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(VO)-Voice Over



"dragon talking"

'dragon thinking'


(Mist's Dream/Flashback to 15 years ago)

Up above the island of Berk in around midnight, up in the clouds, there was a shadow of a dragon. The dragon seemed to be carrying a blue egg when it landed near the beach. When it landed on the beach, I could finally make out what is the species of the dragon. It was the Deadly Nadder dragon and it seemed to be speaking to the egg, but i could barely hear what it was saying, only able to hear the last sentence"be safe, Azure, my daughter"after she said that, she took off before anyone could see her. When the Deadly Nadder left, it started to shake and cracks started to appear on the egg-the egg was hatching! What hatched out of it was a shock - It was me! When little me found out that she was all alone, she started to cry.

Some Vikings must have heard it as there were footsteps coming towards the beach and soon, two heads popped out of the forest near it one female, and one male looking at the beach, observing for what could have caused the explosion and the female, spotting the baby first, quickly lowered her weapon and picked up the baby gently "what are we going to do with it Stoick?"I heard the female ask the male"I don't know, Valka (I found out that that is the name of hiccup's mother), but what do you want to do with her, I mean, we can't just leave her here after finding her?"Stoick replied her"hmm... What about adoption, hiccup would love a new little sister, and he may not be so lonely anymore!"she suggested.

After weighing out the pros and cons, he agreed"ok then, why don't you give her a name and we take her to her new home!"he said, excited to have another addition to the family "hmm... What about Mist Horrendous Haddock? Mist, short for mysterious from her unknown past?"she suggested"hmm... Ok, not bad, for a name, come on, I'm sure hiccup is getting worried for us taking too long"he joked, which earned him some laughs from Valka and giggles from the baby. (End of Mist's Dream/flashback)


(Artemis' Dream/Flashback to 12 years ago) Near the island of Berk at around midnight, there was a shadow that was blocking the moonlight heading towards the island and it seemed to be carrying something but I couldn't make out the shape of the object. When it landed on the island, I could finally make out what the shadow was in fact a dragon, and it was carrying a pitch black egg protectively, it might be its child suddenly, it chanted some sort of language and there was a flash, briefly blinding me and it looks like it was saying something to it which I could only catch the last part of"Be safe, Cynder, my daughter"and as quickly as she arrived, she was gone. Suddenly, the egg started to shake and cracks started to appear on it-It was hatching! Suddenly, the egg exploded and i was shocked-instead of a baby dragon that I was expecting, it was me! Suddenly, seeing as she was all alone, she started to cry.

Suddenly two figures, having heard little me's cry, appeared out of the bushes that it was Mist and Hiccup who I think were playing games when they heard me cry Mist, being curious as she always is, begun taking a step forward towards me and seeing as I was not alone anymore, little me begun to giggle and Mist picked me up and then Hiccup, realizing the time, started to panic"come on! We have to hurry! If not mom and dad will scold us""alright, race ya"Mist said running very fast even though she was still carrying me (End of Artemis' dream/Flashback)

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