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Lenny pulled her truck into park outside the bar, pushing her weight against the steering wheel she caught sight of her self in the rear view window and found her self laughing, she looked like total shit which wasn't surprising as she had driven across two states in four days sleeping in her truck when she needed to. Along the way she'd pulled into a few bars and done a couple of gigs to get some Benjamin's together, she had made about $1500 along the way which would help her out when she found who she was looking for.

Walking into the latest bar Lenny approached the owner who must have been knocking on the wrong side of 60 she explained she was here to fill the slot he was advertising for singers that evening when he explained that the residents of Charming were used to a certain calibre of entertainment.

She couldn't hide her shock as the old man made no attempt to cover up his blatant insult, " look I've driven a long way to get here old man, and I am very aware I may not look like I've walked straight out of page 3 of the Victoria Secrets catalogue but I can assure I can put on a damn good show. I've been singing since I could walk and talk. So if you'd kindly show me to a shower I can begin preparing myself for the people of Charming,"

As the old man , Rick, shut the door on the cramped dressing room Lenny found her self sat at the dresser with tears streaming down her face. The past week seemed to hit her full force as she stared at the girl in the mirror, she had no idea what she was going to do now she was in Charming, Lenny had just known she had to get here.

Her Mom had barely protested about her only daughter up and leaving for "business" so suddenly she hadn't even asked for forwarding address, she told her friends she had been given the chance to go on tour with a few friends in Texas. She had told only Jen of her plan to head west to California with her few possessions and her guitar, she instructed Jen not to contact her, Lenny would call her when it was safe.

Later that night Lenny felt alive for the first time since she pulled out of the Jack Cham's parking lot, she'd pulled her long brown hair on top of her head in a messy bun, her bangs cut bluntly across her brows with a few tendrils falling around her face just the way most men liked it. She'd rimmed her eyes with a black kohl, making the Crystal blue seem bluer than before. And she knew how to dress for the male crowd that seemed to flock to this kind of bar, she opted for Jean shorts and a red flannel shirt, but she made sure to undo the top buttons and the few bottom. Lenny had hardly been blessed in the breast department but she knew how to work with what she had.

"Thanks for ya'll coming out Charming, cheers to a good night," she raised a glass of whiskey to the crowd before she necked the Amber liquid. She could hear the bars backing band kick in with the riff of Fleetwood 'Little lies'. It wasn't long before the past week seemed to fade away like it had all been some stick nightmare but the reality came screaming back with every biker that walked in wearing a cut she couldn't place, Nate had contacts in all states and she couldn't be sure they weren't affiliated with him. There was one guy with long greasy black hair whose eyes didn't leave her the whole set, she could see him undressing her with his perverse eyes and licking his lips in the most disturbing way.

As she thanked the crowd she hopped down off stage and headed to the bar where Rick had another whiskey waiting for Lenny he handed her the drink which she replaced with an empty glass on the counter as he counted out the money. "Gotta say sweetie you sure do have a beautiful voice and scrub up well. You weren't lying," he handed over her money as she thanked him. "There's what we agreed and a little something for surprising me sweetheart, you gonna stick around for a bit?"

Lenny pocketed the cash and pulled out her cigarettes, " thanks Rick but I gotta get going, got to get somewhere. Thanks though," she shook hands with the man before heading out to her trUck, not noticing the long haired creep follow her outside.

She saw long line of bikers sat on their bikes out the front of the bar, she smiled at them as she walked past, she laughed as she heard a whistle come from their direction she caught the eye of a younger member with blonde hair tucked behind his ears. She could barely make them out but Lenny could tell he was cute as she continued the short walk to her truck.

Lenny stopped to light her cigarette outside her truck, she barely heard the footsteps behind her before her head connected with the car door, screaming out in pain she twisted around to see her attacker as they held by her hair. It was the creep who had leering at her night, his grip on her hair made it feel like he was pulling her hair straight out of the root.

"Lemme go you fat bastard," Lenny dug her nails into his hand at her hair forcing him let go and cry out in pain.

"Play nice girly, we're gonna carry on with our own little after party" he pushed her down to the floor he reached for his pants zipper.

Lenny groaned as her head connected with the concrete pavement below her, "not that kinda show you sick fuck," she kicked her leg out at the guy legs taking him off his feet. Scrambling to get to her feet and get her keys from her pocket she heard the bikes round the corner and cursed as his buddies pulled up, she spotted a few of them had guns. Fatty had gotten to his feet, oblivious to the back up that had arrived, he struck Lenny with the back of his hand his ring scratching her face and the impact busting her lip as she tasted the same cold metal she had tasted only she few days earlier. She suddenly saw red and balled her fist before throwing it at the guys face, she heard him call him a whore before a set of arms came around her waist pulling her away holding her tight. Confusion set in as she heard the blonde from outside the club say "no way to treat a lady buddy," before he and a few pals began laying into the guy.

Lenny took the opportunity to try and break free but found her captor had a vice grip, no way she was sticking around for these guys to turn their attention to her and finish what Fatty had started. She threw her head back and winced as she heard the crack of her captors nose before pulling her self free. With her keys in hand she made the quick Sprint to her car as she heard the shouts behind her, she felt someone grab her arm and spin her round. Nothing could have prepared her for what came next.