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Chapter 1: The Return Of A Missing Strawhat

It was a somewhat sunny Monday morning of November, Luffy; a skinny but fairly well-built teenage boy was startled awake by his alarm clock blaring in his ear. Upon awakening fully Luffy realized that today was actually his first day of high school at One Piece Academy. Rushing as quickly as possible Luffy got ready for school and grabbed a turkey wing from a plate in the fridge to heat in the microwave, before running out the doors and on his way to school...which he was late for...Nearly fifteen minutes later Luffy roamed around the hallways lost...again he's been walking around looking for the main office for the past ten minutes and still had yet to find it. Luffy was in his second year of high school but considering he'd just transferred to this high school he couldn't exactly find his way around just yet. Because he was lost and figured he'd come across the main office sooner or later Luffy allowed himself to get lost in his own thoughts as he continued walking around.

'One Piece Academy huh?...This is where my Namaka are as well...' Luffy grimaced at the thought. He hoped they weren't to mad at him for just up and leaving without even a goodbye. He remembered clearly the last time he had seen his friends was at the end of seventh grade two almost three years ago. All because in the summer before starting eighth grade Luffy had applied himself to attend a different middle school called ST. Laws Boarding school for misbehaving kids without telling his friends or family. Luffy was immediately accepted into the school once they saw that he had a habit of getting into fights and ditching school. Of course that wasn't why he had applied himself to the school in the first place. No. He applied there because of what happened during that summer when he was out by himself at night.

Luffy was walking around the shopping district late at night returning home from Zoro's house after playing video games for a couple of hours, he stopped when he heard a terrified yell. Running towards where he thought it came from he saw a couple of teenage guys picking on a blonde haired girl who was crying out for them to leave her alone and for someone to help her, hearing the desperate plea in her voice, and vaguely recognizing her as that nice girl he would see whenever Ace took him to the mall to play in the arcade who would always share her tickets with him, Luffy rushed forward and knocked the one closest to her away, but stood guard in front of her if the others tried to do something. pausing a quick moment Luffy noted that there was eleven of them, all of them reeked of alcohol, deciding it wouldn't be a very goo idea to stick around this drunk jerks Luffy turned around and hoisted the surprised blonde over his shoulder before he took off running, faintly hearing the others give chase. After running for a few more minutes Luffy knew he lost them, coming to a complete stop Luffy unceremoniously dropped the girl gently to the ground.

"Are you ok?" He asked when he caught her staring at him, what he didn't expect was for her to randomly bust out crying and then hug him as tightly as she possibly could.

"T-Thank you!...Thank you...Thank you!," The girl gasped trying not to cry anymore, "THANK YOU SO MUCH!" The girl began sobbing hysterically.

Luffy feeling a little startled by her out burst quickly shook it off ,and hugged her back stating with fierce determination. "Shh..Shh it's okay~ let it all out, your safe now. It's okay! I promise I won't let them hurt you." looking up the girl stared at Luffy in awe before a huge grin split over her face.

"Shsisisisisi...There feeling better?" pausing to see her nod yes. "My names Monkey D. Luffy and you are?"

"I-I'm Marguerite...N-Nice to meet you..."

Luffy sighed remembering that day it mad him so angry! Later that night he had found out from Marguerite that those older guys were from ST. Laws Boarding school for misbehaving kids and were a part of some guy named Bellamy's Gang, The Hyena Gang. When he had asked her what they wanted with her she told him of how they would always harass and flirt with her during school and tonight they said that they wanted to "Have their way with her," when he heard that he was beyond pissed, he told Marguerite to get home quickly after telling her that they'd meet again once she left he returned to where the Hyena Gang members were and beat the living shit out of all of them while telling them to stay the hell away from Marguerite. a few days later after going to check on Marguerite every night, Bellamy showed up at the Party's Bar to warn Luffy that Because of him, they would be sure to make Marguerite suffer and they'd go after his friends as well telling Luffy of how he had heard about some pretty girls being in his group and how they would make some fine toys for him and his gang before he left leaving Luffy standing there horrified. Later that night Luffy looked up everything known about ST. Laws Boarding school before applied hoping that this way he could keep an eye on Bellamy and protect his friends as well, smiling slightly Luffy didn't regret his decision what so ever.

"FINALLY!" Luffy yelled out as he Finally spotted the main office, after receiving his class schedule Luffy learned from the woman at the desk that he was late and had already missed home room and first period. Panicking Luffy ran through out the entire school before he came across his class room he was supposedly having class in now he walked in screaming "YO! SORRY I'M LATE!"

It was already thirty-three minutes into class when the door to the teacher of History, Benn Beckman's classroom swung open and in walked some kid screaming how sorry he was about being late. It took Mr. Beckman a minute to realize that the obnoxious kid that just waltzed in was actually none other than Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy, his best friends foster son that went missing two years ago leaving nothing but a note saying that he was sorry and would be home soon, but before Mr. Beckman could open his mouth to say something screams from some of the students cut him off.





'Ah...I forgot that some of Luffy's friends were in my class...oh they looked pissed.' Mr. Beckman looked at Boa Hancock and saw her blushing at Luffy, 'She still has that crush on him?

'Standing up Mr. Beckman figured he should shut everyone up before a fight broke out. Surprised by hearing people calling out to him, Luffy fully turned towards the class just to see that girl he met in seventh grade staring at him as well as seeing three happy but beyond pissed off faces of his old friends; Zoro, Sanji, and Franky.

"Shisisisisi...Hey you guys!" Luffy smiled putting a hand up in greeting.

"Alright everybody SHUT-UP!" Mr. Beckman yelled effectively getting them all to quiet down, "Now...Let me introduce our new transfer student...Monkey D. Luffy."

'Transfer Student?' All of the current Strawhat gang members thought confusingly.

"Luffy, go take a seat in the back next to Roronoa Zoro." Who sat up straighter when he heard Mr. Beckman say for Luffy to sit next to him.

"Kay~~" Luffy said as he calmly walked towards Zoro and sat down, well aware of the class staring at him, but after a few seconds he turned away from the board to see Zoro, Franky and Sanji all staring at him as though he were a ghost, "What?"


"I've been at school..." PAUSE " you know we should really be taking notes..." Luffy replied quickly before turning back around, not wanting to tell them why he left since he promised Marguerite he would never tell anyone what happened that night and he didn't want to tell them that he stayed at the other school because he didn't want to leave Marguerite alone and the school said they can only leave if they behave properly and get all passing grades, the grades part wasn't hard for them both it was the fighting that was.

Because of Bellamy almost everyday Luffy and Marguerite were jumped by a member of his gang, Luffy always fought them to keep them away from Marguerite. But in the second year there Luffy had met Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kidd who after becoming quick friends with Luffy decided to have their gangs; the Heart Gang and the Kid Gang back Luffy up completely when they heard of the situation that Luffy and Marguerite were in thanks to them the Hyena Gang was kept away from Luffy and Marguerite which meant they didn't fight that year because of that they were both allowed to switch schools to One Piece Academy for their sophomore year.

'I wonder when I'll run into Marguerite...' But Luffy's thought was interrupted when the bell rang.

"Alright class is excused go enjoy your lunch! But Luffy could I speak to you for a moment?" Mr. Beckman announced.

"Huh? Oh Sure thing Becky!" Luffy said putting his stuff away and walking up to the desk not noticing Sanji, Zoro, Franky's stares as they left the classroom just to wait for him at the end of the hallway.

In the classroom Mr. Beckman waited until all the students had left before he spoke, "Luffy...Welcome back." Mr. Beckman couldn't help the smile that grew over his face.

"Shisisissisi...It's good to be back!" Luffy smiled.

'Then why did you leave?' Mr. Beckman couldn't help but think, "Luffy. Where were you the past two years?" he asked becoming serious but was surprised when Luffy looked at him emotionless but with his eyes shining with a fire that showed no regret, and hatred.

"That isn't important...besides I'm back now! Bye Becky!" He yelled wearing his Cheshire smile as he ran out the classroom door before Mr. Beckman could even say a word.

"I'll Have to talk to Shanks about this...Maybe tomorrow?"

"Jeez what the heck is taking him so long?" Franky muttered rubbing his stomach, he could really go for a Cola right about now.

"He probably got in trouble for being late?" Sanji suggested.

"No. It's probably because he missed Luffy, remember his IS Luffy's Godfather?" Zoro stated facing Sanji and Franky whose faces were starting to look scared, "What the hell are you staring at?" turning around he saw Luffy running towards them so fast it looked as though he was flying.

"WHA? LUFFY?!" Zoro yelled just as Luffy crashed into them.

"Ow~~" Luffy moaned Painfully as he clutched his head.

"Ugh." Zoro grunted out glaring at Luffy as he rubbed his face which collided with the floor.

" ...Holy Shit..." Sanji hissed sitting up.

"SUUUUPER FLYING! LUFFY-BRO!" Franky laughed seemingly unaffected by getting slammed to the floor.

"ACK! MY MEAT~!" Luffy screamed getting up and running into the lunch room.

Zoro, Franky and Sanji all stared at each other laughing as they stood up.

"Some things never change." Sanji smirked.

"Got that right Love-Cook." Zoro mumbled before taking off after Luffy.

"WHAT WAS THAT MARMINO?!" Sanji yelled chasing after him.

"Oi! Wait up!" Franky yelled running after his three companions.

The students were all sitting quietly enjoying their lunches that is until the lunch room doors were flung open revealing a young raven-haired male standing there with large innocent brown eyes darting around the lunch room. Everyone thought nothing of him knowing that they were getting a new transfer student, then the silence was disturbed.

"MEAT!" Luffy a.k.a the young raven-haired male running into the lunch line.

Everyone stared wide-eyed at the boy standing in line banging his plate on the counter chanting 'Meat' repeatedly everyone sweat-drops.


Once again everyone turns their heads to stare at the new arrivals bursting in through the doors with a blank expression...that is until they realized 'WHO' burst in through the doors; Ladies-man Sanji, Cyborg Franky, and Demon Roronoa Zoro all from the Strawhat Gang.

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