~Ps Benn Beckman is referred to as Benn, Becky, Beckman~

Luffy P.O.V


"Why's everyone so quiet and why are you all staring at me? Did I do something wrong?" I asked looking from person to person taking in all their shocked faces.

"Y-You...what are you doing here?!" Ace exclaimed shocked before he tackled Luffy to the ground in a head-lock.

"GAH! Ace let me go!" Oh God is Ace trying to kill me?!

"Luffy!" Ah! Now Shanks is sufforcating me too?!

"H-Hi Shanks...Could you guys get off...I can't breath."

Jumping off of Luffy when they heard him say that Shanks and Ace settled for glaring at him though on the inside they were beyond happy to see him agan.

Finally I can breath again!

Third person P.O.V

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!"-Ace yelled whacking Luffy over the head.

"I think Luffy would rather have a meal first because based on his drooling face and sparking eyes, I'd say that he was hungry." Shanks laughed.

"Fine...I guess we could talk about it over din-" Ace started off but was cut off as Luffy slipped out of his grasp and took his place at the table between Beckman and


"FOOD! MEAT!" Luffy exclaimed picking up a bone covered with meat and biting the thing off, leaving the bone clean in one huge bite.

"Or I guess we could do it later..." Ace sighed getting up and once again taking his seat at the table between Shanks and Marco.

'Phew...I can't tell them where I've been. Maybe if I stall them long enough, they'll forget all about it!~' Luffy thought smiling as he did devoured a bigger piece of


"You will tell us later. If you think that you can get out of telling us than think again, because you're wrong." Ace said finally taking his first bite.

'CRAP!' Luffy thought pausing in his chewing to look at Ace.

The rest of dinner consisted of Ace and Luffy fighting over food until Ace fell asleep in his, and Marco and Beckman thinking of ways to shield their food from the

bottomless pits known as Luffy, and Ace while Shanks and Makino were smiling happily watching the scenes around them unfold.

Third person P.O.V

Dinner that night was quite eventful with food flying in many directions to Luffy and Ace yelling at each other but finally after Makino politely asked the boys to stop

(Politely meaning no more meat if they don't quiet down.) it was peaceful and quiet once more.

"So Lu... are you planning on telling us Where you have been the past TWO YEARS?!" Ace yelled throwing his arms over his head.

"Yes Luffy, I would like to know where you've been as well." Makino asked sternly.

"Wait Makino, he didn't tell you?" Shanks asked surprised.

"No. Anytime I asked him he would change the subject and not look at me." Makino told them frowning.

Curious everyone even Beckman and Marco looked at Luffy waiting for him to fill them all in on his little trip he took two years ago.

"Well..." Shanks mumbled expectantly raised eyebrow at Luffy.

"AH~ You know it doesn't really matter I'm back now, and I don't feel like saying where I've been." Luffy said pouting at them all.

"LU...Spill now..." Ace growled at Luffy squeezing his shoulder HARD.

"No. Ace. All I'll say is that I attended school so I'm not behind and I'm already enrolled in One Piece Academy today was my first day!" Luffy announced Starting off

fierce than turning happy.

"W-Wait A MINUTE! YOUR THE NEW STUDENT?!" Shanks shouted pointing accusingly at Luffy.

"Yep." Luffy answered bluntly.

"Why did you skip my class~" Shanks whined quieting down.

"Your class?...Oh! that's because I only went to Becky's class today and lunch then I can home!"Luffy answered once he realized what Shanks was talking about.

"Er...What about home room and first period?" Marco asked confused.

"Oh I missed those because I was lost in school and couldn't find the main office Shisisisisisisisi~" Luffy told them all chuckling.

"You were late on your first day of school?!" Makino exclaimed flabbergasted

"Yep!" Luffy Chirped.

"WOW." Was all Marco said as he stood up to stretch.

"Luffy why weren't you at your other classes?"-Beckman asked leaning back in the chair with a newly opened beer.

"Hmm? oh I left to escape my friends questioning me."-Luffy said standing up and putting his shoes back on.

"Huh? Oi wait Lu where do you think you are going?"-Ace asked worried his brother would leave again though he won't admit it he really did miss Luffy.

"Your not leaving are you?"-Shanks asked in a serious tone.

"Shisisisisisi~ don't worry I'll be back I'm just going for a walk."-Luffy announced waving a hand in front of his face as if to dismiss their worries.

"Oh."-Shanks and Ace said in union both visibly relaxing.

"A Walk? At this time of night?" Marco muttered to himself though everyone heard him.

"Where you walking too?" Beckman asked curiosly.

"...No where special..." Luffy replied which was actually a lie considering he was going to the park wear he had officially meant Marguerite in.

Everyone heard his hesitation in answering.

"O-Ok...but Luffy! don't stay out to late!"-Makino hollered at Luffy as he walked to the door trying to sound stern but was actually sounding happy.

"Alright...see ya~"-Luffy sung as he walked out the front door.