Everyone has exited the ship as Ahsoka says to the little huttlet, "Welcome home Stinky."

"Fuck us, were in the middle of nowhere," said Jorge.

"Yeah, how are we supposed to get to Jabba's Palace?" asked Brock.

"Well Jabba's Palace is on the far side of the Dune Sea, " answered anakin.

"Great," complained Anthony.

"Hey it could be worse, we could have landed near a Krayt Dragon cave," said Bishop.

"Good point," agreed Omar.

"Well if were gonna get there, then we need to move before it nightfall," said bobby.

"Right, let's move." commanded Gerardo.

Everyone jumps down, except R2 as he is complaining as HK says, "Complaint: Oh what is the matter now."

R2 replies.

"Really R2, come on get down here," said Daniel.

R2 says something again.

"Oh, look it's just some sand, I'll clean you up when were done," said Ahsoka.

R2 then flies down as they start moving as Daniel says, "I wonder if the Jawas are gonna scavenge this ship."

"They probably will," said Omar.

Suddenly Jawas popped out as they scavenged the ship.

A few minutes later...

Everyone is walking across the dessert as some of the guys are sweating as Jorge says, "Damn, this is so hot."

"No shit Jorge, I feel like a piece of Bantha bacon," said Bishop

"Now this is why I don't like coming to Tatooine," said Anthony.

"Same here," agreed Brock.

They then walk by a ginat bantha fossil as HK says, "Statement" It's to bad this dead giant meatbag is dead and decomposed, we could have used it as shade."

"Wait your a droid, you can't sweat," said Daniel.

"Reassure answer: No I can't, but being in this humidity is depleting my fuel and oil, so if that happens I might as well take a blaster pistol and shoot myself."

"You know guys, Master Yoda has a saying, 'Old sins cast long shadows,' do you guys know what he means by that?" asked Ahsoka.

"It means that the past can ruin your future if you let it, but it also means that Master Skywalker doesn't want to talk about his past," answered Anakin in third person.

"Ok, well there's plenty to talk about like the sand."

"The dessert is merciless Ahsoka, it takes things from you," answered Gerardo.

"Well that's a helpful thought, so I...

"Look Ahsoka, I know what your trying to do, so like I said I'm not gonna reveal my past, but if your interested in anyone in this group's, feel free to ask," said Anakin.

Ahsoka then sighs as she looks at Bobby and says, "So...

"Your interested in mine, aren't you?"

"Yes actually, so who is this Pennywise?"

"A complete psychopath, a monster."

"Oh, what did he look like?"

"It's unknown what his true form is, but his most used form is a clown."

"A clown?"

"Yeah, but trust me, it's no ordinary clown, he can also change to your deepest darkest fear, and use it against you."

"Wow, that's bizzare, what brought him in your life?"

"He murdered my family, and saved me for last, he made me watch him kill and devour them, he was about to do me next, till Gerardo showed up, he saved my life that day and took me in as his own, Once he trained me how to fight, I began researching for a way to kill Pennywise and gain my revenge."

"Did you find out?"

"Yes, his weakness was silver."

Bobby then pops out a silver brass knuck as he says, "I made these, and then one day when I ran into him, we fought, it was a grueling fight, but in the end, I killed him, or so I thought."

"He still haunts you, doesn't he?"

"In my dreams and on situations like back on the ship, it's like I killed his physical form, but his spirit still haunts me, sending me threats, it's been a difficult life for me."

"I'm sorry to hear about that Bobby, is there anything I can do?"

Bobby was about to tell her his feelings towards her, but then stopped as he says, "No, I'll be okay, thank you though for the concern, for now we need to focus on the mission."

A few hours later...

The sun is now setting as everyone is still walking as Anakin then stops as Gerardo raises his fist up as Ahsoka says, "Were not alone."

"Were not?" asked Bishop

"I sense it too, it's the darkside of the force," agreed Anakin.

"Dooku," said Gerardo.

"Then in that case he must be coming for the hutt, time to split up," said Anakin.

"What, let's face him together master," said Ahsoka.

"Sorry not this time Snips, I have a far more important mission for you and one of the Expendables," said Anakin.

"It's more important than keeping you guys alive?" asked Ahsoka.

"Ahsoka, we need you to trust us on this one, here take the huttlet as were gonna carry this fake bag, Bobby and R2, you go with her and make sure she gets to Jabba's Palace."

"What, I'm not gonna leave you guys, what if Dooku kills you, your the only family I have left," said bobby.

"Don't worry about Bobby, we can handle him," said Omar.

"Agreement: It would take more than a dark jedi meatbag to disband this family."

"It will be okay Bobby, for now focus on the mission and go," said Gerardo.

Bobby and Ahsoka then look at the guys, as they then walk off in another direction.

A few hours later...

Anakin and the Expendables are walking as they then stop as Dooku and some magnaguards appear as the Expendables ready their weapons.

Anakin then activates his lightsaber as Dooku says, "Surrender the huttlet or die Skywalker."

Dooku then uses force lightening as Anakin blocks it as Dooku then says, "Kill the others, leave Skywalker to me."

The magnaguards then charge at the expendables as they started fightning and Dooku and Anakin began to duel.

Hk and a magnaguard are in a fist fight as Hk dodges a punch by the magnaguard and flips the droid over as he knees it in the head, crushing it.

Brock quickly takes down his magnaguard with an amatur wrestling move and punches the droid real hard in the head destroying it.

Omar, Anthony, Jorge, and Bishop were able to group theirs together as Omar wiped them out with Old Painless.

Daniel dodged a staff shot as he runs at the droid and does a high knee and knocks the droids head off as Daniel shoots the body.

Gerardo then looks on as his does some spinning moves with his staff as Gerardo then just simply shot it as it laid down dead.

The guys then look over to see Dooku slice the bag as he says, "You fools have failed, I have just killed Jabba's son."

"Hey you old fucker, that wasn't him!" yelled out Anthony.

"Yeah, you fell for our little trick Dooku," said Gerardo.

Anakin then throws the bag as rocks pop out as Anakin says, "It's only rocks."

"The huttlet is with Ahsoka and bobby bitch, and their probably at the palace by now!" yelled Omar.

"I expected such treachery from a jedi and some fools, but I assure you my we bis strong enough to catch your two insignificent friends."

"Mother..." said Bishop as he and the others raised their weapons.

Gerardo signals them to lower them as he says, "Their more skillful than you think Dooku."

"You deceive yourselves," said Dooku as he and Anakin continue dueling.

Near Jabba's Palace

Ahsoka, Bobby, and R2 are near Jabba's palace, till Ahsoka pops out her lightsaber and Bobby whips out his blaster as he asks, "What's wrong Ahsoka?"

Suddenly four magnaguards pop out of the sand as bobby says, "Shit."

Dune Sea

Back at the Dune Sea, Anakin and Dooku continue dueling till Dooku knocks down anakin as the guys check on him as Dooku says, "Look I have a message from your two friends."

Dooku then shows a hologram of Bobby and Ahsoka fighting four magnaguards as Daniel says, "Kick his ass Anakin."

Anakin then charges at dooku as he kicks him in the face as Anakin and the others watch the hologram as the magnaguards are getting the better of Bobby and Ahsoka.

"After my droids kill Jabba's son, they will deliver your friends to them as punishment for the huttlet's murder, I can't imagine if he will be merciful" said Dooku.

"We'll see about that, come on guys!" yelled out Gerardo.

They then steal Dooku and the magnaguards speeders as they ride off toward Jabba's palace.

Near Jabba's Palace

R2 is now trying to fight off a magnaguard till it knocks R2 off a cliff as Ahsoka says, "R2."

"Well ashoka, it's four against three, that includes you little guy, just watch out back," said Bobby.

After fighting the droids for a while, Ahsoka falls off the cliff as bobby yells out, "Ahsoka!"

Suddenly three magnaguards started climbing down the cliff as Bobby says, "No!"

Bobby was about to head down the cliff, till the fourth one blocked his path as bobby whips out is brass knuckles and activates them as spikes pop out as he says, "So you wanna play you piece of scrape, you got it."

Bobby then charges at the droid as he superman punches it in the head.

Inside Jabba's Palace

Anakin and the Expendables enter Jabba's palace as they enter his throne room as the protocal droid says, "This is jedi knight Anakin Skywalker and the Expendables, as Count Dooku said, but your son is not with them."

"What!?" asked everybody.

"Where is he at, we thought he was here," said Anakin.

Jabba then says something as Anakin says, "Where's Ahsoka?"

"And where's Bobby!?" asked Gerardo.

Jabba then says something else as Anakin activates his lightsaber and points it at Jabba as the Expendables aim their weapons at the guards.

"What have you done with our friends!?" asked Anakin.

Jabba then says something as the protocal droid translates, "You came here to kill Jabba."

"Mighty Jabba, we came here to negotiate," said Gerardo.

Back outside the palace, Ahsoka was able to kill two magnaguards, but one of them knocks her down, but before he could deliver a blow, it gets punctured by it's own staff as it lies down dead to reveal Bobby as her rescuer as Ahsoka says, "Bobby."

Ahsoka then gets up and hugs bobby as the two of them then kissed as Ahsoka says, "I actually wanted to tell you this, I loved you, from the moment I saw you I knew you were the one that I would be with."



"That's the same way I feel about you, but we can't tell no one, except the guys, since your a jedi and it's against you code."

"Right, but I love you, deeply and truly."

"Same here Ahsoka."

They then share another passionate kiss as they then stop as Bobby says, "We need to get this little guy back home."

"Right, we better hurry."

Back inside ht epalace, Jabba says something as the protocal droid translates, you came here to die."

"I don't think so," said Omar as he aimed Old Painless at one of the guards.

"Stop!" yelled out Ahsoka.

Ahsoka and Bobby are at the emtrance as Ahsoka is holding Jabba's son as Bobby says, "He's here, now everyone please just put down the weapons."

Everyone does that as Ahsoka brings Jabba his son as Jabab says something and the droid translates, "You are to be executed immediately."

"What!?" asked everybody.

"Are you kidding me, we just brought your son you son of a bitch!" yelled out Jorge.

Everyone prepares to fight as Ahsoka asks, "Does this happen to all of you?"

"Answer: Every time."

Suddenly a transmission comes in as it's Padme as she says, "greetings mighty Jabba, I have found out that their was treachery in your family, let Ziro here explain."

Ziro then pops up as they began talking as Jabba then starts cursing at Ziro.

Padme then returns as she says, "Due to this and returning your son, we wish for access across hutt borders."

Jabba then laughs as he agrees.

"Thank you Senator Amidala," said both Anakin and Gerardo as they smiled at her.

"It was my pleasure master Skywalker and Mr. Mullins," said Padme as she smiled back at them.

Jabba then says something as the droid translates, "Jabba would be most appreciative if you would bring Count dooku to justice for crimes against the Hutt Family."

"You got it," said Bobby.

"Yes!" yelled Daniel.

"You can count on that Jabba," said Anakin.

Everyone then goes outside the palace as Obi Wan, Mace Windu, and Yoda are outside waiting as Anakin, Ahsoka, and the Expendables stand next to them, while Bobby and Ahsoka secretly hold each others hands.

They then stand tall as Jabba and his son look on, Gerardo then looks at everybody and yells out, "Expendables, hoora!


Well guys that ends this book, now coming up is the tv series to fill in the gaps for episode 3, and again sorry for the delay, I've been very bus, so anyway I hope you enjoy this book, so till then I will see or type you later, till next time, bye-bye!