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Keep it to yourself

Lenny-Ray jumped down from the bar into the group of friends that were cheering her on and took a shot from the tray that was being passed around and emptied the contents before slamming it down on the bar. The rush hit her immediately, she was with the people she loved the most and doing what she loved. Jack Chams may be one of Phoenix's dive bars but she loved nothing more than performing there, sure it was full of questionable people but they loved to hear her sing.

"Where's Jen?" She shouted over the noise of the next band to Dave.

"She left with that Nate guy, seemed pretty into him," Dave slung his arm around Lenny, one thing about the residents of Jack Cham's was the bikers who claimed it as their spot tended to think they could claim anything in it too.

Lenny carefully removed Dave's hand from her waist, she knew how the motor cycle club code worked and she knew she didn't want to play along with that. She also knew Jen had far too much to drink to be going off with someone like Nate.

"I'm gonna go find her," she pushed her way through the throngs of people. The chaos of the bar made it impossible to find Jen easily and Lenny was about to give up as she headed for the car park, it was only when she spotted Nate's car that she walked over, the scream made her Sprint to the car and rip open the door.

Jen was pinned down under Nate as he held a needle in his hand, Lenny didn't even think as she struck Nate in the back of the head causing him to slump down on Jen who looked like she'd passed out and wasn't aware of the weight that fell on top off her. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she passed in and out of consciousness.

Nate groaned as Lenny pulled at his shirt trying to free her friend from him, he fell to the floor outside the truck and reached into the back of his jeans and pulled out his revolver as he stood to his full height dwarfing Lenny.

"Little Lenny-Ray," he laughed as he held the gun steady in his left hand, not yet aimed at Lenny but she knew what the drugged up little prick was thinking, "no need to be impatient girl, you're turn was coming babe," he sniggered, clearly high on crank.

"What the fuck you given her?" Lenny pushed her bangs out her eyes, she had to force her lungs to breathe her Crystal blue eyes darted from the gun to Nate and back to Jen in the car.

Nate stalked slowly to Lenny ,"only what she was asking for baby. What all you little slut's want, just need a little bit of persuasion," Nate stood in front of Lenny and she could smell the sweat from him before she knew what was happening he'd grabbed her by the neck and was forcing his tongue into her mouth. Her blood began to boil and her instinct kicked in. She brought her knee up to connect with his groin as he fell to the floor his hands flew to protect his dick from further assault and Lenny grabbed the pistol and aimed at Nate as he lay on the floor like baby.

"Fucking whore!" He screamed out standing unsteady on his feet as he glared at Lenny who was aiming the gun with both hands. " Lenny baby, you're not playing nice and you're beginning to get on my last Fucking nerve. So put the gun down little girl before I knock you the fuck out."

"You're not really in position to be making demands Nate," Lenny removed the safety from the gun to make a her point Crystal clear, " don't Fucking move or I swear to God you're dead."

Nate laughed, " you're actually threatening me on my territory? One shot leaves that gun and my guys will be out here after you and your whore friend. No one is gonna miss her Lenny, Jen is just here to ride on your coat tails and ride any dick that comes her way,"

"SHUT UP!" Lenny shouted but Nate advanced toward her his Intent clear from the deadly look his almost black eyes, as soon as his hands grasped her shoulder she squeezed the trigger and watched as the life left his eyes , his body fell at her feet as she stood over him. She dragged air in and out of her lungs, she had to think fast before some one came to see what the commotion was outside. She grabbed Nate under his arms and dragged him the short distance to his trunk and slung his body into the back like he was a rag doll she dug her hands into his pockets and took out his car keys before kicking the door shut. She ran back to where Nate had fallen and scrambled around looking for the empty shell that had fallen a few feet away and shoved it into the pocket of her shorts. Hopping back into the car she turned the engine over and pulled out of the parking lot as a couple of Nate's cronies had spilled out of the bar in a drunken stupor too high or drunk to realize what they'd missed they'd just assumed Nate had gotten lucky and was taking Jen somewhere private.

Lenny drove for what seemed hours before Jen come around, she pulled over to the side of the dirt track road so Jen could throw up and handed her a bottle of water she'd bought at a late night convenience store where she had picked up some cigarettes and a bottle of vodka to calm her nerves.. Lenny hopped out the car slamming the door and walked round to lean against the passenger door as her friend emptied her guts over the highway.

"I feel like shit Lenny," Jen pushed her blonde hair out of her sweaty face as she rested her hands on her knees.

Lenny has lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply, " you look it too," she gazed off into the distance thinking over her next move.

Jen walked back to the car, "Nate is gonna be pissed you took his car," she laughed as she lent next to Lenny taking the cigarette from her friend.

Lenny rolled her eyes as Jen took in her friends appearance, "have you been fighting?"

"Could say that. Jen what the fuck where you thinking going off with Nate. You know he's involved in all kinds of shit. Are you stupid?" Lenny raised her voice as the situation replayed in her head.

" did he hurt you? Is that his blood?" Jens face came over concerned but realized Lenny wasn't talking until she answered the question. " he said he had some product in the car and I could have a sample then he turned all hot and heavy. I swear I didn't think he'd try anything especially not with Tanya inside Lenny, I'm sorry if he hurt you,"

"Well you were Fucking wrong Jen, and now we have a serious Fucking issue. Look in the back of the truck,"

Jen looked over her shoulder and immediately throw up again, "what the hell Lenny? Is that Nate ?"

Lenny nodded her head, " Don't worry, I got a plan but I need your help."