Four years later

"Daddy Daddy Daddy" screamed an excited little girl "look what I can do" she said turning her hands into dragon claws while smiling proudly "now now Jessica" said Rose "what did we talk about bothering Daddy as soon as he got home"
"not to disturb Daddy" she answered in a whiney voice
"I'll play with you later Jess" said a tired Jake to his two year old daughter "really" she said sounding hopeful "of course would I fib to you?" asked Jake
"pinkie promise" spoke Jessica while holding out her pinkie "pinkie promise" said Jake shaking it with his own pinkie "yay" she screamed excitedly running off

"so what's the news?" asked Rose
"the dark dragon he's making his move where preparing for war as we speak now I know you want to fight by my side like we did in the clan and in the few short months of our escape but you can't someone needs to take care of Jess and what would happen to her if she lost both her parents"
"but Jake" said Rose frightened "you need me"
"and Jessica needs a mother I won't let her grow up not knowing what how a real parent should act a warzone is no place to raise a child at least this way if I die she'll still have a mother someone to love and protect her"
"ok" Rose relented "but when do you leave"
"tomorrow at the earliest"
"Daddy hurry up" yelled an impatient two year old
"I'm coming I'm coming" said Jake sprinting after his little girl all the while Rose watched with a sadden look knowing this may be the last time they were a family

AN well this is done I'm going to take a break from this before putting ut the sequal possibly a month from now I'll start writing it see ya