Three days later Rose woke up and with a bolt of joy at seeing Jake sitting next to her.
"How long was I out?" she asked.
"Three days I haven't slept since" Jake Answered, and she could tell by looking at him his eyes were red she noticed the bags under his eye's from lack of sleep. Jake leaned down to give her a hug
"try to get some rest I'll see you in the morning" spoke Jake as he pulled out of the hug. Rose nodded as she closed her eyes and immediately drifted off to sleep. Jake went to his room and collapsed on the bed asleep.

"Yo Jake where you been you skipped like three days of school" said Trixie.
"Sorry guys some psycho kidnapped my sister and tortured her" replied Jake.
"Oh my god" yelled Trixie.
"It's ok you had no way of knowing" said Jake calmly. "Besides she's safe now my uncle should be driving her to school" spoke Jake,
"why's that?" asked Spud. "He's a bit overprotective" answered Jake as Rose walked through the door.

Just then Brad bumped into Jake and ran screaming in the opposite direction yelling "I didn't do anything to your sister".
"Jake" said Rose in an accusing voice.
"What" said Jake in an innocent voice as he grabbed his stuff from his locker for class
"I'm telling you I didn't do anything" "yet" he added.
"Jake you have a terrible poker face so stop dodging the question" spoke Rose.
"Fine" said Jake knowing his sister wouldn't drop it "it was the first day of school and he tried to push me so I broke his arm and slammed him into the locker. By the throat and I told him if he so much as hurts you he's dead" Rose blushed as they entered the classroom.

"Let's go skating" yelled Jake as they left school.
"I'm with you on that one bro" said Spud as Trixie Nodded in agreement.
"how about it Sis?" Asked Jake
"I'll watch" said Rose "I'm not one for skating".
"Why because you suck" said Jake.
"You're on brother" said Rose as she grabbed Spuds board.

Lau Shi was puzzled as to why hunts boy didn't lie. They had saved Haley and if they we're any later she would have been dead. He didn't understand why the boy told him the truth did he not hate dragons or did he value the life of the hunts girl more than the life of the dragon. Haley was sobbing saying that she should've been more alert to his presence. Lau Shi reassured her that it was alright for not even he had sensed the boy sneaking into his home when he was awake. This worried him what if he told the Huntsmen who he was and who Haley was he was expecting an attack all day but nothing happened.

"Hunts girl Hunts Boy" Spoke the Huntsmen.
"Yes Master" they both replied.
"How goes your mission?" he asked.
"We managed to attract the dragons as planed however Hunts girl shoved her spear into a high voltage box by accident" said Hunts boy.
"Hunts girl is this true?" Asked the Huntsmen
"yes" she confirmed.
"Very well you are to do the same thing as last night just a few miles east of last time" he said.
"We will" they both replied.

The next few weeks went by with skirmishes between the dragons and Hunts boy and Hunts girl, However they weren't getting any closer to finding there hideaway. "Give it up Hunts boy" said Haley as she shot a jet of fire at him. Jake dodged to the side and rushed forward with his katana slashing diagonally up from the right Haley countered by sweeping her tail into Jake knocking him into the wall. Rose rushed forward picking up Jake's body and teleporting out overtime she had come to rely on Jake more than usual.

For the past few weeks Rose knew her feelings had changed for Jake. She was worried about Jake as she sat brushing his hair and whispering his name, and when she was away from him she was thinking about him and wanting to see him. "Jake" she whispered right now she wanted to rip the American Dragon to shreds for harming her Jake. She wasn't going to let Jake die ever for without Jake she wasn't sure if she would have the strength to live.

Jake woke and he felt safe knowing Rose was watching him and brushing his hair.
"Rose" he said.
"Jake" replied Rose.
"I'm fine now you can leave" he said. Rose nodded as she got up and left. Once outside the door Rose sighed she wished he had asked her to stay and told her that he loved her Rose had no idea Jake was thinking the same thing.

"Haley" Chinese Yelling "Irresponsible" more yelling in Chinese "reckless what if they captured you" he continued renting in Chinese.
"But Gramps why are you upset at me. The hunts clan our evil" said Haley.
"Just because they are evil doesn't me we should seek them out at every moment plus it was to close I have a feeling they are trying to narrow down our location. We may have to move the shop soon".
"So you're saying I should just let them go about their business when we know they hunt magical creatures" retaliated Haley.
"no I'm am trying to say they may not have found any magical creatures which would be one less battle to fight the wise warrior doesn't seek out unnecessary battles young dragon" spoke Lau Shi.
"Ok I'm sorry Gramper" said Hayley.
"we are going to have to lay low for a while and let us be seen by the hunts clan on a regular basis far from here said Lau Shi.

Rose entered Jake's room
"I have something to tell you" Said Rose. It had been a day since there last skirmish with the American dragon. Jake looked up at her and said "I'm Listening".
"Lately I've been thinking of you as more than a brother Jake I" he placed a finger to her lips silencing her as he leaned in kissing her and she was kissing him back. She felt all her worries dissolve as she tugged his shirt off and went over to his left ear Jake shrived as she touched it. She thought this odd but ignored it. As she leaned on Jake's chest tracing his scars. Some from training others from facing dragons she wished morning would never come.

Rose woke for one thing she realized she was in Jake's room and felt a rush of happiness as the memories of last night came back to her. They hadn't done it both thought it was way too soon she looked down at Jake not wanting to wake him. One of his arms hung around her chest as if he was trying to keep her there. She followed it right down to his hand. She almost screamed as she saw a dragon's hand waking Jake he muttered "what" as his eye's came into focus. He looked down at his hand as it felt different. Rose slammed his jaw shut as she could see he was about to scream

This couldn't be happening thought Jake as he slammed his hand into the wall feeling the shock go up his arm. How was this possible he was hunts clan he wasn't a filthy evil disgusting magical creature. This must be a dream he thought but he knew it wasn't. Maybe the Elder dragon had hit him with a spell no he thought despite being a magical creature dragons didn't use magic.
"Jake calm down" said Rose her voice seemed to get through to him.
"We can work this out and if it gets really bad we can go ask the dragons for help".
"Like they would help a member of the hunts clan" said Jake.
"I can't even make this stupid hand disappear" and suddenly the dragon hand vanished.
"Well that's settled" said Rose.
"No this is far from settled" spoke Jake "I'm goanna have to learn how to control it".
"What" said Rose
"If I can't control it then I could transform at any given time" Rose realized what Jake was saying. It was going to be difficult for him to lean with the Equinox being a mere week away. It also wouldn't be easy pulling the wool over there master.