The next morning almost everyone was up early getting ready for school Logan and Jeff were starting work with Deaton and Dr. Mathews so they volunteered to give Masson and Liam a lift to their houses so they could change for school before Liam had to be there for cross country. Melissa got called into the hospital so Teagan said he would look after Ethan.

Once everyone had left Teagan saw Ethan putting the pull out couch away and said "you can leave that out if you want I doubt Melissa would mind."

Ethan replied "she wouldn't but it's easier if I want to use the coffee table."

Teagan went over and helped him put it away. Ethan turned to him and said "you still have your scrubs on don't you have something else to put on."

Teagan replied "yeah but these are the ones I sleep in. I'm not like you guys I get cold at night."

Ethan laughed and said "hash tag human problems, have you ever thought of you know."

Teagan then said "no I joked about it with Melissa the other night, besides Jeff would never do it to me. What about you when you were an Alpha? Did you ever think of biting someone?"

Ethan then said "I thought about biting Danny once but there were some other circumstances behind it as well. At the time we were in a motel room together and I noticed he had some surgery scars and I asked if he'd want them to go away. He told me no but they made him feel like a survivor."

Teagan then said "so do they go away or not, cause I know Logan and Jeff both have them from their appendix surgeries and Logan has one on his ankle from his Achilles tendon."

Ethan then said "you know I never really thought about it I just made an assumption. I'd never bit anyone or really know anyone who had been bitten until this pack."

Teagan then said "yeah I guess that makes a difference. I see Scott and Logan are pretty protective of Mike and Liam."

Ethan then said "Scott's that way with all of us but more so with them because there family and his Betas. Scott's different with Logan then the rest of us. As for Liam he was the first person Scot bit and it's kind of special place in a pack."

Teagan then said "so is he like the second in command or something?"

Ethan then said "in a normal pack him or Isaac probably would be but this isn't a normal pack."

Teagan then said "so there are second in commands in a pack then?" Ethan nodded as Teagan then said "I wonder who Scott's is?"

Ethan then said "his best friend that he's totally lost without Stiles."

Teagan then asked "speaking of him is that his name or a nickname or something?"

Ethan replied "it's a nick name based on the first part of his last name his first name is something really long but he's never told us what it is. I think Logan, Scott and Jeff may know it and definitely Melissa and his Dad do, but I've never heard any of them call him by it."

Teagan then said "yeah it's like Jeff's Middle and last name they're pretty tough to say."

Ethan then said "yeah Norwegian names can be. Its funny most of the older werewolf families tend to have Norwegian last names."

Teagan then said "The Hales are kind of a puzzle though."

Ethan replied "yeah they are as not all Hales are werewolves or involved with them."

Teagan then said "yeah and looking up the name doesn't give you much on them it's like looking up Scott or Logan's name."

Ethan then said "yeah Danny found out about me when he goggled my last name."

Teagan then said "I did the same with Jeff, but came up with nothing until I translated his name. Of course back then I only had a computer at school or the library so looking stuff up wasn't as easy as it is now."

Ethan nodded and said "even then finding about people like us can be hard too."

Teagan replied "yeah you guys are pretty secretive about stuff but it makes sense you don't always know who you can trust."

Ethan nodded and said "yeah it is." He then yawned and said "I feel like having a nap you can shower if you want I'll howl if I need anything."

Teagan laughed and said "if you do that I'll come running. I don't want to know what the neighbours would think though."

Ethan laughed and said "we don't howl in the house only in the preserve."

Teagan then said "that's good," as Ethan got comfortable on the couch. Teagan noticed Willow curled up at his feet.

Well he was in the shower he remembered Jeff's reaction to a cat once he had called it the spawn of Satan. It made him wonder if cats didn't normally like werewolves or if this cat was just different.

A little while later when Ethan woke up from his nap Teagan went over to him and asked him about Willow. Ethan told him about the cat he had when he was little and how it had passed away shortly before his family had died. He then told him how the cat he had now had originally belonged to a family of windagos that got killed and how he had found the cat beside the road.

Teagan then said "so cats normally hate werewolves then."

Ethan then said "yeah but they love me for some reason at Deaton's when Scott or Aiden goes into the cat room they go mental but if I go in there they don't even bother. We're usually better with dogs because you can get them to submit to you."

Teagan then replied "yeah I notice that with Jeff and Logan a lot. Stray cats will kind of run from them where as dogs seem to give them a look like yeah I know what you are."

Ethan then said "dogs are pretty smart that way, most of the time they won't mess with you unless you give them reason to like Aiden got peed on by one once."

Teagan had a good laugh at that, Ethan then said "speaking of Logan and Jeff I know Jeff has told us part of his story about finding Logan but there seems to be more then both of them let on."

Teagan then said "I don't know all the details about what Logan was like when Jeff found him but I can give you what happened to me at the time. I was doing an assignment for a gen-ed course with them and I was running late and I sent Jeff a text to let him know and he said back 'if you see Logan on the way let me know because he's running late too.' I thought that was kind of odd as he's usually pretty much on time unless he crashes in his room for a nap and forgets the time. I thought he might have done that but I had gotten a text from him earlier saying he was going to go for a run before coming over. I remember when I got in Jeff looked really worried about something he seemed to be off like he sensed something. So I asked him 'is everything ok?' he replied back 'I'm not sure I smell something faintly like as if there are more werewolves in the area.'"

Ethan then said "interesting I could kind of sense him too, usually I'm pretty good at finding other werewolves even when they don't want to be found."

Teagan then said "interesting anyway at one point he tired calling Logan to see where he was and when he didn't pick up he went to look for him. When he left he looked like he knew where he was or something I figured maybe he had heard his cell phone ring as I'd seen him do that before when he lost his. I figured Logan didn't pick up because he was close by or something. A few minutes passed and I didn't see or hear anything from them so I called Logan's phone and it went to voicemail. So I called Jeff and he said 'Logan got jumped by someone and I took him to my Dad for help.' I didn't think too much of that at the time but once I started putting two and two together with them spending time on full moons I figured that Logan had gotten bitten by a werewolf."

Ethan then said "Does Logan know about your side of the story?"

Teagan nodded and said "yeah he does and I know about yours and Aiden's part in it too."

Ethan gulped as Teagan said "relax I don't want to harm you ok I don't understand everything that goes on in pack but I know what it feels like to be told something by an Alpha. Jeff has once or twice said something to me with his eyes glowing red and I know he means business by it. Like when he told me to stay when Logan got bitten."

Ethan then said "thanks I'm kind of glad you or Logan don't hold anything against us."

Teagan then said "yeah me too what's the deal with Isaac though he seems to shy away from you guys like he'll always be opposite Scott from you?"

Ethan then said "when we were in the Alpha pack we helped another werewolf kill one of his former pack in front of him, he finds it hard to trust both of us together. He's a little better just around me but Aiden kind of bothers him."

Teagan then said "yeah I can see that you seem a little more caring then he is."

Ethan then said "Aiden's caring he just has a hard time showing his emotions and talking to people. He's getting better at it. He's just used to it being me and him and now we have friends and stuff it's hard for him to get used to that. I'm just more social then he is. He comes across as harsh because when I got hurt when we were 12 he needed to protect me well I healed and then when I told him I was Gay he did the same he protected me as much as he could."

Teagan then asked "how did you get hurt when you were 12?"

Ethan then said "I tried to fight off another werewolf who was attacking one of my cousins who was only 8 or 9. My Dad came and rescued us but he got killed and so did my cousin. Aiden dragged me away before anything else happened to me. He looked after me and stuff."

Teagan then said "oh man that sounds pretty bad like what Jeff went through so what happened to the rest of your family?"

Ethan then said "a bunch of hunters showed up afterwards and killed everyone left."

Teagan then replied "I don't get it how can they just kill like that? Don't they see you as humans?"

Ethan replied "no they don't they think of us as animals or an abomination that shouldn't exits. People are often scarred of what they don't understand."

Teagan then said "yeah I guess that makes sense I know once I found out about Jeff I was scared of him and what to say to him."

Ethan then said "yeah I know when I wanted to tell Danny I was really scared to. He's my first real boyfriend and I wanted him to trust me and I didn't want to keep secrets from him. I picked the worst time to tell him. I spent the night at his house and I had a nightmare and he found me crying half shifted on his bathroom floor."

Teagan then said "not one of your finer moments with him then?"

Ethan then said "yeah but he told me he knew and he wasn't afraid. I could tell he was a little but he rubbed my back and said he knew if I wanted to hurt him I already would have. The thing is I had hurt him once before when Aid and I left school for a bit because we needed some time to heal from having our necks snapped and figure out what we wanted to do with our life."

Teagan then said "you guys had your necks snapped?"

Ethan then said "yeah Aid and I were merging together and a former teacher f ours who turned bad stopped us and managed to break our necks. Our merged form died for a while and we gave up our Alpha sparks to heal."

Teagan then said "wow so you guys can do that, merge into each other."

Ethan node and said "yeah but not right now I'm still not at full strength and doing it takes a lot out of us as we kind of rearrange our bodies into each other."

Teagan then said "sounds painful."

Ethan replied "it is." Ethan then got up and stretched and said "I'm going to hit the shower now and change."

Teagan then said "ok cool I'm going to make some lunch do you want anything?"

Ethan replied "yeah can you make me some soup?"

After Lunch Ethan did a bit of his drawing and then did some of his and Aiden's English homework. Aiden was taking care of the other stuff for him so Ethan was left with the English assignments like always. He didn't mind it to much as he kind of liked it.

A little while later when Melissa came in she saw Ethan on the couch finishing up his drawing by adding some colour to it. Melissa looked over at him and said "that looks really good."

Ethan looked up at her and said "thanks I'm almost finished with it. I took a bit of break earlier to finish up some English homework but I've been working on this most of the time."

Melissa then looked at the markers he was using and said "those look really nice?"

Ethan replied "yeah Aiden gave them to me when he noticed I liked drawing. Before we came here we kind of got each other birthday/ I survived hell gifts and Aid got me them. I got him some other stuff he likes."

Melissa then said "that's a bit like Scott and Logan when they didn't see each other they'd still give each other gifts."

Ethan said "yeah there as close to each other as Aid and I are."

Melissa then said "you must be felling better as your talking more."

Ethan said "yeah and I only had a nap in the morning to I'm thinking maybe Wednesday or Thursday for school."

Melissa then said "don't rush it ok."

Ethan said "yeah I know but it's different if I'm in pain there one of the other werewolves can always take some discreetly if I need it."

Melissa then said to Teagan "so how's he been?"

Teagan then said "pretty good he had nap well I was in the shower and then he showered and had some lunch. He did some school work and his drawing well taking to me about some werewolf stuff."

Melissa then asked well she went to the kitchen to see what she could make for dinner, "anything interesting?"

Ethan then said as he came in to grab a freeze "just some stuff about Logan getting bitten and what Teagan knew about it. Which reminds me I want to talk to Jeff him and Aid about it at some point, it sort of gives an interesting perspective on some of Logan and Jeff's relationship."

Teagan then said "yeah it changed a lot after Logan got bitten. They hung out more Jeff started working out. He also got less pissy about things; I think Logan making him work out helped him take out some of his aggression out."

Ethan then said "so was he like Liam or Aiden and had I.E.D.?"

Teagan then said "no I'd just say he wasn't always in control of his werewolf side as he is now, but don't tell him I said that. He had hard time after his family passed away and I was his only friend for awhile. Then Logan got bitten and I got pushed to the side for a bit, but once I knew it was pretty much the three of us against the world, me with my two best friends who happened to be werewolves. Plus I think it helped Logan out too having someone to talk to about stuff that happened to him. Like his two best friends dyeing and his girlfriend."

Ethan then said "I'm kind of glad Jeff found him when he did and Aid and I since we met him have been going through our mind wondering what would have happened to him if he joined our pack."

Teagan then said "it's interesting he's said that to me and Jeff too. I don't think he knows either but he thinks he would have helped you guys out if he could have."

Ethan then said "that's cool I knew I liked him when I first saw him. Although he did want to attack us until Scott stopped him."

Melissa then said "I guess it must have been shocking for him to find out not only was Scott a werewolf but also he was friends with the two people that helped get him bitten."

Just then the door opened and the sound of shoes being dropped at the front door could be heard as Logan and Jeff came in caring bags of groceries. Logan then said "I figured I'd pick up some stuff for tacos tonight."

Melissa then said "I was thinking of sending you a text about that."

Logan then laughed and said "awesome I'm back only a few days and I'm thinking like my Mom already. So how's the patient today Deaton was asking about him by the way."

Ethan then sad "I'm pretty good not as tired as I've been the last few days and it doesn't hurt as much to talk anymore."

Teagan then said "yeah he's been pretty good probably the best patient I've been left with for awhile."

Ethan then said as he stretched "I'm pretty easy going. Anyone want any help with stuff?"

Melissa then said "no you can just relax you're supposed to be resting remember."

Ethan reposed "yeah I guess I can do that. Oh I finished the drawing of the puppy pile if you want to see it."

Ethan took his sketch book over to Melisa to show her and everyone else. Melissa then said "wow that is really good I think I need to frame this and put it on the wall."

Ethan then said "sure but let me sign it first but I want to let the ink dry first."

Ethan then grabbed another sketch pad and found another picture on his laptop it was one of the ones with him ready for surgery that Melissa had taken. He then said "Danny sent me a text this afternoon asking if I could do a drawing of this one and Aiden wants one of me cuddling my stuffed wolf on the couch."

Logan then said "I wish I had your patients and talent to do stuff like that I can only draw stick figures."

Jeff then said "I'm a little better then that but your stuff really blows me away."

Ethan smiled and blushed as he said "thanks, I like herring people complement my work."

It wasn't long before the rest of the pack came over Danny and Lydia came with them too. Scott also had the card that Coach Finstock had them all sign for him. Ethan smiled as he read through all of the comments from everyone on the team.

Masson who had come with them as well said "Liam's going to come by in a little while as he has a doctor's appointment about his tonsils."

Ethan said "yeah he's seeing the same guy who took mine out."

Masson then said "that's good so does he you know , know about?"

Ethan replied yeah and Liam knows he does to."

Just then Ethan got a text from Liam asking if he should say he know him. Ethan texted him back saying to tell him.

The next couple day Ethan spent resting at the McCall house well he caught up on his school work and fished up some drawings of the pack. By Thursday he was back to his old self and rode in side by side with Aiden to school and as they walked into the school just like they did the first day they arrived in beacon hills.

Danny turned to Lydia and said "I always like seeing his but in jeans."

Lydia then said "Aidens is pretty good too plus I like him being taller."

Danny then said "yeah you have the taller one but I have the older brother."

Lydia then said "to him their both pretty cute though."

Danny replied "I think it's a rule with identical twins they have to be or something." After he said that the two of them went over to their respective twin as they were all together again in school for now.