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"This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure."

-Winston Churchill

It has been what has felt like four days that Arthur and Alfred have been trapped in that box. There were no windows or clocks in the room to indicate the time in the slightest, and sadly, Arthur's watch was gone when they both woke up. All Arthur knows is that he has fallen asleep four times, hence why he has considered their time there to be three days.

Over the days, Arthur has made careful observations. He has come to the conclusion that their actions determines what happens in the room. For example, on their first day here, they were rewarded with both of their favourite foods when Alfred had agreed to stop calling Arthur that awful nickname. That was a reward for whenever they got along.

However when they argued, awful things happened. On day two, Arthur and Alfred had both argued about how they would sleep. Arthur had wanted to sleep on separate sides of the room. Alfred had wanted for them to sleep close to each other so they could share heat, for there were no blankets in the white room. This earned them a below freezing room all night, so they were forced to sleep right next to each other.

On day three, Alfred and Arthur had once again been arguing. This time they were fighting about how to get out. Alfred wanted to try to dig out, and Arthur had wanted to use magic. Alfred just laughed and laughed. This earned them a completely pitch black room all day and they both hated it. Alfred more than Arthur since Alfred kept screaming about any tiny noises made in the room exclaiming that they were ghosts coming to kill them.

Even though they received food for their first reward, Arthur noticed that every single day, three times a day, food would appear in the middle of the room. There would be two separate trays of food. On one tray would always be American food. On the other tray, there would always be British food. They both decided which one would be each of theirs and they both came to the conclusion that Alfred would get the tray of American food and Arthur would get the tray of British food. That was simple enough.

Even though they were the only ones in the room, they hardly spoke to each other. Occasionally Alfred would suggest them doing something to pass the time, like a game. Arthur would always shake his head and return to his thoughts of trying to get out of here and who was the mastermind behind all of this.

They had spoken on who they thought had done this, they both agreed on one thing. They had no clue on who it would be and why they would do this.

The last weird observation that Arthur had made was that every morning when he woke up, they both seemed to have been cleaned and put into new, but clean, clothes.. They didn't know how or why.. But at least they didn't have to worry about bathing themselves, as there was no shower or bath in that room. Also, it seemed like their body used up all their food, as they both did not have to use the restroom..

Arthur sighed and looked over at the American fiddling with his shoelaces. Alfred looked.. Lost. That was the only thing that came to Arthur's mind. Upon observing Alfred, Arthur could see that the younger man had seemed to lose his glee. Alfred was almost always frowning now.. The Briton had decided immediately once he noticed this change that a frown should never be upon Alfred's face. Never. Frowns did not suit Alfred. Not one bit.

So, Arthur tried to spark a conversation for once. "So.." He started. "What's on your mind, lad?" He spoke softly, almost hoping that the younger man wouldn't hear him. It would be awkward..

Alfred shrugged in response. That was never a good sign.

Arthur tried again. "You seem down.. Do you want to talk it out..? I'm sure I could help.." He spoke again, sympathy and compassion seemingly leaking into his tone of voice.

"Not really." The other mumbled before moving on to play with the ends of his sleeves. Well then..

"Please." Arthur began softly. This wasn't working well.. "I can help. I have noticed that you don't smile much anymore.. I kind of want to see it again. It gives me hope." Arthur replied honestly and sincerely. He wanted to get an answer out of the man so he could try to help.

Alfred looked at him with semi-wide eyes. Did Arthur just tell him what seemed to be a secret..? "I-I.." His voice cracked somewhat. He was horrified to be there and he just wanted to get out. Looking at white all day was horrifying and he hated it. The only other colour in the room was Arthur and he would snap at Alfred anytime he tried to look at the stubborn Brit.

"You what?" Arthur then stood up and walked over to Alfred. He slowly sat down beside him, cautious of getting too close, but he still wanted to try to comfort the scared American.

"I just want to get out.. Aren't you scared in the slightest, Arthur..?" Alfred spoke softly and moved closer to Arthur. He was somewhat glad that the Brit had made an effort to comfort him. It made Alfred feel slightly better about all that had happened so far..

Arthur had to be honest with himself. There were times where he actually did feel frightened. For instance, the time on day three where the lights were off all day and night. They almost couldn't find their food. Alfred didn't make it any better since he kept screaming.. He was only afraid at some points of them being here, but he wasn't afraid now. He just wanted to help Alfred with his fears and comfort him in any way that he could..

"I have been afraid at times, yes. I am not afraid right now, though." Arthur answered the other man's question and sighed softly. "We're going to get out of this safely. I promise.." He sighed again and gently patted the other's hand for an added measure of comfort.

Alfred nodded slowly and gave the Briton a small smile. "Thanks, Arthur. I'm glad that you're trying to help me through this."

With that, the lights turned pitch black and just as soon as they were off, they were back on. In the middle of the room lay a blanket with a note resting on top. Arthur carefully stood up and grabbed the blanket and the note. He handed the blanket to Alfred and sat back down beside the American.

Alfred wrapped the blanket around the both of them, figuring Arthur wanted to be wrapped up as well since there was only one blanket.

Arthur read the note to himself. He sighed and showed it to Alfred.

"That was sweet of you, Artie."

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