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Max began to talk to Gazzy, tell him breakfast was a surprise, even though she probably had no idea what she was going to make. I mean it's not like she could cook anyway. Max would probably make Iggy do it.

Soon Iggy made his way down the hallway, and I figured it was time to get up and join the rest of the flock. I threw on one of my black shirts, and some black jeans. I tried to brush my overlong hair out of my eyes, and I finally got it.

I walked down the hall, making no sound.

Max was leaning into the fridge, trying to find food. And I leaned against the door frame. Max tensed and spun around.

"Will you quit that?"

"Quit what? Breathing?" I enjoyed messing with her. I was calm and alert.

She rolled her eyes. "You know what."

With a grunt, Iggy staggered upright. "I'll make eggs," he announced.

I think it bothered Max sometimes that a blind guy could cook better than she could. Yes, Iggy is blind. And he is very good at getting around, let me tell you.

"Fang? You set the table. I'll go get Nudge and Angel."

I went to one of the plates and got six white plates, and six mix-matched cups. I was glad that Jeb had lot of the things we needed. Plates, utensils, cups, beds and clothes, and even our beat up couch.

I loved our little family. I mean I'm not one to express my feelings, but I do love them. We were all bothers and sisters, not blood, except for Gazzy and Angel, they were the only true siblings. But still we had all grown up together.

There had been a lot that we had all been through together.

And there was a lot to us.

Me? I was more the strong silent type. And, well Max was the leader, making decisions that were best for everyone. Iggy, he is blind, which sucks sometimes, but he was good at it. Nudge was really talkative. We called her the Nudge Channel: All Nudge, all the time. There we some of us with extra stuff, besides, you know the wings, Like Angel could read minds, which was really awesome, but for being six, you have to watch what you say- or rather, think. And the Gasman? He could mimic any and all voices. I've gotten into trouble with that, so has Iggy, but Gazzy is a good kid. And word of the wise: stay down wind. Unless you want to choke, then go ahead. stay wherever you want.

Iggy was almost done with breakfast, and Angel was skipping around, Nudge was walking around mumbling something about sleep, just warming up her vocals to non-stop talk all the time.

"I want to go pick strawberries today," Angel said firmly, scooping up a forkful of scrambled eggs. "They're ripe now."

And then The Gasman said he'd go with her, and let one rip. He giggled.

"Oh, jeez, Gazzy," Max said disapprovingly

"Gas… mask!" Iggy choked out, grasping his neck and pretending to asphyxiate.

"I'm done," I said, taking my plate to the sink, I was just a bit grossed out now, and I had lost my appetite.

Gazzy automatically said sorry, but kept eating.

"Yeah, Angel," said Nudge. "I think the fresh air would do us all good. I'll go too."

"We'll all go," Max said.

It was a nice day outside, with the begging heat of May.

We found some big buckets and carried them, while Angel led to us to a huge patch of wild strawberries.

She held Max's hand. "If you make cake, I can make strawberry shortcakes," she said happily.

"Yeah, that'll be the day, when Max makes a cake," I heard Iggy say. "I'll make it, Angel."

Max spun around. "Oh, thank you! Okay, I'm not a fabulous cook. But I can still kick your butt, and don't you forget it!"

Iggy was laughing, hold his hands up in denial, and Nudge was trying not to laugh. I was grinning too, and well Gazzy looked mischievous.

"Was that you?" Max asked Gazzy.

He smiled, looking a little too pleased. When Gazzy was three, we realized he could mimic voices and sounds. An evil, dark gift that he wielded happily.

It was just another weird ability-most of us had them. Whatever they were, they sure made life more interesting.

Angel froze and screamed. In the next second, men with wolfish muzzles, huge canines, and reddish, glinting eyes dropped out of the sky like spiders. Erasers!