Chapter 0: Prologue

Writing style notes:
1 – Abilities are in Romaji while the English translation will be in brackets (e.g. Rasengan (Spiralling Sphere)).
2 – Names are surname then first name (e.g. Uzumaki Naruto).
3 – I will also try to use honorifics (e.g. –san), yet don't expect miracles.

This fic notes:
1 – This fic is focused on time-travel.
2 – Naruto and Sasuke most likely WILL be over-powered, although they will try to keep their strength hidden for the time being.
3 – The fic will contain a small amount of swearing, mostly Kurama as of now.
4 – Another thing to know is that this will be mostly happy-go-lucky FF, by that I mean most 'good' people (e.g. Haku) will survive, while most 'bad' people (e.g. Orochimaru) will die, although recommendations on the plot are more than welcome!

'Thoughts' – thoughts (logically) and "Speech"

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"Is that your answer, then?" asked an older man named Ōtsutsuki Hagoromo, often referred to as the Rikudō Sennin (Sage of the Six Paths). He had deep wrinkles, a long goatee reaching his waist, and short, grayish-red shaggy hair, which spiked up at the top and a chin-length braid hanging in front of his left ear. He had pronounced eyebrow ridges with small horn-like protrusions above them, as well as a red Rinnegan-like marking in the centre of the forehead.

"Yeah" answered a fair-skinned teenager named Uchiha Sasuke, who stood at 168cm; he had onyx eyes and black chin-length hair. His hair were spiky in the back with bangs that hung over his forehead.

"Once before, I couldn't do anything as Indra turned upon Ashura after I entrusted everything to him. That was how this entire war began. Give me your hands, as now to you, Indra's successor, my power has also been entrusted." He stopped for a moment as he looked at the second teenager, whose name was Uzumaki Naruto. He was 166cm tall, had bright, blue eyes, blond spiky hair, yet his most prominent physical characteristics, however, were the whisker marks on his face. Hagoromo then continued "And from here on, Naruto and Sasuke, what you two will do, and what will happen all depends on you." Naruto simply smiled at the older man before speaking.

"Sasuke and I aren't real blood-related brothers. But I think we can repair what we had between us. After all, we were friends." He answered as both he and Sasuke raised their hands. The older man smiled, seemingly content with the answer, before raising his own hands to contact the boys palm-to-palm, upon contact, both teenagers were engulfed in bright light.


Here we witness a battle between Uchiha Madara and the Great Shinobi Alliance, the conjoined forces of the 5 Great Shinobi Countries. The alliance was working together to gain an opening for Maito Gai, who had released the 8th gate of the Hachimon (The Eight Inner Gates), allowing him to gain insane speed and power. We focus on a man named Namikaze Minato; he was a fair-skinned man that stood at the height of 179.2 cm, and looked very similar to Naruto, as he also had bright, blue eyes and spiky, blond hair. Minato also had jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face.

"No matter what, just get him, Gai!" shouted Minato, as he saw Gai attack Madara, who sent 5 black orbs of pure energy to kill him. The student of Gai, named Rock Lee, upon noticing this threw a three-pronged kunai in the way of the orbs, the kunai had an unusually thick handle and a sealing formula on it. The kunai allowed Minato to teleport to it using his Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique), trying to intercept the black orbs. Upon being hit by them, he felt confused as he was engulfed in a bright light.


"Hey guys, good morning!" shouted Hatake Kakashi, a man with spiky silver hair and a dark-coloured eye. He wore a Konoha hitai-ate (forehead protector) on a simple blue band, tilted to the left to cover his second eye, and a mask which obscured the lower-half of his face. He wore the standard uniform which consisted of a simple blue suit with the standard flak jacket, strapped up sandals and short metal-plated gloves.

"You're late!" shouted two voices simultaneously, one male and one female. The first one was a younger version of Naruto, wearing an orange tracksuit with blue on the upper shoulders area as well as around the waist, a white swirl with a tassel on the left side, a red Uzumaki swirl crest on the back, a large white collar, orange pants with a shuriken holster attached to his right knee, blue sandals, and a blue Konoha hitai-ate. The second voice was that of Haruno Sakura, who had bright, long pink hair, large green eyes, a seemingly large forehead and fair skin. She wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, with short sleeves and a zipper, tight dark green shorts, and a blue-clothed Konoha hitai-ate which she used to accentuate her face. Next to them stood quietly a younger version of Sasuke, wearing a short blue-clothed Konoha hitai-ate and the traditional Uchiha clothing: a navy blue, short-sleeved shirt with a high collar with the Uchiha crest on the back and white arm warmers.

Kakashi placed an alarm clock on the middle one of the three stumps in the training ground 7 and switched it on with a 'click'. "Ok, it's set for noon." He said as he noticed the confused glances of his three students, and then started explaining. "Here are two bells. Your task is to take these from me before the times up. Those who do not have a bell by noon, gets no lunch." He pointed at the tree stumps. "I'll not only tie you to one of those stumps, but I'll also eat right in front of you."

'So that's why he told us not to eat' thought the three team members while their stomachs grumbled.

"You only have to get one bell. There are only two, so one of you will definitely be tied to a stump. And…" he hunched forward and stated darkly "the person who doesn't take a bell fails, so at least one of you will be sent back to the academy." He straightened and spoke in a bored tone again "If you want you can use shurikens and kunais, you won't succeed unless you come at me with intent to kill."

"But! You'll be in danger!" started Sakura. "Yeah, you're so slow you can't even dodge a blackboard eraser! We'll definitely kill you!" laughed Naruto.

"In the real world, those with no talent often bark the loudest." Stated Kakashi, "Well… Ignore Mr. Deadlast and start when I say." Upon hearing one of the few words he despised, Naruto suddenly took out a kunai, whirled it on his finger and aimed at Kakashi ready to jump forward and attack the silver-haired jōnin. Suddenly he felt his hand being grabbed and pulled behind his head, his own kunai aiming at the base of his own skull, and his hair being ruffled.

"Calm down… I haven't said start yet." Spoke Kakashi from behind Naruto, while Sakura thought 'I couldn't even see him move' in disbelief and Sasuke assumed 'so this is a jōnin' with a smirk.

"Well then, let's get going. Ready, begin!" he shouted, expecting all of the students to disappear, yet Naruto and Sasuke stood there unmoving, before they started clutching their heads and grunting in pain. Sasuke seemed to be going fairly well, while Naruto started screaming, his voice changing as if different people were stuck in one body. Suddenly, both young teenagers stopped and three clones of Naruto appeared, breathing raggedly, as if they ran a marathon, yet they were not exact copies of him.

The first one, and mostly different than the rest, had fiery red hair and you could see violet eyes between the half-closed eyelids, which reminded Kakashi of his late sensei's wife. The second one looked more feral than the others, he had claws instead of nails on his hands, his canines were lengthened while his whisker-marks were more defined and his hair was longer and spikier. You could also see bloody-red iris and slitted pupils. The third of them looked mostly like Naruto, yet his hair had a pair of bangs framing either side of his face, which reminded him of his late sensei.

The group of five stood up without a care in the world as if nothing happened and started looking around. Once Naruto and Sasuke locked eyes with each other, they smiled, which was caught by Kakashi, and after a second their eyes widened and started frantically looking around. Upon noticing Kakashi, they became a bit more relaxed, before Naruto spoke.

"Kakashi-sensei, what's going on?" he said to his teacher, "Just act normal" he whispered to Sasuke. The silver-haired teacher's reaction was somewhat expected, as he looked at them like they were total idiots. They stood in silence staring at each other, until it was broken by the feral-looking clone.

"Naruto, where the fuck are we, and why the fuck am I here?" spoke the clone, to which Naruto looked at him as if trying to recognise the person, after a few seconds his eyes widened and he spoke in a disbelieving tone "Kurama, is that you?", the clone, now dubbed as Kurama scoffed and answered sarcastically "No, I'm not, I'm just a random sarcastic dude that you've never met before." The red-haired clone seemed to be finally getting his bearings back, as he stared at Naruto before speaking quietly with an afraid and disbelieving tone, "N-nar-naruto?", Naruto stared at the red-head, who seemed to be at the verge of tears, before his eyes widened upon recognising the traits of his mother – red hair and violet eyes, he quickly nodded with a goofy grin on his face yet held up his finger as if telling her to wait, then looked at Kurama.

"Kurama, can you take them to my house? We'll talk later." The other simply stared at him for a while, before asking "You mean that rundown apartment you call your home?" Naruto's shoulders slumped forward, before nodding slowly. Kurama stood up, grabbed the other two by their elbows and started dragging the half-conscious copies to their house. Unknown to them, Kakashi created quickly a clone that was meant to follow them around.

"Explain" spoke Kakashi with a voice that did not take 'no' for an answer. Before Naruto could speak, Sasuke beat him to it. "Kurama is Naruto's sarcastic personality, while the two other clones were his failed attempts to…divide…his DNA, which is something he barely understands, to recreate how his parents looked like." Kakashi's eyes widened upon hearing this, but quickly took a façade of boredom, took a deep breath and spoke again, "I'm going to close my eyes for 10 seconds so you can hide, if you attack me in the meantime you will be sent back to the academy, understood?" upon seeing both students nod, he closed his eyes and started counting to 10 in his mind.

Naruto and Sasuke quickly disappeared intent on finding Sakura, as the task was focused on teamwork, considering no team consisted of 2 genins, unless they were KIA. Upon finding her within 3 seconds, they quickly explained their discovery to her, and created a plan.

Standing next to the wooden stumps, Kakashi opened his lone eye to see Naruto and a group of clones standing there, grinning, each of them holding a kunai. Suddenly they rushed forward, from every direction. Unseen to the jōnin, each kunai was connected to a thin ninja wire that was coming from the crown of the tree. Upon feeling something around his body, even though he has destroyed most of the clones, he finally noticed the ninja wire, looking along to find its origin. He looked at the tree too slowly, and hearing a shout of "Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu" (Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique) his eyes widened in shock as he saw a white-hot flame being guided along the wire towards his position, 'That's a powerful C-rank jutsu!' he thought in disbelief. He quickly used Kawarimi (Substitution Technique) to replace himself with a clone, only to be under barrage of shuriken from a mass of clones of Naruto which he quickly began dodging. Unbeknownst to him, the shuriken were not meant to hurt him, but rather cut the cord holding the bells. Suddenly thrown his way was a fūma shuriken, which was simply said a large, four-bladed shuriken. Upon jumping over the shuriken, he noticed the bells falling down, while the shuriken disappeared in a puff of smoke only to be replaced by a grinning Naruto that quickly managed to catch the bells, and fell down on his face, rolling forward. To his rescue appeared Sasuke and Sakura, keeping guard while allowing Naruto to get his bearings back.

"So, what are you going to do with these bells, Naruto?" asked Kakashi, while watching for any emotions of his students. He noticed that the three of them were smiling, while Naruto walked towards them and handed each of them a bell. "Are you sure you're willing to go back to the academy, Naruto?" he asked, while waiting for Naruto to change his mind and try to get back the bell. Unexpected to him was Naruto's confident nod "If it means my teammates will pass, then I can wait another year." he said while constantly smiling.

"You…pass. All three of you. I have no idea how you managed to work together, but you saw underneath the underneath." said Kakashi. Upon taking a deep breath, he spoke again with a satisfied voice, "Those who break the rules and codes of the ninja world are called trash. But you know what? Those who don't care for their comrades are lower than trash… OK! Starting tomorrow, Team 7 will begin its duties!" The three genins looked at each other, before Naruto burst out laughing in happiness, Sakura began smiling widely and Sasuke had a small smile on his face. As they all began moving home, with Naruto and Sasuke walking together and Kakashi tailing them, trying to get more info about what actually happened.

"Sasuke" whispered Naruto, "Hmm?" was his response, Naruto wasn't sure if to say it or not, but he decided to do so, "What are you planning to do about Itachi?" Upon hearing this Sasuke's eyes widened before he let his smile widen, "I'm not going to kill him, if that's what you're asking. Now let's go to your house and work out what we're going to do." They began walking in a comfortable silence, each of them thinking about ways they can change minor things without affecting the major events.


Upon leaving the training ground 7, the unusual clones began moving towards Naruto's house, while each keeping to their own thoughts. Unknown to them, they were being followed by a clone of Kakashi, who focused on enhancing his hearing using his chakra. Upon noticing the way people glared at them, the clone with bangs decided to question his thoughts.

"Kurama, why are they glaring at us that way?" he asked, his response was a scoff before Kurama decided to answer his question, "The Kyūbi, what else? The way they see it is that the Yondaime is dead, while Naruto is not, so he is the one to blame for his death. I don't know whether they see the difference between a prison and its prisoner, neither would they really care, because what a better scapegoat is there than a random orphan with a bijū in his gut?"

The other two clones simply clenched their fists and muttered a line of curses along with 'ungrateful bastards'and 'not respecting sacrifice', to which the silver-haired jōnin narrowed his eyes and started thinking, 'There's no way Naruto knows the truth, I'm certain Hokage-sama did not tell him.' Suddenly the three clones stiffened, before the clone with bangs asked about 'getting memories as well' and getting nods as answers to his question. 'That means each of us share memories through clones, I wonder if we can share our abilities? Will the Senjutsu be divided among us as well?'

The clones finally arrived at the house, with Kakashi taking his position below the window to be able to overhear anything that could be useful to discovering the truth. The blue and purple eyed clones simply stared quietly at the house, which had a lot of offensive graffiti everywhere, mostly along the lines of 'demon' and 'monster'; they subconsciously began releasing a massive amount of killing intent, which made everyone in the area of 50 meters away from them to shiver in fear, and those who were closer than 20 meters fell on their knees gasping for air from fear. "Come on" came the voice of Kurama, gaining their attention and stopping their killing intent. They walked into the abandoned-looking house and simply sat around the small damaged table that held few pieces of paper on it. Kurama sniffed around the room, muttered something about 'someone listening', quickly scanned around the room and looked through a few cupboards, before bringing back ink and a brush.

He drew an arrow pointing towards the blonde clone, before passing him the brush and muttering the word 'name'. The clone simply stared at him for a while, after which he wrote 'Namikaze Minato', which brought a satisfied grin to Kurama 'Thought so'. Minato then took another piece of paper, drew an arrow pointing at the red-haired clone and passing him the brush as well. The clone stared at the other's name for a second, before writing 'Uzumaki Kushina' on it with shaking hands, bringing a raised eyebrow to Kurama and calming look in Minato's eyes as he looked at Kushina. Kurama took the brush, drew an arrow pointing at him and decided to write 'Kurama (Kyūbi)', which made Kushina quickly stand up and reach for a katana on her back – which she did not have, while Minato simply placed his pointing finger on his mouth in a silencing manner while looking at Kushina. She stared at him with unreleased fury for a few seconds before her shoulders slumped forward and sat down, muttering quietly about 'having a civilian talk with your killer' and 'being in a wrong body'.

Deciding to work out what happened, Kurama simply wrote 'Last thing you remember?' Kushina glared at him before writing 'Getting a goddamn claw through my gut' which brought a sheepish grin to Kurama, while Minato wrote 'Getting hit by Madara's energy orbs' that brought a confused look to Kushina's face. They both stared at Kurama, until he got the hint and wrote 'Seeing my old man talking with the Uchiha and Naruto', which added more confusion onto Kushina's face while Minato's eyes widened in shock. Kurama then wrote another question, 'So…what's the plan?' which made each of them gain a thinking pose, but before any of them could begin writing, their door opened with Naruto and Sasuke walking in. Naruto was instantly being hugged by his crying mother, or rather, his mother in his body, as weird as it sounds. Naruto could hear a 'sorry' every few seconds, while he kept on rubbing his mother's back, until her crying stopped and breathing became even. Upon being released, he and Sasuke looked at the pieces of paper, wondering why they didn't simply talk, to which Kurama pointed at Sasuke and his left eye, moved his hitai-ate to cover the eye, then moved his hand behind his ear and pointed at the window, which everyone understood as 'Kakashi listening, behind the window'. They quickly began writing as they planned out their course of action, before getting ready to leave.

"Yosh! We're going to get ramen before you guys leave!" said Naruto, which made Minato laugh as he thought 'He got my looks, but his mother's character'. To which Kushina responded enthusiastically, "Ramen! I haven't eaten it for ages, ttebane!" The exclamation shocked Kakashi, as he knew Naruto used to say 'dattebayo', not 'dattebane'. Upon the group exiting the house, Kakashi quietly snuck in, intent on finding out the reasons they were so quiet. He found a group of papers on the table, most of them filled with text, 5 of them held arrows pointing with names on them, which consisted of his two students, his sensei and his wife, and a mountain-sized fox that apparently was in a human body. The one piece of paper that caught his attention seemed like it was a final decision on their so-called 'plan'. He began reading it.

So…we have 4 time travellers and a resurrected wife of the Yondaime? – S

Yes... what's the plan? – K

Going to look through Uzu no Kuni, or rather what's left of it, and try finding a way to get each of us back to our actual bodies – KU

Going to be working on a way to use reverse summoning for us to be able to summon each other in case we need backup – M

Me and Sasuke are going to try keeping everything to the original timeline, so we're going to act like we're still just genin, until the Chūnin Exams. – N

Guess I'll go around making people cry in fear and destroy cities, as I am the mighty fox, aren't I? – K

Kurama… – N

Ok, ok… I will go around the countries and warn the rest of the Bijū about the Akatsuki, you just take care of Shukaku, understood? – K

What about Kakashi-sensei? – N

Leave it to me; I'll talk with him – M

Kakashi slowly put the piece of paper away, trying to wrap his mind around the idea of his sensei coming back to life, from the future to add to that, as he noticed a small piece of paper with his name right on the top of it.

Hatake Kakashi

You may, or you may not believe me, yet I am Namikaze Minato. I was brought back to life by a kinjutsu named Edo Tensei, which brings back from the dead, forcing the person to be controlled by the user of the jutsu. By means explained earlier, I came from the future along with Naruto, Sasuke and Kyūbi, which is now a partner of Naruto.

The only thing I need you to do, is keep this secret for the time being, I will explain everything later in due time, for now, simply act normal and burn these papers, we can't have anyone finding out about this, yet at the least.

PS. I would recommend you not to read your 'novels' anywhere near Kushina-chan.

Take care and good luck, Minato-sensei.

Kakashi simply smiled as he finished reading, before using a low-level Katon jutsu to burn all the evidence, opened the windows and used a Fūton technique to scatter the ashes throughout the city. 'I will not disappoint you, sensei' he thought with a smile, before taking out his Icha Icha Paradise and leaving the house.

Ramen Ichiraku

Uzumaki Naruto was almost famous for two things, first was his love for rāmen, which he could easily eat five bowls, whereas normal people often were full after two of them, the second was that he was a very lonely child, with most people either ignoring, or glaring at him. The sudden appearance of Naruto with the most unusual company; Uchiha Sasuke and three other people that seemed almost like copies of Naruto, yet with minor differences, surprised the owner of the restaurant, an aged man named Teuchi and his daughter, Ayame, a slender girl with long, brown hair and eyes, who worked in the restaurant as a waitress.
What more surprised him was the red-haired, purple-eyed version of Naruto, that reminded him of one of his best customers named Kushina when he was younger, who had an appetite for rāmen just like Naruto, but unfortunately has died in the Kyūbi attack. What more surprised him was the person ordering a special set of ramen that was dubbed as 'Kushina Special', yet was not ordered for more than 12 years. He stared at the person in shock, trying to comprehend how the person know of it, but after taking a few seconds to think, he decided to comply, making everyone their rāmen while Ayame brought it to them.
The group, after waiting for both Naruto and Kushina to finish eating their twelfth bowl of ramen, which seemed like a race of who could eat more, yet both seemed full already. They decided to call it a draw, paid for the food and went their respective ways; Naruto and Sasuke decided to continue to act as if nothing happened, Kushina going to the remains of Uzushiogakure, Minato using Hiraishin to teleport to one of his hideouts and began working on the reverse Hiraishin, and Kurama decided to begin his journey in Takigakure, intent on warning Chōmei (Seven-Tails), then moving to Iwagakure to warn Son Gokū (Four-Tails) and Kokuō (Five-Tails), then to Kumogakure to warn Matatabi (Two-Tails) and Gyūki (Eight-Tails), then finishing off in Kirigakure by warning Isobu (Three-Tails) and finding and warning Saiken (Six-Tails). Finally returning to Konohagakure, hopefully before the Chūnin Exams.

AN: First fanfic… obviously. Been readin' a lot and finally decided to write something. Do not expect every-something updates, because I totally suck at trying to do something before a certain date.

Contrs…Consu…Constr… The criticism stuff is welcome; I'd like to know what I need to improve, but no flames. Thanks!

Most of the description of people's appearance has been taken from naruto-wikia in case I've got anything wrong...

Explanation of the clones: Because of Naruto having Minato's and Kushina's chakra back in the seal, as well as having his seal opened, when Naruto's soul went back in time, the seal has been forcefully opened again thus the chakra worked like a magnet that 'sucked in' Minato's and Kushina's soul into Naruto, while the Kurama's mind was forced to 'merge' with Naruto's mind because of the opening of the seal. Thus Naruto's body 'contained' 4 minds at once, which was then forcefully divided between the clones. Can't really explain much better...