Despite Jake's vow he couldn't bring himself to help people. Why should he care he didn't care when he was hunts clan in fact he relished at the thought of hunting Magical creature back then. Then came the day he awoken his dragon powers it was a complete surprise to him and his hunts clan mind told him in was a trick from the elder Dragon all a wizard.

Now he didn't care he didn't want to be a dragon he didn't want to be Hunts clan. He wanted to be a clueless and innocent of the magical world. He wanted to be like Brad, well maybe not like Brad in all regards but he no longer wished that he knew about the magical world. That world had taken his Rose from him it was that world where the pain knowing that he wasn't strong or fast enough worse still were the thoughts of what if I had of trained more what if he obeyed the hunts Masters orders would Rose still live, and so those lines of thoughts kept trailing on.

He was finally brought out of his musings when Gramps knocked on his bedroom of course it wasn't his bedroom it was Rose's he had shut himself in here after her death refusing to leave. All let anyone in that had been about a week ago if his memories were correct. Then again he wasn't sure nor did he care, for the one person who made him fill alive and wanted was dead, and she was not coming back.

no matter what dead people just don't come back to life regardless and she died no way she would have survived that fall and there was no point in thinking she did. It would only give him false hope and that hope would be crushed when he found out the truth. So he did not dare let himself think she could be alive it would only accomplish more pain, and a deep seated hatred for the clan.

Finally Lau Shi gave up and told Jake that his dinner was in the fridge and that Haley was here to see him. Of coarse Jake didn't reply how his stupid gramps or anyone else knew what he was feeling right now.

Lau Shi felt like a failure he couldn't stop the Hunts clan from taking Jake as a Baby he failed to find the child before he was thought dead, and now he failed to stop the Hunts clan from murdering Rose the woman Jake loved.

He may have been considered the strongest dragon of his generation having fought and defeated the Dark Dragon until his reappearance recently. But what good were titles to your family when you failed them. What good was he when he could do nothing to ease Jake's pain sure he could try talking to him but Jake wouldn't listen. More importantly he would run knowing that he'll eventually here her name being mentioned by him, and that would bring him more pain and unnecessary at that. Fu was very much the same not sure on how to confront Jake without implicating Rose.

Meanwhile Spud was well he was busy searching hospital secretly cameras. He was convinced that Rose may actually be alive as he looked though another room, he was about to give up when he accidently switched to another camera and there she was "Rose" he gasped grabbing his phone. He called Trix

"Spud you better have a dam good reason for calling me at this hour" yelled Trix.
"geez woman not so loud I found her" replied Spud.
"what do you mean her" asked Trix.
"Rose" he answered.
"but then why hasn't she contacted Jake or anyone else" asked Trix.
"my guess is she has amnesia" replied Spud.
"so how do we get Jake their?" asked Trix.
there was a pause as Spud hummed to himself in thought before speaking "we stage a false message to Jake from the Huntsman to finish what was started that night" said Spud.
"and have him meet at Rose's room in the Hospital" finished Trix.
"correct but we need to inform his gramps of the plan" said Spud.

"Hello Jake" spoke the Huntsman. Jake bolted straight up at the Huntsman's voice "how's Rose oh wait the Bitch is dead" he chuckled evilly "do you want to finish what we started the night she died. If so meet me at New York Delsen Hospital in room fifty seven tonight" immediately Jake's eye's gained life in them. Part of his mind tried to reason that he would have been informed if the hunstman had of escaped from prison, but the rest of him ignored it as he checked the time it would take him about an hour to get there. Perfect it ends tonight this time I won't let you live Jake vowed as he opened the window transforming into a dragon and flying out.

"Fifty-one Fifty-two fifty-three" Jake silently counted the rooms soon hitting the one the Huntsman said he'd be waiting. Bracing himself for what was about to happen because they both new this would end in only one of them walking away. Suddenly he flung it open and stopped shocked still.

There was his beautiful angel sleeping peacefully but where's the huntsman he thought looking around using eye of the dragon, there's no one here but me and other patients. It was then Rose stirred her eye's opening spotting the strangely familiar looking boy.

black hair with green tips spiked up a red jacket that fitted him snuggly and blue shorts immediately the memories hit her fighting alongside him against magical creatures him transforming into a dragon the Hunts clan her near death experience the trial of coarse but two things eluded her his name and her own name "um his might be a bit embarrassing to ask but what's my name" Rose asked.
Jake blinked stupidly before answering "Rose" servile more memories came back to her the Huntsman abusive training Jake protecting the kiss "Jake" she whispered.

"wow it's been almost a year since my last update I guess I've got epilogue to go then that's it