ok this is just a oneshot, I saw the idea on the internet and thought I'd give it a try, this is sort of my first "official" fanfic, please please review and tell me what you thought... I'll try my best to respond... ;)

*in the games when Katniss hears the Jabberjays, with Finnick...

Her piercing screams echoed through the jungle.

"PRIM!" I screamed. "PRIM?"

Sobs racked thorough my body as I stumbled through the undergrowth trying to find my precious little sister.

"Katniss, stop it's not real it's just Jabberjays!" Finnick called.

I blocked him out as I ran towards the screams.

"KATNISSSS!" She called feebly as I saw her thin emaciated form, crumpled on the jungle floor.

I slid onto my knees, at her side, sobbing violently, as I saw blood gushing from a wound in her stomach, and her pale face peering up at me.

"Prim, what are you doing here?" I sobbed.

"Th-the Cap-cap-Capitol, they took m-m-me." She choked out. "In a hov-hov-hovercraft." She gasped. Tears trickled down her pale cheeks.

"Why? Why did they take you Prim?" I bawled.

Prim took my rough, calloused hand in her small one.

"I love you so much Katniss, but I'm going to die. Forget about me, go."

Her hands started to shake. I shook my head violently.

"I'm not leaving Prim, I'm staying right here with you." I choked out, squeezing her hand reassuringly and offering her a thin watery smile.

"Katniss? Can you do me one last favour?" "Anything Prim, anything." I whispered. Prim smiled lightly.

I watched as she rolled over onto her side.

"Could you tuck in my tail?" A fresh round of tears poured down my cheeks and I did what she asked. I gently scooped her into my arms and held her close as her last remnants of life left her frail body.

"I'll love you forever, little duck." I whispered as her eyes gently fluttered shut.

I screamed in agony, It felt like someone had taken a knife and stabbed it into my stomach, twisting it around to increase the immense pain I was feeling.

"KATNISSSS!" Peeta screamed.

I lay Prim gently on a bed of soft springy moss, kissing her gently on the forehead.

"You're safe now little duck, President Snow can't hurt you anymore. You are the best thing in my life, the only one that kept me going through the darkest moments. I'm going to miss you so much, I promise that I will take care of Buttercup for you." I sobbed.

"Katniss?" Peeta called. I didn't reply.

He came up behind me, and sat beside me and pulled me onto his lap, and cuddled me close while I sobbed into his shirt, repeating over and over, "she's gone Peeta, she's gone." He gently stroked my hair, and kissed me softly on my forehead.

"I know sweetheart, I know, we'll get through this together, I promise you." He whispered.