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"I recommend limiting one's involvement in other people's lives to a pleasantly scant minimum."

-Quentin Crisp

When Arthur opened his emerald eyes, he was met with white. White everywhere. The floors were white. The walls were white. Shifting his eyes around the room, he was surprised to find that there were no windows, no doors, nothing. The room was absolutely empty and he had no reason why..

Taking another glance around, Arthur nearly gasped. Why was he here?! Arthur couldn't find out why he hadn't seen the other nation in this room before. The other's clothes were standing out against the white so much that it was almost painful for Arthur to look at after looking at all this white.

Arthur was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the other man yawning and opening his eyes. The other was even looking at Arthur with vibrant and curious eyes. "Hey, Artie. Where are we?" The other laughed. "Is this some sort of joke or something?"

Arthur sighed at the nickname and forced a small smile upon his facial features. "I don't know where we are, Alfred. Please don't refer to me as that awful name. I prefer to be called Arthur and Arthur alone." The Brit crossed his arms and stood up. How long have they been there? "As for this being a joke, I have no part of this whatsoever. I just wish to get out because it seems like we are the only things in the room."

Arthur started feeling on the walls for any sort of mechanism.. A button.. A pressure plate.. Anything. He couldn't stand to be in this room with Alfred for any longer than he needed to. This was going to be torture if they were stuck there..

"Yo, Artie, calm down." Alfred laughed again, this time a little bit louder. "I'm sure one of the others are playing this trick. Don't worry. They'll notice that we are missing eventually and they will come too find us. So don't worry about it." Alfred smiled his signature grin and stood up as well.

Arthur didn't respond. He was too focused on trying to get out of here.. Or at least think of a way to get out. Perhaps he could try his magic? No. This room felt like a vacuum. He couldn't do anything having to do with magic. It was almost as if the room itself was sucking it away.. Arthur sighed softly and leaned against the wall. The cold wall could be felt on his back through his shirt and vest.

Alfred looked at him again. "Aren't you going to answer, Artie?" He smiled and walked over to Alfred.

Arthur shook his head. "I said that I refuse to be called "Artie". Please refrain from using that nickname." Arthur looked down and gently massaged his temples with his delicate and thin fingers. A migraine had decided to settle deep within his mind and he hated it. Why now of all times?

Alfred laughed once again. Arthur could have sworn that he was purposefully making his laugh louder and louder each time. "But Artie, it's such a fun name and it suits you so well!" Alfred smiled and gave a thumbs up to the annoyed Brit.

"It does not suit me in the slightest. Please stop." Arthur sighed and looked around again for anything to help them get out. There was absolutely nothing..

"No. I like the nickname, so it stays." God, Alfred was so stubborn sometimes. If only he could learn to obey a simple and polite request. He would be so much better off..

Arthur hated it when Alfred was stubborn like this. He had been using that awful nickname for years and now he was really wishing he would stop. His headache was now coming to the point where it was almost too painful to even think. "Please refrain from using that nickname, Alfred. I use your proper name, so I wish that you would do the same. Even just out of courtesy. Please.. I have a headache and I do not wish to deal with your loudness for the time being. I just want the room to be silent so I can think properly." Arthur sighed once again and kept on massaging his temples. He hated it when he got migraines.. They were so painful..

Alfred blinked at the sudden and unexpected response from Arthur. He sounded like his headache was really bad.. Alfred's smile faltered and he looked at Arthur with a sympathetic expression and nodded. "Alright, Arthur. I'll do what you want. Just get better, ok bro?" He gave a softer smile and gave a gentle pat to the other's shoulder.

Arthur looked at Alfred with slightly widened eyes. Had he really just agreed to do what Arthur was asking? This was a miracle. "Thank you." Arthur muttered under his breath.

Just after that, the room went dark. It was pitch black. The two men stood in the darkness with slightly panicked expressions. As soon as it happened, the lights were back on. There in the middle of the room was a basket. A basket filled with goodies.

Arthur looked at the basket curiously. What had just happened and who had put that there? "Alfred? Did you place that basket there?" That was a slightly dumb question. Arthur knew that there was no place to even hide a basket of that size.

"No, Arthur." Alfred looked at the basket with wide eyes. There were cheeseburgers residing inside of the basket. Cheeseburgers were Alfred's favourite food, so naturally his mouth started to drool.

Arthur looked at the contents of the basket closely and noticed that there were a few scones inside as well. "Well then.. It seems like whoever put us in here has left us a little present." Arthur slowly walked over to the basket and gently picked it up. Upon closer inspection there was a small note attached to the side. "What is this?" Arthur carefully untied the note from the handle of the basket. By now Alfred had started chowing down on the warm and juicy cheeseburgers.

Arthur opened the note and gently sat the basket down on the cold, tiled floor. He quickly read the note for it was very short. "Alfred take a look at this." Arthur showed the other the small note. The other read it and blinked in confusion.

"Good job." Was all it read.

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