you down and proving once and for all that...you're...a...joke!"

Green Diamond finally stopped her attack. Jet remained paralyzed, her arms shaking. Green Diamond lifted her up by one arm and put her on her feet. She slid the sleeve down to reveal how bright blue and black the battered arms were. Jet leaned against the wall and looked up, terrified by the mighty diamond. Green Diamond's smile was gone and she was now looking sternly at Jet.

"Now then, I hope our first lesson together was educational. I know that I work in a very brash and physical manner, but through this method I was able to make my elites what they are, elite. But considering the fact that you were technically dead for nearly a month, I've decided to be merciful with our introduction despite your pathetic attempt at an attack. You might have some measly form of talent, but it's misplaced in petty tactics that can easily be crushed as they were mere moments ago. But under my tutelage, you will become an actual fighter instead of a gambler. You will know what to do when that first hit doesn't work. I will make you someone that Tourmaline can respect, and not just like. And in return, you will treat me with the same patience and gratitude as I will bestow upon you. Do I make myself clear?"

Green Diamond let go of Jet's arm and the grey gem started to rub her bruises.

"Do the others know I'm dead?" She asked.

"Most likely."

"Do you...really intend on going to war with the diamonds."

"Once we've prepared thoroughly, yes."

Jet was silent.

"I need to speak with Tourmaline."

"And you shall. But first tell me...who am I?"

"You're...Green Diamond?"

"Heh, I'm surprised you were able to guess my name. But considering what I am and my color, I suppose that was obvious. Still, wrong answer. You're only half right there."

Jet looked up to her. She knew what she wanted and had no choice but to say it.

"You're...my diamond."

Jet felt her hair being ruffled.

"That's it! In the time we're gonna spend together, I'ma turn you into a bonafide warrior that even your former leader will have to respect and fear. But first, a little something for your trouble."

Green Diamond's hand began to glow, and a soothing sensation overwhelmed Jet's body. The stinging in her arms, the pain in her head, the agony in her body, all seemingly melted away.

"Don't get the wrong idea, you're still banged up. But I can at least numb your pain. Just understand that I can make it hurt again if you give me any lip."

Jet frowned.

"Why didn't you kill me?"

"Because I was bored, and when I realized who you were, I would've pissed off Tourmaline, which would've been annoying to deal with."

"So even with a diamond Tourmaline manages to be a pain in the ass in some way."

"I'm beginning to like you a bit more kid." Green Diamond smiled, "Now how about we go say hi to your buddy?"


Tourmaline dodged out of the way a palm strike from Milarite, then ducking under a swift chop from the light skinned gem. Prasem and the rest of the elites watched the training session from a distance. Milarite thrust her palms towards Tourmaline, but the swift gem swat each blow away with a counter blow to her arms.

"Stop using basic attacks, mix it up!" Tourmaline commanded.

Milarite responded by kicking at his shin. Tourmaline stepped backwards to avoid the attack and Milarite used the opportunity to step in and claw at his chest. She continued her chase towards Tourmaline but the gem couldn't get to him.

"You're being too meek, get aggressive!" Tourmaline said.

Milarite growled and sprang forward. She clawed at Tourmaline, but he managed to sidestep out of the way. Her other hand came after his head as he dodged the first attack. Tourmaline quickly crouched and rolled out of the way of the attack, then quickly getting back to his feet.

"Good, good."

She ran back towards him, lunging at him similarly to how she did before. Tourmaline stepped forward and kicked her out of the air. She was sent a couple feet backwards, landing on her back, then rolling to her knees.

"Never use the same tactic twice in the same fight. An expert will manage to figure it out even under the pressure you're putting on them." Tourmaline lectured.

Milarite got to her feet and she heaved a sigh.

"Do you wish to continue?" He asked.

"Not yet, let me rest for a bit."

"Reflect on this battle and the one you've had with Tsavorite. She will not fight you the same way knowing what power you have, and other gems will surely know about your fighting style as well. That power of yours is something to be feared, but like every power there is a way around it. Long range weaponry will be your downfall if you continue to fight the way you do. Above all, you must learn to adapt, or the gem you'll be fighting will be able to kill you faster than you could blink." Tourmaline said.

The other gems turned to see Green Diamond entering the training facility.

"My gems! I have great news. Also bonus news for dear Tourmaline." She called out.

Tourmaline turned to her and jogged towards his leader.

"What is it my diamond?" He asked.

Green Diamond stepped aside and revealed Jet. Tourmaline stopped dead and gazed in astonishment at his friend, and Jet gave the same stare. The other gems looked mildly confused at who the gem was, save for Tsavorite who recognized her. Jet took a few steps forward towards

Tourmaline and he did the same. He looked down at her and she looked up to him.

"You really came back…" He said.

"Tour…" Jet suddenly clamped onto Tourmaline's body, burying her head in his chest, "Tourmaline!"

Tourmaline was confused by the sudden action.

"Oh Tourmaline I'm so happy to be alive and see that you're alive! There's so much I've wanted to say to you and dying there in front of you was the worst thing ever! I'm never ever ever leaving you again!" She cried out.

Azurite could barely contain her laughter while the other gems looked on, still perplexed by the scene.

"Never ever ever ever ever ever!" She said as she shook her head against his chest.

"Jet...Jet?" Tourmaline asked.

Jet stopped, realizing now how her behavior has been. She shot straight up and blushed bright blue.

"I'm sorry! It's just that...it's great to see you again. You look great by the way."

"Thanks...I like your new outfit."

Green Diamond began to tap her foot. The others walked towards her and the other two gems looked to her.

"Are you done with all the hugging and lovey dovey mush?" Green Diamond asked.

Jet averted her gaze.

"It's not lovey dovey…" She muttered.

"Anyway, now onto the actual news. You all have a new assignment. Black Opal has discovered a massive structure containing countless corrupted gems. Analyzation of these gems is imperative for healing the forced fusions, and we're going to need a lot of gems to test on. The mission will be begin in two weeks once your communication devices are completed. Until then, you are to train Jet the way that I have trained you. So have fun with that." Green Diamond said.

"Yes my diamond!" The gems said in unison.

"Until then, have a good time. I'm going to go back to Black Opal."

With that, the great gem walked away. The others all turned to Jet and Tourmaline.

"Uh, I'm going to take Jet away for a few. I gotta bring her up to speed on a bunch of things." Tourmaline said.

"What of her training?" Bloodstone asked.

"Later. Start without us!" Tourmaline then ran off with Jet.

The two gems ran off and the others looked at each other. Prasem wandered off back to her corner and Azurite let out a light chuckle.

"She's a cutie. Gonna be fun training her." Azurite commented.

"Indeed. I'll handle her training while Tourmaline focuses on you." She said looking at Milarite.

"And what will you two do?" Milarite asked.

Bloodstone and Azurite looked at the crouching gem in the corner of the training room.

"She does look kind of...restless." Bloodstone said.

"Yo Prasem! You wanna spar?" Azurite called out.

Prasem jerked to attention and slammed her fists on the ground. She let out a guttural roar as she got to her feet. Bloodstone and Azurite immediately regretted this decision. Milarite and Tsavorite felt both fear and pity for their friends.

"Should we...should we help them?" Milarite asked.

"We gotta keep our strength up for our own training sessions."



Tourmaline had brought Jet all the way to his personal quarters. It was a modest sized room. A large rectangular indentation housed what appeared to be a bare and plain king sized mattress resting upon a platform. In front of the bed were two green metallic chairs. Tourmaline did not ask for much when rooms were assigned so he took what he got. It was enough to satisfy his needs and any modifications could be done at a later point, and judging by the large empty space of his room and the sudden appearance of his friend, there may be a need to do so soon.

He took the lead and sat down on the bed while Jet made way to one of the chairs. She looked at him and he looked right back.

"You must have a lot of questions." He said.

"Yes. First and foremost...how many of the others are alive?" She asked.

Tourmaline sighed and rubbed his forehead.

"Topaz is dead. His gem was turned to dust, there's nothing that could be done. But other than him, no one else has died."

Jet felt a bit of relief for that, but she couldn't smile. It pains her that their assignment failed so miserably. If it wasn't for the miracle that kept her gem shards mostly intact, or for Topaz, she wouldn't be sitting here talking with Tourmaline.

"What about Feldspar, Liddicoatite, that clone of yours and Pyrite?"

"Liddicoatite was forced into the fusion process with that corrupted gem you saw back at the snow temple. She's now Black Opal. She promised me and what was left of Green Diamond's group the key to destroying Feldspar as well as the diamond regime. She personally assassinated Feldspar."

Tourmaline took a moment to scratch the back of his neck.

"There was a fight between our friends and Feldspar's forces before I could meet up with them. They got captured, and we certainly know what would've happened to them if I hadn't come along with the others...or if Black Opal wasn't under complete control. Azurite, Tsavorite and Bloodstone went to take over the base when…"

"Sorry to interupt, but who are they again?"

"Oh, right. I took you away before I could introduce you to them. Bloodstone is the large one with the splattered marks, Azurite is the skinny weird one, and Tsavorite is the one with the ponytail and black patches." Tourmaline explained.

"Got it. I remember Tsavorite at least."

"Right. Anyway, as I was saying...the three of them snuck into the base along with Black Opal to take it over while I fought Pyrite."

Jet leaned forward with an astonished gaze.

"You fought her on your own!?"

"Yes...and I beat her."

Jet's jaw went slack and she leaned back into her chair. She knew Tourmaline was strong, she's always believed this to be that way, but hearing this was unreal. She was beginning to think that the world she woke up in was mere fantasy.

"How...how long have I been out?" She asked.

"About a month or two. I fought Pyrite about several hours after our last moments together."

"This is so unreal...oh and what of that clone of yours?" She asked.

"Oh he's gone...I uh...I shattered him."

Jet's eyes went wide.

"You...you killed him?"

Tourmaline nodded.


"I hated him. He reminded me of what I used to be. Heartless, arrogant and selfish. My mind went blank, and when I came to his gems were in front of me. I may not have remembered how beat him, but I remember the thoughts I had that lead me to shattering him."

Jet felt uneasy. Everything was going so fast for her.

"Did you do the same to Pyrite?"

"No, no I did not."

Jet quickly stood up and glared at Tourmaline.

"Why the hell wouldn't you!?" She shouted.

Tourmaline flinched backwards and looked up at her angry expression.

"How is it you could've killed someone as insignificant as that clone and not her?! Don't you remember what she's taken from you? From us? Of all the gems you've decided to spare why in the name of all that's right why wouldn't you have gotten rid of her!?" She shouted.

Tourmaline stood up and looked Jet in the eye.

"Because I would've been no better than her! I wanted to do it! I was happy to do it! But when I looked at those stones, as I started to squeeze her gems, I saw a psychopath with eyes just like hers! If I let myself go like that, then I would've gone back to how I was then and everything that you and the others have taught me would've been for nothing!" He yelled.

Jet was silent. Tourmaline frowned and sat back down, his head in his hand.

"I just wanted to stay sane. To stay me. That moment of hesitation almost killed me. Pyrite regenerated, but she was corrupted. If Green Diamond hadn't have regenerated when she did, I would've been dead." He said, "I owe her a lot, and I need her to stop the diamonds."

"That's another thing, why are you going after the diamonds now? And do the others know of this?" Jet asked as she sat back down.

"They don't know about it and they shouldn't know about it.I want to make sure they don't have anything to worry about again, ever. This whole mess started because the diamonds sent Feldspar back to Earth. They've sent more soldiers and soon they're going to send an entire army after them. We have to hit them first, and I won't allow them to get involved. I can't let them risk their lives for me or for the Earth any more. You understand don't you? To protect the ones you hold closest to you?" He explained.

Jet averted her gaze.

"Yes...yes I do." She looked back to him, "But don't you think they would want to help us?"

"They've had enough fighting. There's no way they'll want to participate in a war this grand. They just need to live peacefully. We can take care of them."

"You're dead set on this aren't you?"

Tourmaline nodded.

Jet heaved a sigh and put on a determined face.

"Then I have no choice. I'll fight by your side." She declared.

"I'm glad you see it my way." Tourmaline smiled.

Jet got up and pat Tourmaline on the head. He smiled and she smiled.

"I have a question for you now." He said.

"Tourmaline I can't tell you how it feels to be dead."

"No you doof. I wanted to know why you and Topaz were there at the field."

Jet's smile faded.

"Oh. Garnet brought us on a mission. Said she needed us specifically to rescue a certain gem."

"A certain gem...Garnet...wait." Tourmaline smile went away as he began to reflect on that day, "Wait, wait wait…"

"Something wrong?"

"No it's fine. Go back to the training hall and get to work. I'll catch up with you in a minute."

Jet took a few steps back and went to the door.


She was about to leave, when she looked back at the pondering gem.

"I'm glad to be with you again." She said.

He smiled at her.

"I am too."

With that, she left and Tourmaline got back to thinking.

"Wait...so Garnet was there to talk to me, and Topaz and Jet were also there at the scene. Garnet took time to talk to me about setting me straight when-"

The realization hit him like a lightning bolt.

"The others...they were already fighting Pyrite! And they died because they couldn't have gotten away. If they had the power they could've gotten away. Like my power or Garnet's power! Which means….which means…!"

He slumped against the wall and stared up at the ceiling. Two of his best friends were killed because of a gamble Garnet made. He tightly gripped the edge of his bed, nearly cracking the frame as an anger swelled within him. However the anger faded quickly, and he was left in melancholy. He got up from his bed and exited the room. As he walked down the hall, he saw Green Diamond staring down at him.

"That was a relatively quick conversation." She commented.

Tourmaline stopped to look at her and then continued on his way. The tall gem quickly moved in front of him.

"I know you're not used to authority but I do not take kindly to being ignored."

Tourmaline looked up to her with a solemn expression. Green Diamond frowned in response.

"What's wrong Tourmaline?"

"It's...nothing. Nothing you need to be concerned about." He assured her.

"Oh no I can tell this is nothing. Now speak to me."

"It's just something Jet told me, about how she died. She and another friend of mine were on a mission to rescue me and Tsavorite, but then Pyrite came and destroyed them." Tourmaline explained, "She was there...instead of helping my teammates, she chose to speak to me. Because I nearly flew off the handle."

Green Diamond scratched her chin.

"I see. That's unfortunate. The way I see it, your leader was confident enough in the skills of your friends that they would've survived the ordeal. It isn't entirely her fault that it went so poorly."

"But she could've-"

"I could've done a lot more in the past to make sure I didn't arrive at the situation I am in now. We all make mistakes and we have to live with the consequences of our actions."

Tourmaline frowned. She understood what she meant, but his faith in Garnet was still damaged.

"Was there anything left of your other friend?" Green Diamond asked.

"No. He turned to dust."

"Hmm, how about those other friends you had?"

Tourmaline had a puzzled expression on his face.

"Other friends?"

"Yes, the ones that died in your first battle with Pyrite. This conversation has brought up a...revelation of sorts. Rose's fountain was somehow able to allow a gem such as myself to become reborn from mere shards. Maybe...just maybe we can work something out so that I can revive the others."

Tourmaline's eyes went wide and his jaw hung agape. Could it be true? He hasn't thought about them in so long; Ruby, Sapphire and Tanzanite. His true family that was ripped away from him so long ago. Being able to see them again, to now be strong enough to protect them from anything, it was almost too much to think about. And Tanza and Taz...they would be overjoyed to have the original team back as well.

"I see that I've peaked your interest. I can do everything in my power to make this a reality. All you need to do is serve me above all else. Be the faithful servant your father was before you." Green Diamond offered.

Tourmaline looked down at the ground. It was a lot to take in, especially with everything else on his mind. He felt Green Diamond's hand on his shoulder.

"I know this is a massive decision to make." She turned around and began to walk away, "Let me know your answer when you're ready."

Each click of her boots echoed through the hallway. Tourmaline felt his chance slipping away. To make his family whole again, to hold them in his arms. To finally be happy again. He had no choice. He looked up to see Green Diamond almost leaving his view.

"I'll do it!" He shouted.

Green Diamond stopped in her tracks. She looked over her shoulder at the determined gem.

"I'll do whatever you say..." He kneeled down, "..my diamond."

Green Diamond smiled at him and then walked away. She grabbed a small octagon shaped device and raised it to her face. A hologram of Black Opal appeared.

"Yes my diamond?" Black Opal greeted.

"Once I finish talking with the soldiers, you and I are making a small trip to earth."

"What for my liege?"

"I made a promise to the boy. He's giving me everything, so I will make sure I will pay him back."


Jet entered the training room to see Bloodstone being knocked backwards, still on her feet. Azurite was teleporting around Prasem in an attempt to distract her from Bloodstone. Milarite and Tsavorite were absorbed in the scene and looked on at the brawl. Jet carefully moved around the sparring match and towards Tsavorite and Milarite. Tsavorite turned to Jet and smiled.

"Hello. Are you ready to train?" She asked.

"Yes, I'll do what I have to to help my friends." Jet said.

"Good attitude." Tsavorite held out her hand, "I haven't forgotten you and your friend's sacrifice to save my life. I'm in your debt."

Jet nervously laughed and took the green-black gem's hand.

"It's...nothing really."

"Dying is nothing to you?" Milarite asked.

"No! I mean, it's just so...you know what nevermind." Jet said.

Tsavorite laughed.

"I can't blame you for getting flustered. So much has happened in the past...hour has it been?"

"Not even that." Jet said.

Just then the main door opened up and in entered Green Diamond. All gems had eyes on her, and the leader looked over to Prasem, Bloodstone and Azurite.

"Oh don't mind me, carry on!" She said.

The fight continued and she walked over to Jet and the others.

"I'm glad I caught you before you started. I said I would personally see to it that you become stronger and I intend to keep my word. Tsavorite will make a perfect sparring partner for you however." Green Diamond stated.

Jet nodded and gained a determined expression. Green Diamond chuckled.

"You're not going to get more than two seconds at a time for a break. These two weeks will push you to your utter limits and shatter them like glass." Green Diamond declared.

"I'm ready to get stronger! I'm not afraid of it!" Jet shouted.

"Tch, sure you aren't."

Suddenly the door opened once more and in came Tourmaline. Milarite smiled and ran towards her mentor.

"Tourmaline! Can we train some more?"

"You're going to be training with Azurite and Bloodstone for now." Tourmaline said as he walked towards Prasem and the others.

"Hm? You don't want to rain with me anymore?" Milarite asked.

"No. I need to get stronger myself. I had a lot to think about and I need to train for what I need to do in the future." He said.

The two of them made it to the scene and the three gems stopped fighting to look at them.

"Oh thank the stars. Tourmaline you wanna swap in with me?" Azurite asked.

"I'll swap in for both of you. I want Prasem to myself."

Bloodstone, Azurite and Milarite were shocked by what he said. Prasem looked at Tourmaline with an angry glare.

"Tourmaline think about what you're saying. We're doing our best to keep up with her and she still has the upper hand." Bloodstone argued, "She's the strongest of all of us."

"That's what you think." Tourmaline said as he walked up to Prasem, "Now do me a favor and spar with Milarite. She won't be slacking in my absence."

The boy was now right in front of Prasem. The others were behind him with Azurite right next to him.

"Tourmaline listen to reason. She's way too intense, even for yo-"

Tourmaline grabbed Azurite by the collar and threw him towards Bloodstone. The large gem caught her friend and backed away, staring at Tourmaline as she did so. Milarite could only look on in shock.

"Okay...considering what monster he went up against...dumb idea to get in his way like that." Azurite wheezed.

Prasem glared down at Tourmaline with sheer animosity.

"I don't want to stop until the last day of our two week hiatus. I'm not going to be satisfied unless you give me your hundred percent." Tourmaline said.

Prasem continued to stare at him.

"You can't handle me at my maximum. No one but my diamond can!" She growled.

The scene has now garnered the attention Green Diamond and the others. The great leader stared on with intrigue while Jet and Tsavorite with worry.

Tourmaline had an angry expression on his face.

"I wasn't asking you as a service, you're going to go all out for me whether you want to or not." He demanded.

Prasem stomped the ground, a loud boom resulting from the impact. The tension was so thick even a tiny poke could erupt in a vicious fight.

"Who are you to order me!?" Prasem shouted.

Tourmaline summoned his greaves, leaped up and thrust his knee to Prasem's chin in a flash. A loud crack echoed throughout the training room and everyone outside of Green Diamond stared on with horrified expressions as Prasem fell flat on her back, her chin now cracked and splintering. Tourmaline glared down at her motionless body, waiting for her response.

"Nothing personal, but we were going to get into business anyway before the others showed up. So this was inevitable."

Prasem looked up and smiled.

"So...you're serious about this."

Before Tourmaline could answer Prasem rolled a bit back and then forward quickly, getting on her feet and thrusting her head towards Tourmaline. Tourmaline could only instinctively sink his blades into the ground as Prasem's head smashed into his face. Another cracking noise as Tourmaline's head flew backwards. Then the sound of screeching metal filled the room as his blades carved lines into the ground as he rushed backwards. Tourmaline stopped at some ten feet, his blades now back to their usual positions on his feet. He looked back at Prasem, with a broken and bloody nose.

"Don't hold back now. Show me everything you have to offer." Prasem said, her entire face now cracking.

Tourmaline rushed at Prasem. Then leaping to kick her in the face, his blade scraping across her nose. A chunk of stone skin and bright blue blood came out from the attack. A portion of her face was now celadon blue as opposed to the persian green it usually was. The patch of skin crumbled like rock and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Prasem touched her face and looked down at him.

"That should've poofed me."

"You'd be useless to me if you were poofed."

Prasem's gem began to glow.

"Yeah...you're right."

The others looked on in terror at what was about to transpire. Tsavorite looked up to Green Diamond with a desperate expression.

"My diamond please stop them before they fight! They'll kill each other!"

"Shut up." Jet said.

Tsavorite looked at Jet with a surprised expression. In the moments their eyes were on Prasem and Tourmaline, she became calm again.

"Looking at her, I can say she's nothing like Pyrite. Tourmaline will be fine." Jet said.

"How can you be so calm about him fighting Prasem?! She's a monster compared to-"

Jet glared at Prasem with a fiery intensity.

"You have no idea what kind of monster he and I had to fight."

"I fought against Pyrite too and-"

"No you didn't. You were on your own and she treated you as such. She was playing with you."

Tsavorite shut up. She wanted to defend herself but then she caught wind of her diamond looking down on her. She turned her back on the scene and walked away.

"Let's move further from this carnage. It's a distraction."

"Yes...let them have their time to themselves." Green Diamond said as she took the lead away from Tsavorite.

The others followed suit, but Jet took a second to look back at Tourmaline. She felt a little responsible for bringing out this side of him again.


It was desolate in the abandoned kindergarten. Thick gray clouds blanketed the sky, casting a shadow over the forsaken place. Black Opal was scanning the area via a device on her wrist while Green Diamond rested on a piece of a demolished ship.

"My Diamond is this really necessary?" Black Opal asked.

"It is necessary. Not only did I promise the boy incentive we can use this as a research opportunity for the revival of shattered gems. Former enemies can become our allies like this. Our army is going to be much smaller than my sisters' armies so we should use whatever methods to increase our power." Green Diamond answered, "Now stop your welching and keep searching!"

Black Opal immediately turned away and continued searching for the shards. Green Diamond heaved a sigh, as she was bored out of her mind. She refused to get to Black Opal's level and scour the dirt for what remained of Tourmaline's apparent loved ones, but that was the only thing to do around the kindergarten. However as Black Opal went further away, the diamond felt a presence observing her from afar. She looked over her shoulder and saw nothing, but her intuition told her that someone was definitely around. She reached down and picked up a stone with two fingers. She pinched the rock delicately as she looked around to see what place made her feel the most uneasy. Her eyes scanned the desolate grounds, but her eyes were fixated on. That's when she noticed three tiny shapes moving in the background. She was looking right at them, but they seemed oblivious of her presence. Curiosity getting the best of her, she decided to abandon the cautious route and take the direct approach.

As the figures became more clear, Green Diamond managed to recognize two out of the three of them. One was a boy that Tourmaline spoke to the day of her revival, a small purple gem was next to him along with an unfamiliar, tiny green gem. The purple one just severed a drill piece from one of the broken injectors. They were about to haul the giant piece of metal off, but the small boy noticed Green Diamond coming towards them. He had a warm smile on his face.

"Hey! I haven't seen you in forever!" Steven shouted as he ran towards her.

The gems behind him had worried expressions as they rushed to his side.

"Woah Steven! Don't just run up to random gems." Amethyst said.

"I agree with Amethyst! Although I admire your exceptionally high level of trust and empathy, running up to random gems in this manner is a very effective strategy in getting yourself killed!" Peridot exasperated.

Steven turned back to the other gems cockeyed.

"Really guys? Amethyst you were there when this awesome gem saved Tourmaline! And Peridot, I told you about this like four times!" Steven said.

"Is this the gem that blew up that corrupted version of your former and terrifying adversary Pyrite?" Peridot asked.

Amethyst looked at the puzzled diamond's expression and she let out a noise of accomplishment when she recognized her.

"Oh yeah I remember now! She was only there for so long so it took me a bit." Amethyst exclaimed.

"You know it's rude to speak about other people when they're right in front of you. Especially when we haven't been properly introduced." Green Diamond said.

Steven quickly turned back to her with an embarrassed smile.

"Oh right! Sorry about that. My name's Steven! And this is Amethyst and Peridot."

Green Diamond cracked a smirk.

"Oh so you're Steven. I remember you talking to Tourmaline when I was reborn. Tourmaline has told me so much about you." She turned to Amethyst, "You as well Amethyst. And…" She turned to Peridot, "..not so much about you."

Peridot shrugged.

"Understandable. We haven't interacted as intimately as my compatriots have."

Steven's smile grew wider.

"We gotta talk about Tourmaline! I've got so many questions! But first, who might you be?"

"My name is Green Diamond."

Peridot and Amethyst's expressions were tense. A sense of dread and worry filled their cores at the mention of the term "diamond" Steven on the other hand had a starry-eyed expression on his face.

"Wooooooooaaaah! I never met one of the diamonds before! I honestly imagined you guys to be bigger."

"Well Steven, my diamond is three times the size of this diamond. I feel as though she is lying about her stature."

Green Diamond's smile faded into a scowl. Amethyst punched Peridot in the arm and Steven looked at her with a disappointed expression.

"Peridot that's very rude to say!" He shouted.

Green Diamond looked away and at a pile of discarded injectors. She took aim at it with her hand as Steven continued to scold her.

"Maybe she isn't like your diamonds, but that doesn't make her any-"

A bright green laser fired from Green Diamond's palm. The beam of light collided with the pile of scrap metal and a great boom of light and plasma eradicated the spot. The three tiny gems gazed at the destruction slack jawed. Green Diamond turned and faced Peridot with an angry expression.

"Is that enough to satisfy your standards?" She took aim at Peridot, "Or do you prefer a personal exposure?"

Peridot squeaked and fell backwards, shaking her head from side to side as she scampered backwards. Green Diamond smiled and chuckled.

"Quite a mouth on her."

"Sorry about that she's not used to Earth's customs." Steven said.

"Indeed. Anyhoo, what are you three doing here?"

"We're gonna take this drill bit and make a giant drill to go to deep underground to stop the cluster!" Steven exclaimed.

Green Diamond raised an eyebrow towards the boy.

"The cluster?"

"It's this big bunch of gems joined together underneath the Earth's crust. If we don't stop it it'll form and tear apart the Earth!" Amethyst added.

"It isn't a bunch, Amethyst, it's millions of gem shards." Peridot added.

Green Diamond scratched her chin at the revelation of this information.

"Millions of shards...millions of soldiers…"

Steven looked up to her and grinned.

"Me and the rest of my friends are gonna go and stop it! Somehow."

Green Diamond snapped out of her thoughts and gazed back down.

"You mean to shatter it?"

"I hope it doesn't come to that." Steven said.

"It might though." Peridot added.

Green Diamond was silent as she pondered the possibility. Something that great couldn't be controlled so easily without the proper resources or methods. But she just discovered a potential meal ticket to get the power she desperately needs.

"So that's what's going on with us. What have you been doing?" Steven asked.

"Oh. Just...catching up with Tourmaline and training." Green Diamond said.

"How is Tourmaline? We're all worried about him." Amethyst said.

"He's alright. He's a strong gem for his age that's for certain." Green Diamond said.

"You think he'll be able to come back to us soon? All of you could come and hang out at my house!" Steven offered.

"A generous offer, but I have to decline for now. However it's nice to know that you're so welcoming."

Suddenly, a ringing noise was heard. It came from Green Diamond's wrist. The diamond raised it to her face and a light appeared, revealing Black Opal.

"My Diamond, I have found the shards. There is little left, but what's left is usable."

"Excellent." Green Diamond said, "Prepare the pad to return to base." Green Diamond ordered.


With that, communication ended and Green Diamond looked back to the trio of gems.

"Well, this has been enlightening for both of us, but I gotta go. We'll see each other soon." Green Diamond began to walk away, "I'll be sure to send your best wishes to Tourmaline."

Steven waved her goodbye.

"It was nice to meet you Green Diamond!"

Amethyst and Peridot exchanged a look and went back to the drill bit.

"I can't believe it. Another diamond? This has to be reported." Peridot thought to herself.

Steven and Amethyst began to haul the drill bit off to the nearest warp pad.

"Steven, something seems off about her." Amethyst said.

"She seemed a little erratic, but I think that's just how she is. I don't think of Pearl or you any less because your quirks." Steven said.

Amethyst glared at Steven.

"What quirks are you talking about?" Amethyst said.

"They don't make me love you any less, so why bother mentioning them?" Steven said.

Amethyst smiled at that.

"Thanks bud."


Two mighty arms swung downwards, shattering the sturdy floor of the arena. Tourmaline rushed in towards Prasem after dodging her vicious strike. He kicked at one of her arms, but the mighty gem parried the blow with one of her elbows. She grabbed Tourmaline with her free arm and threw him towards the ceiling. The gem flew through the air, but managed to position himself so he would plant the spikes of his grieves sole first into the ceiling. His knees buckled as his feet slammed into the ceiling. Looking downward he saw Prasem jumping towards him. Tourmaline quickly ran from the incoming attack. A large clang echoed throughout the training center as Prasem collided with the ceiling, creating a large dent in the metallic surface. Slamming her hands into the metal, she clung her body to the surface and immediately started to crawl after Tourmaline, tearing through the metal as she did so. Tourmaline quickly turned around and faced his encumbered opponent. She swiped at his legs, but Tourmaline quickly countered the swipe with a kick of his own. Tourmaline and Prasem's free limbs danced together, each blow either an attempt to grab at the one limb that was keeping the gem in place or to block said type of strike. As Tourmaline defended and attacked his opponent, he noticed her dangling hair begin to move towards him. Concentrating as he continued his strikes, his gems began to glow. Before the hair could strike, he bat Prasem's giant hand away and quickly let loose a ball of green energy at her other planted hand. The giant gem roared out in pain as she began to fall back to the arena. Tourmaline jumped off of the ceiling and tackled the back of Prasem, spiking her into the ground. A loud cracking noise echoed throughout the arena as Prasem bounced off the cracked floor. Tourmaline landed on his feet as Prasem landed on her back. Tourmaline relaxed his stance and gazed at Prasem.

"Can you get up after that?" He asked.

Prasem slammed her hands into the ground and let out an earsplitting roar. The force of the roar staggered the unprepared gem. Prasem had cracks all over her body, some bits of her outer armor gone revealing patches of her celadon skin. Her long hair swayed unnaturally as Prasem glared at her opponent. Tourmaline assumed his stance once more and got ready for the next attack. As the two gems battled each other, the rest of the gems sparred as well.

Jet and Tsavorite clashed blades as Bloodstone and Azurite battled Milarite. The two gems were equal in skill, but Tsavorite's superior speed allowed her to be the one to pressure her opponent into only defending. Jet was beginning to struggle to keep up. As she did her best to avoid being cut, she couldn't help but listen to Tourmaline and Prasem battle. The thought of him battling such a monster of a gem on his own, it reminded of her of that day. On the island, just the two of them, she was so happy to be with him. But then Pyrite came, and she was powerless to assist Tourmaline. He went on his own to protect her, and she couldn't do the same. That day has haunted her for such a long time. But she's decided no more.

"I won't be a burden to him anymore!" She thought.

She dodged backwards. Tsavorite began to advance on her as Jet placed her palm at the base of her blade. Tsavorite was nearly upon her, but as she struck towards Jet, with one swift motion the gray gem flung the acid that coated her blade at her foe. The acid covered Tsavorite's body and began to burn her. She clenched her teeth in pain as she stumbled, failing to strike Jet down. Jet quickly moved the blade to her opponent's throat and glared at her. Tsavorite smiled and stood up.

"Excellent job. You've thought on the spot and turned the situation to your favor." Tsavorite removed her smoking, acid ridden garb and immediately formed a new uniform, "Now then, let's see how you can handle me going all out."

Jet readied her sword and gave Tsavorite a determined smile.

"Do your worst!"

Milarite was focused on striking the constantly teleporting Azurite while Bloodstone attempted to chase her down. The small hooded gem had to constantly dance around her skilled and brutish foe while attempting to strike her slippery counterpart.

The entire arena was controlled chaos, as each gem gave it their all. Meanwhile, Green Diamond observed their progress from her throne in the main control room of her ship. Black Opal was about to leave, but stopped to talk to her diamond.

"I'm off to research the regeneration process. I will message you as soon as I gain new information." She said.

"Very good. But I have to make one request before you begin your research." Green Diamond said.

"Yes my diamond?"

"There's something dwelling underneath Earth's surface called the cluster. It is a large amalgamation of millions of gem shards. I want you to find its location and keep it logged for future reference."

"Of course my diamond."

With that the mutated gem left. Green Diamond was left to view her disciples train and to reflect on the day. Though she wanted to be happy about this discovery, or the new student she's received, an unbridled anger stirred within her.

"They didn't even bother to memorialize me. They erased me from our history." She thought to herself.

She tightly clenched her hand into a fist so tightly that her nails dug into the skin of her palm. She didn't realize it, but she had an intense scowl on her face with rage and hatred in her eyes.

"I will make them remember me. I will make them regret erasing me. I will make them pay."


Garnet and Pearl stared at Amethyst with disbelief in their eyes.

"Are you sure?" Pearl asked.

"Yeah. I'm one-hundred percent sure that she introduced herself as Green Diamond." Amethyst assured her.

Pearl looked to Garnet.

"What do you think of this?" She asked.

"I'm not sure. She saved Tourmaline, but that's all I have. She's from a time long before any of us. And I've never heard anything about her in all my life." Garnet said.

Pearl looked to Amethyst with a stern glare.

"Couldn't you have asked her any more questions!?"

"Hey shortly after she introduced herself and Peridot ticked her off she blew up a chunk of the kindergarten! And I'm not just generalizing here, she blew up an actual chunk of the whole place! Probably could've blown it all up to prove a point but she was being nice. I don't think it would've been in my best interest to ask her anything!" Amethyst argued.

"That's enough." Garnet interjected, "Amethyst, you did what you could. It was best that you didn't do anything that could've been taken the wrong way."

Pearl eased up and gazed back to Garnet.

"What do you think this means? And what of Tourmaline? He's up there with her."

"We'll settle this after we deal with the cluster. It is our top priority. But as soon as it is taken care of, we'll do what we can to see what Green Diamond is planning." Garnet declared.

Pearl looked on to see Steven playing with the other gems, save Jasper who was observing from afar.

"It's funny. How all of this came about when he just appeared on the beach one day when we were preparing for that corrupted gem." Pearl said.

"Yeah. We have a lot to thank him for." Amethyst said.

Garnet was silent as she gazed up at the sky. She thought of all the times she and Tourmaline were together. She thought about how abruptly he left them to go with Green Diamond.

Pearl and Amethyst looked up to their leader.

"Are you alright Garnet?" Pearl asked.

"When I find him again, the first thing I need to do is apologize to him. About Jet and Topaz." She admitted.

"You're still beating yourself up about that?" Amethyst said.

"I should've been there to protect them. But I saw a vision of Tourmaline if he had made it there. He and the three of them fought, but he was different. I saw a side of him I thought he had abandoned long ago." Garnet removed her shades to reveal the concern look in her eyes, "The truth is, it scared me. He caused so much turmoil when he was less experienced, I couldn't even fathom what he is capable of if he were to lose control now. I had to do what I could to assure that he wouldn't change again. But...I feel the price was too high."

Pearl wrapped her arms around Garnet's arm and Amethyst held Garnet's hand.

"You did what you thought was best for all of us. Your intuition hasn't steered us wrong yet, so I don't blame you for making the decision you did."

"Yeah G. You did your best for all of us. We all make mistakes."

Garnet didn't smile. She moved away from the two gems, slipping out of their grips.

"Mistakes like that shouldn't ever be made." She said as she walked away.

Pearl was about to go after her but Amethyst stopped her.

"Maybe we should let her be for a little." Amethyst said.

Pearl heaved a sigh.

"You're right. The drill still needs to be worked on."

"I'll help you."

Pearl smiled.

"Thank you Amethyst."