Summary: This is a brief informational, for my next story Before & After: Shadow Hearts. Since I will be using mostly characters from shadow of hearts and bakugan battle brawlers together in a shadow hearts setting. I am putting in what the characters have been up too since you last saw them in Covenant. Its not much but it will be my little twist. Like I said before, only two chapters. All info I got on Shadow Hearts was from WIKI.

Fun Facts: Mind you I never... Ever! Played Shadows Hearts 1 or 2. My first game I received when I was ten or thirteen, Shadow Hearts New World was my first game. I know nothing about Shadow Hearts. All information I am getting is from the internet. Bare with me on some parts. For example... The final boss. I don't know if its Albert Simons or Atman? That is the only thing im confused about. So if im wrong about what I put for the final boss. Please let me know so I can fix it.

They wasn't so clear who the final boos was. Ik you guys might know... IF! You ever played Shadow Hearts 1.

Chapter One: Shadow Hearts Aftermath

After defeating Albert Simons. Tragedy struck when for the final moment Alice Elliot, daughter of Father Morris Elliot, priests from London and lover of Yuri Volte Hyuga. Died trying to protect Yuri, the man she loves. You know the story. But first lets take a look at our heros...

Yuri Volte Hyuga: Was born in Katsuragi back in 1889. He speaks his mind, often impolite and is reluctant to accept his special abilities. He is known as the 'Rude Hero'. His actions are influenced by a mysterious voice. He obeys the voices commands mainly for the thrill of fighting monsters. The voices in his head leads him to Alice Elliot. His attitude begins to change when Alice had sacrificed her soul to save him. It doesn't change that he is still often trouble by his unique abilities to change form.

Yuri body fusions with the monsters he has defeated in battle. During his travels with his friends memory of his past comes to mind. Like his motivation of his father Ben Hyuga, a japanesses man who fought and He is additionally motivated by the memory of his father, who fought hard and died protecting the world. Yuri possesses the same power his father does. In transforming into monsters, other words 'fusion'.

He has grown to deeply care for Alice. One thing in common Alice has is when she protected him. Just like his Russian mother Anne who died in protecting him. Which lead to him falling for Alice, deeper than he already was.

Alice Elliot: Born in 1892, daughter of Father Morris Elliot Who was recently murder in Rouen France. Hearing supernatural voices in her early childhood, Alice later became an exorcist and together with her father they performed exorcisms. She became the priest in London England. On a train she was adducted by a man saying he was Roger Bacon. Until she was saved by Yuri, she was unsure what to think of him. After spending more time with during there travels. Seeing him risk his own life to defeat Dehuai, she grew attached to him.

Attachment soon became love. Later on in the story she passes away, leaving Yuri with a broken heart.

Margarete Gertrude Zelle: Codenamed 'Malkovich,' is a world famous spy, and she met Yuri and Alice during her mission in Fengtian. Her mission was to prevent the Japanese soldiers from leaving Fengtian by bombing the railway but Yuri and Alice get caught in the explosion, too. Curious about there mysterious powers, she tags along with them for the journey. Believing that information will give her country the upper hand. How wrong she will be.

As she journeys with them, she finds this objective to be meaningless compared to fighting alongside them. So she pays no mind in getting intel on their powers. She grows to envy and admire the bond that Yuri and Alice share, as well as their freedom from the burdens and responsibilities that come with a life steeped in politics, national interest, and other material concerns. Little is known of her past, other than the fact that she has posed as an American journalist researching the subject of "War and Orphans".

And telling Alice that her home was in Paris. Her father is alive and is also told of being a spy. Watching over his little girl.

Li Zhuzhen: Was born in China and is over 60 years old. He is a sage who was taught by Master Xifa along with his peer Dehuai. He proceeds his name with "Ruler of the Nine Heavens, Earth Sage" when meeting people formally. 15 years ago he met Yuri father Ben Hyuga who helped him when he was being harassed by Dehuai's underlings. As a result, Zhuzhen helped Hyuga to stop Dehuai from succeeding in the Demons gate Invocation. He joins with Yuri and Alice in the village of Zhaoyang.

Keith Valentine: Is a vampire believed around 400 years old. He was asleep for a long time at his home Blue Castle, the home of his ancestors. Upon awakening hearing strange noises he meets Yuri and party inside his home. Bored, Keith decides to join Alice and Yuri.

Halley Brancket: the son of Koudelka Iasant. He was separated from his mother in London when she was taken away in a witch hunt. A big brother to the orphans in London, Halley is aided by Yuri to rescue kids at an orphanage. There they discover Jack's plan to use the Émigré Manuscript to revive Jack mother. Like his mother, Halley has the ability of ESP. However, he has difficulty controlling his powers.


Its funny how life is. One moment I remember myself being shrouded in darkness. The next Walking down the alter with the man I love. Of course things doesn't always happen that way. Before I could say 'I do' an explosion sounded off at the church. Again I am at the same place. In the dark. Again pulling away towards the light...


Heading out to go shopping for my uncle Geo. Walking down the same old path. Listening to the sound of spring. Memories of a past life often came to me as a child. Im glad it stop as soon as I reached adulthood. Except for this one dream. Of a man calling out my name. He seems familiar to me. I often wonder why? My hearts aches every time I think about him.

If I could just know his name. I would be at peace. I also thought that I shouldn't pride. 'Curiosity killed the cat'. Which are true words I live by. But I just cant help it. That man... I want to meet him.

Once I do maybe these dreams will leave me alone. Which made sense. To me in my head. Out loud I knew that it wasn't so easy.

In the middle my path. Around the corner of the street, three blocks down from the grocery store. A very tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a black tuxedo. Holding a red rose. I knew something was wrong. Yet I felt I could trust him. Showing me a dasling smile, two teeth showing. Which looked like fangs...?

Bowing down in front of me our eyes met. "I have finally found you, lady Alice."

I didn't felt like putting in there personalities since its so late and I wanted to put in this story. All info I got on WIKI. Chapter two is next. Told you only two chapters. Sorry (-_-)