At Coruscant

At Coruscant the Chamcellor, Mace Windu are having a meeting with Jabba the Hutt, via hologram.

"The mighty Jabba wishes for the help of the jedi to look for his lost son, if you accept, inform him on any information you can," said his translator.

"We have to help Jabba, we have no other choice," said the chancellor.

"Mmm, I don't like it, especially helping that scum," said Windu.

"I agree with you my friend, but he controls the outer rim, so we need him to give us the space routes."

"We'll see."

"Then you need to send every jedi you can."

"Impossible chancellor, with the droid general Grievous spreading our forces thin, we could only spare jedi Master Kenobi and jedi knight Skywalker, and have the Expendables help as well, they have just recaptured Christophsis."

"Then contact them immediately."

At a Republic Space Station

Admiral Wulf Yularen is talking to Jedi masters Yoda and Mace Windu as Windu says, "We need to make contact with either General Kenobi or Mullins."

"We are unable to reach one of them, it could be a solar storm or their rebooting their communication system, I'm sure the blackout is temporary," said the Admiral.

"Messenger we are sending, a message for master kenobi," said yoda.

"See that she gets there as fast as possible," said Windu.

"Yes sir as soon as we reload with supplies."

"No time there is, immediately the messenger must go," said Yoda.

"I understand sir, I will personally take an unloaded ship to drop her off, and return to pick up my reinforcements."


In the planet, R2 is wheeling away as Anakin, Rex, Cody, and the Expendables are running forward and then stop as they see a massive droid force as anakin says, "Their Back."

Obi Wan then shows up as he says, "I told you this victory was to easy, we never should have sent that ship back for supplies."

"It wasn't my idea to send the ship back," said Anakin.

Everyone then looks at Bishop as he says, "Hey I thought we needed more supplies, come on give me a break."

"Uh guys, instead of fighting amongst ourselves, how about we fight the droids instead," said Omar.

"He's right," agreed Brock.

"Right, alright men, second wave incoming," said Obi Wan.

"Rex, you and your men follow me, Gerardo you come with me as well, and bring at least three or four of your friends," said Anakin.

"Okay, Bobby, you, Omar, Jorge, and Antony follow me, HK, you, Bishop, Brock, and Daniel stay here and help Obi Wan," said Gerardo as he ran off.

"Excitable statement: You got it!"

"Cody, battle positions," said Obi Wan.

"Up to the front!" shouted Cody.

Super battledroids and battledroids are still moving, despite the republics assault cannons taking some of them out as all the clones are lining up behind a barrier as some are getting shot down.

Obi Wan, Daniel, HK, Bishop, and Brock are up in the front lines as Obi Wan with a hand signal orders the troops to fire.

Then a giant spider like tank fires at them as Daniel yells out to three clones, "Move!"

One of them notices as he yells out as they were running, "Incoming!"

However, they got hit as they flew out.

Cody has now joined Obi Wan and the others in the front line as Cody, Brock, Bishop, HK, and Daniel are shooting while Obi Wan is blocking some blaster shots.

"Skywalker and Mullins should have attacked by now," said Cody.

"Don't worry, they now the plan," said Obi Wan.

"Yeah, I'm sure old Gerardo is already handling this as we speak," agreed Bishop.

On top of one of the buildings, Anakin, Rex, Gerardo, Bobby, Omar, Jorge, Anthony, and three clones are on top of a building as Rex asks, "What's our plan of attack sirs?"

"Follow us," answered Anakin.

"Are you sure?" asked Jorge.

"Trust us Jorge," said Gerardo.

Anakin then jumps down as he lands on top of one of the spider like tanks, then Gerardo jumps on another one as Rex and the others jetpack down and shoot at the third one.

Anakin is blocking the second one's blaster fire as Gerardo is trying to plant a charge on it.

Obi Wan and his group notice it as Obi Wan yells out, "Come on men!"

"Yeah boys let's turn these clankers into scrape!" shouted Daniel.

They then charge at the droids as Obi Wan cuts some down as Brock rams his shoulder into a couple of them and starts firing at them.

Bishop then takes out a droid popper as he throws it at some super battledroids as it activated and shocked them out.

HK and Daniel then go back to back as Daniel said, "HK, Spin of Fury!"


Hk then grabs Daniel's arms as he swings him around, knocking down a lot of droids as HK let go and Daniel started walking around dizzy as he fell on top of a still alive droid.

Cody ran out of ammo as he threw his blaster at a droid, then backfisted another one as he whipped out another one and began shooting.

Anakin was able to destroy his tank droid as Gerardo jumped out his as his explosions destroyed the other one.

We then see the cannons as they are decimating the droids as Obi Wan cuts down one as Bishop says, "These droids are nuts, don't they see that the cannons are tearing them apart."

"Statement: These droids are dumb, they don't even know the meaning of the word retreat."

Suddenly, Bobby, Rex, and the others take down the third one as Anakin then chopped down the last one as he then jumped off and sliced a battledroid as he, Gerardo, Rex, Bobby, Omar, Jorge, Anthony, and the three clones reunite with Obi Wan's group as Anakin says, "Were gonan need reinforcements."

"We haven't been able to get through to the Admiral," answered Obi Wan.

"But surely he would come back," said Anthony.

"Maybe, but if he does I hope he has plenty of reinforcements," said Bobby.

"Don't worry, as long as we have these cannons, these droids don't stand a chance," assured Gerardo

"i hope your right," said Brock.

Suddenly some of the tanks began to retreat as a battledroid commander says, "Retreat, retreat."

"Their pulling back," said Anakin.

"Yeah that's right you better run!" shouted Daniel.

"And don't think about making a round three, because it will be the same as this one!" shouted Omar.

"And that my friends is why we are the best," said Bishop..

Suddenly a transport comes as it flies over them as Obi Wan says, "Well it looks like help has arrived."

R2 then shows up and beeps happily as HK says, "Statement: Well they came at the worst time, as they had just missed all the fun."

"Nevertheless, we better go meet them," said Gerardo.

They then start walking towards the landing pad to meet their "Reinforcements."