The next morning Aiden woke up to the alarm clock again, just like every other day. Today unlike the day before Ethan wasn't lying on top of him, which meant he could easily get up. Since Ethan was going to be staying home again today as he still wasn't back to normal, as all the Doctors that knew about him being a werewolf from Doctor Deaton, his surgeon and Doctor Mitchell had said it will take a few days for him to get back to full strength even then he should still take it easy for a least a week.

Aiden was able to take advantage of the fact that his brother was still asleep and got to use the bathroom first, which was actually kind of rare, as Ethan always seemed to get to it ahead of him. When he got out he saw Ethan slowly getting up, he went over to him and said "felling a little better today."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah but my throat still hurts, just not as bad." After he returned from the bathroom he grabbed a pair of track paints, put them on, he also grabbed a tank top and put that on before garbing Aiden's hoodie that he had worn the day before. He then grabbed his pillows and his stuffed wolf from Danny.

Melissa came down to see him lying on the couch cuddling the stuffed wolf well he was flipping through the TV channels he came across a Scooby doo cartoon that had Scrappy in it as well. Well he was watching it Mike came into the room with a bowl of cereal and said "sorry if I'm eating in front of you but I always like watching Scooby doo."

Ethan then said "don't worry I ok with it."

Melissa then came over to him with his meds and a glass of juice and said "here take these and you can just relax where you are for as long as you like ok."

Ethan nodded, she then asked him if he felt like having anything to eat Ethan nodded as she said "how about some toast ok."

Ethan then said "yeah that sounds good, can you put some peanut butter on it?"

Melissa then said "it sounds like you can talk more today."

Ethan replied "yeah it hurts less to talk, I'm not really sure if it's because my werewolf healing has kicked in."

Mellissa then said "don't do anything stupid to test it ok."

Ethan replied "I don't plan on it."

A little while later Ethan had fallen asleep on the couch cuddling the stuffed wolf from Danny, Melissa grabbed a blanket and laid it over him just in case he was cold. He pulled part of it around himself and said "thanks pack mom."

Melissa smiled at that as it was term that Ethan, Aiden and Isaac had started using when they had all gotten sick. She was proud to think that the boys as she called them wanted to call her that. She often thought of all of them as hers boys. Scott was her son and the love of her life, Isaac had been taken in when he was kicked out by Derek, Ethan and Aiden had joined them when they got evicted from their apartment, and of course her nephew Mike who had been bitten by Scott and his parents had passed away all on the same night .No matter how they came into the house they were her boys now, and when they needed her she was there as their pack mom. There were also times when she would come across them doing some doing something cutie like the first time they were in a puppy pile together or even what she saw just now. She knew she had to share it with the rest of them or she would never hear the end of it so she pulled out her phone and sent a picture of him to the rest o the pack.

* -Same Day at Beacon Hills High - *

Meanwhile at school Aiden was still finding it a little tough to be there without Ethan, it wasn't as bad as it had been the day before, mainly because it had been a Thursday oddly Aiden had never got the feel of them for some reason, but today was Friday and he knew that he could spend the weekend helping look after his brother.

Well he was on his way to English Danny walked over to him and said "hey how's Ethan today."

Aiden replied "he's doing better he's in less pain today when we left he was on the couch watching cartoons , cuddling the stuffed wolf you gave him, and eating some toast. His werewolf healing may or may not have kicked in yet because he's still a little sleepy."

Danny nodded and said "that's good I should come over and see him again today after school."

Aiden then said "yeah he'll like that."

Just then the two of them got texts from Melissa with the picture she had taken of Ethan sleeping on the couch. Danny laughed at it as Aiden said "I think this is going to be my picture when he calls me for a little while."

He then texted Mellissa back thanking her for the picture and also thanking her for looking after Ethan, he then sent one to Ethan with the picture telling him it was his new picture for when he called him.

As the day went on the rest of the pack as well as the Hale boys joked about the picture that Mellissa had sent of Ethan sleeping on the couch with a stuffed wolf. During lunch Isaac turned to Aiden and said "Hey Aid, are there any magazines or something I could get Ethan you know to kind of be nice to him and cheer him up?"

Aiden then said "yeah there are some he likes I'll go with you and show you some of his favorites; you may want to stay away from some of the more risqué ones though."

Isaac than said "why is there like a gay werewolf monthly or something?"

Aiden and Danny laughed at that, Aiden replied "no but he does like some that you may not want to be seen buying."

Danny laughed and said "I couldn't imagine what gay werewolf monthly would be like. I just got this picture of nude male werewolves howling at the moon."

Aiden then said "this isn't Twilight ok we don't get naked when we shift."

Allison then said "wait you've read Twilight?"

Aiden replied "no Ethan did he didn't really think it was written well and didn't think much of the werewolf stuff."

Stiles than asked "what about the movies did he see any of them?"

Aiden said "he had no desire to see them. You can text him and ask his opinion on them if you want." He said the last part as he got a reply from him about the picture saying "great yet another embarrassing photo of me gets used by my brother."

Stiles then texted him asking what he thought of the twilight movies and got a response back asking why he was asking about that. Stiles then filled him in on some of the conversion, Ethan then replied back that" Scott is twice the werewolf that Taylor Lautner ever would be and if he was one Scott could probably kick his ass no problem." They all laughed at that at that last one as Aiden texted him back "glad to see you got your sense of humor back bro." Scott also texted him saying "glad you think I can kick somebody's ass for once." He added LOL and a smiley face with a tongue sticking out back to him. He got a response back "that's why you have us. Tell everyone else I miss them and I'm hitting the shower" Scott filled them in on Ethan's response.

Danny then said "so just curious are there many gay werewolves?"

Aiden replied "as far as I know my brother is the only one, it's not really something that you can easily keep track of as it's probably just s much even more of a big deal coming out as a werewolf as it is a human. After all everywhere isn't as excepting as Beacon Hills. "

Danny than said "yeah I guess it must have been hard for him to come out."

Aiden then said "yeah it was a big deal when he told me although I had kind of expected it when he didn't seem that interested in girls. He came out well we were in our last pack and unfortunately the Alpha in that didn't take to kindly to it."

The others all knew what Aiden meant by that as they herd Ethan talk about it, even Jake and Drew Hale who were sitting with them as well. Jake said "yeah Ethan's the first gay werewolf I've meet too, although I haven't meet a lot just the Fenrir's and you guys so ours is kind of limited."

Drew then added "I don't think Mom even knows if there are other gay werewolves."

*- at the McCall house - *

Ethan had woken from his nap and saw a message on his phone from his brother he laughed at it as he saw the picture and texted him back.

His phoned buzzed again as he had the ringer turned off because he didn't want to be disturbed when he was sleeping. He looked at it and saw Stiles had sent him a message asking him about Twilight, he texted him back "why do you want to know that?"

He got a response back saying that someone brought it up and Aiden had said you had read it.

Melissa came over and asked him what he thought was so funny he showed her the texts from Stiles and he showed her what he was sending back to him. Melissa laughed and said "poor Scott you guys give him a hard time sometimes."

Ethan then got one back from Scott, he showed it to Melissa she said "ok that was good response from him." Ethan nodded and said "yeah it was."

Melissa then said "can I send him something back on your phone?"

Ethan than said "show me first."

Melissa typed one out saying "that's why you have us". Ethan looked at it and added "Tell everyone else I miss them and I'm hitting the shower" once he sent it he turned to Melissa and said "I'm going to take a shower."

Melissa said to him "do you want anything to eat I can make you some soup if you fell like it."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah that sounds good."

As Ethan walked away to his room Melissa noticed that he was limping a little it was something she had noticed when he played lacrosse after games he would have more weight on his left leg just like he did now . She stopped him and said "what's with the limp."

Ethan grabbed his phone and texted her "my knees a little sore from not moving it. I did something to it when I was 12 and it hurts every now and then."

Melissa then said to him "have you ever had it looked at?"

He shook his head and said "no."

Melissa came over to him and rubbed his back and said "you poor guy life didn't deal you a good set of cards did it."

Ethan looked at her and said "no it's not fair is it."

Melissa nodded and said "true but it has a way of balancing itself out. You've got a brother that cares for you a lot. You've got an Alpha and a Pack Mom who care about you. Mike looks at you like a big brother. Even Isaac trusts you more than he did." She then hugged him and said "what would Aiden think if he saw you being sorry for yourself like this?"

Ethan replied "exactly what you're doing now and he'd tell me get your but in gear and stop feeling sorry for yourself.."

Melissa than said "go have a nice warm shower ok and hopefully you'll feel a bit better ok," Ethan nodded and said "ok" as he headed off to his room to shower.

Well he was there Melissa picked up her phone and called Aiden.

*- Back at the HighSchool - *

Aiden was heading outside to sit under a tree for a bit as he had study hall next period and he just wanted to be alone for a little bit, maybe even talk to his brother, right as he thought about it his phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it and saw that Melissa was calling him.

He answered it as he sat against the three and said "Hey Melissa is everything ok with Ethan right now?" Melissa then told him about the conversation she had just and with him and that he was in the shower now.

Aiden then said "put me on speaker so he can hear me," as soon as Melissa did that, Aiden could already tell the difference and said "Ethan I know you can hear me ok don't worry your safe and you'll be fine ok. I'll see you when I get home ok bro. In the mean time just chill ok and take advantage of the freezes ok."

They both herd a small howl, Aiden then said "he's did that to acknowledge me. He then said "thanks for calling me he just needs to hear my voice sometimes. Bye for now I'll see you and him when I get home and thanks again for taking care of him for me"

Just then Stiles and Scott came over as they both had spares too. Scott said as Aiden hung up the phone "what the hell was the noise it sounded like a sick puppy."

Aiden Replied "it was a sick puppy well at least Ethan's howl when he's sick, that is."

Stiles then said "it sounded almost as pathetic as Scott's first attempt at one."

Scott then said "thanks Stiles you really know how to make someone feel good about themselves."

Aiden then said "so how bad was his first howl?"

Stiles replied "it was pretty bad."

Scott then said "I was under a lot of pressure ok I was doing it over the PA at the school and I was trying to call the Alpha ok."

Aiden then said "wait you did it over the PA at school."

Scott then said "it was at night, and I wasn't sure who the Alpha was."

Aiden than said "wait I thought you said Peter bit you."

Scott then said "that was before I knew Derek and I actually suspected Deaton at one point."

Aiden replied "yeah I could see that as an Alpha can sometime mask themselves to other werewolves. Ethan and I never really mastered that one."

Scott then said "so what about the first time you guys howled?"

Aiden thought for a moment and said "it was kind of pathetic but we were only 6 at the time."

Stiles then said "wow that young."

Aiden replied "yeah we were trying to mimic our Dad, he was kind of proud that we tried to do it."

Scott then said "so how is Ethan doing?"

Aiden replied "he's ok, he's just feeling a little down right now because he feels helpless. Mainly because his werewolf healing hasn't kicked in and it's hard on him to not be around everyone. He's more social then I am."

Scott then said "yeah he is. When you got suspended last year for bringing your motorcycle into school he was a little different."

Aiden then said "first of all you know I didn't drive it into the school and yeah when I'm not around he does let his guard down a little more."

Stiles then said "so what were those two weeks like for you."

Ethan replied "well the first one Deucalion just let Kali have her way with me. It really sucked I did get some time to fix Ethan's bike though."

Scott then said "so what did she do to you."

Aiden spat on the ground as he said "she beat the carp out of me, I just took it like a man and didn't fight back like she wanted me to. I didn't because I knew she wanted to get to me so it would be more fun for her."

Stiles then said "that sucks. So it was sort of like that time when we had that away game and one of the other team's players beat up Ethan because he kissed Danny after the game."

Aiden said "yeah a bit like that but she made it hurt more, he took it because he knew he'd heal from it. I seriously wanted to kill that guy for that, but there were too many people around. I was glad your mom volunteered to take us home so he could heal on his own."

Scott then said "yeah she's great for stuff like that."

Just then Sweet Child of mine started playing from Aidens phone he answered it and said "hey bro you didn't have to call me." They heard him say "just wanted to thank you for earlier." Aiden then said "you feel better now then, don't talk just relax ok I've got one more period at School and I'll be home ok bro."

Stiles then said "hey how about we have a pack movie night tonight?"

Ethan then said from Aiden's phone" I'm game but no Horror movies."

Aiden said "don't worry bro never again ok." He said that as he had remembered the time that Lydia and Danny had brought one over to their old apartment, they had thought it would be fun to watch well cuddling with their werewolves. Ethan ended up cowering during most of the movie with his head in Danny's lap. Aiden had also had to deal with him not sleeping much that night also; it wasn't so much the movie it just brought out a lot of emotion from Ethan that he normally hid. He had never really liked violence and only went along with Aiden in carrying out what he had to as he had to do it to survive.

Stiles said "I'll find a comedy then ok Ethan, don't worry I'm not so big on horror now after the whole nogitsune thing myself."

They all said goodbye to him as he said he was going to have something to eat.

* - the McCall house -*

Back at the McCall house Ethan had just hung up his phone and sat down at the breakfast bar where Melissa asked him if he wanted a bowl or a mug for his soup. Ethan chose a bowl. While Melissa was getting it for him He said to her "can I ask you something?'

Melissa nodded and said "sure" as she put the bowl in front of him and handed him a spoon.

Ethan then said "when I was in the shower I rinsed my mouth out and spat out some blood, is that normal?"

Melissa then grabbed a small flashlight she had in the kitchen and said "stick out your tongue and say Ahh."

Ethan did it and Melissa took a quick look in his mouth and said "it doesn't look to bad now; sometimes it happens when some has their Tonsils out, if it gets bad or comes back again just let me know ok."

Ethan nodded as he tried the soup, it felt good as he ate it, he felt like he was getting somewhat better now and he hopped the worst was over.

Melissa rubbed his back a little bit and he growled playfully as she did it, originally when she had heard the twins growl at each other she had worried they might be partly feral but over time and after talking to Victoria Hale (Mikes friends Mom) she realised it was quite common in wolf packs, plus she found they were quite affectionate when they growled at each other. When they were mad or angry their eyes would change to blue just like how Scott's would turn Red, sometimes he would flash them at them to remind them who was in control.

A little while later after Ethan had finished off three bowls of soup he went back to his room and grabbed his laptop, the cable to sync his phone with it, a sketch pad, some pencils and some markers. After syncing the picture and video from his tonsillectomy with it he went through some other pictures on it before stopping at one that had a picture of Stiles in a puppy pile with all of them.

Melissa came over to him with his antibiotic and some of the painkillers, he took just the antibiotic and said "those make me fell sleepy and I don't relay feel like sleeping now." Melissa then said "do you want anything for the pain or has your werewolf healing kicked in."

Ethan then said "what do you have as far as pain killers go?"

She then said "I've got some Tylenol if you want it."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah that sounds good."

She brought it over to him and gave it to him she then watched as he started sketching the picture of the pack well taking a few glances every now and then at the picture on his laptop. She then said "you're really good at that do you do it often."

Ethan then said "Every now and then when I feel like it, I find it relaxing." He then stopped what he was sketching and pulled up a folder on his laptop and showed her a few he had scanned into it most of them were of Aiden, there were some of Danny as well. He then said "I gave Danny a couple of the ones I did of him because he liked them."

Melissa then said "those are really good, do you usually draw them from a picture like you're doing now."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah it's easier to do it from a picture, that way they aren't moving. I took a life drawing class once and didn't really like it because the model was moving too much plus they were nude. I'm not really into drawing nudes, the closet I've done it since was one of Danny but he had his boxers on and a sheet wrapped around him." He then scrolled through them and showed her a copy of it, he then said "Danny has that one."

Melissa then said "you're a little more talkative is your throat feeling better."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah it hurts less than it did yesterday, maybe because I'm more awake some of my werewolf healing is kicking in."

Melissa than said "that's good although I think you should stay home for a couple of days more just to be on the safe side and for appearances."

Ethan nodded and said "I'm cool with that but I don't know how Aid will take it, he won't ever admit it to anyone and would kill me if I told you this but he gets lonely without me."

Melissa then said "That's sweet what about you?"

Ethan replied "a little but I'm more social than he is."

Mellissa then said "it's funny you say that as the first few times I saw you with him I thought of you as the submissive twin but then when I saw you with Danny that time you brought him into the ER, it made me rethink that."

Ethan replied "yeah I am a bit, not as much now as I used to be. Aiden took the role of dominant twin to protect us and me from our last pack. When we were younger neither of us was really dominant over the other."

Melissa then said "you too are really close then."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah we are. Oddly I've met twins that aren't close at all and know almost nothing about each other despite living with them. It's like when I hear an older twin say something like "we were born 7 minutes apart and they were the best 7 minutes of my life." I look at it as being the loneliest 7 minutes of my life."

Melissa wrapped an arm around him and hugged him and said "that's so sweet that you care about him so much."

Ethan the said "yeah it is and he likes it, he just doesn't admit it," as he continued with his drawing. As she was watching him she got an idea and said "what are you going to do with it when you're finished?"

Ethan shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know do you want it?"

Melissa then said "I was thinking of asking that and I was wondering if I could get you to do some individual ones too."

Ethan then said "can I think about that last part for now, cause I've still got school work I need to catch up on at some point."

Melissa replied "whenever you can do it that's fine with me."

* - End of the day at School - *

A little while later as School was ending Scott said he had to go to work at Deaton's for a little while, so Stiles offered Mike a ride home. Isaac joined them in the jeep as well, Aiden took his motorcycle it was rare for him and Ethan to take anything other than them. They made their way over to the mall so that Stiles could pick a movie for the pack to see and Aiden could help Isaac find a magazine for Ethan.

Stiles and Mike went into the video store well Isaac and Aiden went into a grocery store. Well they were looking in the video store for a comedy they got a text from Lydia suggesting the notebook, Aiden texted back "no chance no way" Mike found something showed it to Stiles who laughed and said "they'll kill us."

Mike then said "nah we've all got a good sense of humor plus Ethan could use a good laugh."

Mike then texted everyone and said "picked something that looks funny, we should all get a laugh out of it, not saying anything else."

Isaac and Aiden came out of the store with a few things of their own. Isaac had gotten a men's magazine that Ethan liked for him, Aiden told him that there wasn't usually anything to raunchy in it and wasn't specifically a gay magazine. Aiden had also bought some of Ethan's favorite Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Aiden asked Stiles if it was ok if he put it in the back of his Jeep.

Once they arrived home Aiden went to the kitchen to put the ice cream away, as he did it he said "hey bro I picked up some of your favorite ice cream for you."

Ethan replied "thanks Aid."

Aiden then said "you're sounding better this afternoon."

Ethan node and said "Yeah the pains more tolerable now plus I don't feel sleepy still."

Aiden then said" That's good" as he sat next to him on the couch. He also picked up Ethan's sketch pad and said "doing a little drawing bro."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah it's of a pack puppy pile."

Stiles came over and looked at it and said "aw that's so cool who's the headless one in the middle."

Ethan replied "Scott I'm having some trouble with his jaw, it's as if it's uneven or something."

Stiles then said "yeah it is he doesn't really care too much about though. He broke it in a skateboard accident when he was like 8 or something and it just healed like that."

Aiden then said "interesting I'm surprised all the times we've beat the crap out of him we never made it heal back normally."

Ethan than said "I suppose it could be a couple of things like his body is just used to it that way or we never broke that side of his jaw."

Melissa then said "guys this is something I don't want to hear, now Ethan are you ok if I go out to pick up some stuff for dinner?"

Ethan then said "yeah I got my brother, Isaac and Stiles I'm good."

Just then Danny walked in and said "my parents are out tonight so I was wondering if I could join in on the pack movie night."

Melissa than said "Danny you're always welcome here, just no funny business with Ethan OK, he's still recovering from his surgery." She said the last bit with a laugh as she knew Danny wouldn't do anything with Ethan anyway.

Danny replied "I hadn't planned on it unless he up for it."

Ethan shook his head and said "not up for that yet Danny boy."

Isaac then came over and said "I got you something," and handed him the magazine he had bought, "Aiden said it's one you like."

Ethan nodded and said "thanks" as he started flipping through it Danny stopped him at one of the pages and said "wait that looks like Jackson."

Just then Lydia came in with Allison and said "what looks like Jackson?"

Danny held up the page in the magazine to show her. She looked at it and said "yeah it's definitely him."

Ethan then said "didn't he say he was posing for some magazine when he was here in the summer?"

Danny replied "yeah I think he did."

Stiles then said "so Jackson posed for a gay magazine?"

Ethan then said "it's a men's fitness magazine not a gay magazine. Also he's the first werewolf I've seen in one too."

Isaac then said "so there really is no gay werewolf monthly?"

Ethan started laughing at that and said "gay werewolf monthly?"

Danny then said "when he suggested that I said it probably had a bunch of nude werewolves howling at the moon."

Aiden then said "and I told them we don't get naked on the full Moon like the werewolves in Twilight do."

Ethan then said "so that's how twilight got brought up."

Just then Ethan noticed Mike was flipping through his sketch pad and said "what's with this one of Scott on a couch next to Aiden?"

Ethan replied "I did that the night Aid and I were guarding him when he "joined" the Alpha pack."

Ethan then got up to grab a freeze well Aiden filled them in on how they decided to watch over Scott that night as his Mom had just been kidnapped by the Darach, Kali was out doing something and they just felt like they should keep watch over Scott. Danny then said "that was good of you guys, did Scott know that?"

Ethan and Aiden nodded well Aiden said "I think he took it into consideration when he asked us to be in the pack."

Danny then said "that's cool you guys kind of watched out for him then."

Aiden then said "We just didn't think it was right to leave him alone that night."

Ethan then said "Ok enough of this reminiscing stuff what do we want to do well we wait for Scott?"

Danny then said "I brought Cards against Humanity."

Allison then said "should Mike be allowed to play after all wouldn't that be corruption of a minor?"

Stiles replied "nope that's not what the charge is actually for. That would mean we would be performing sexual acts on him."

Mike th said "don't we go through this every time me, Liam and Masson play. It's not like we don't talk about this stuff at lunch or hear it from other kids at school."

Everyone laughed at that as they knew it was true for them as well.