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Summary: Michonne has sided with Rick's worst enemy, and he's not sure he'll be able to win this fight. Who knew his first crushing defeat would come in the form of a razor.

Disclaimer: Language, Sexual themes, and Dixon's dirty mouth.

Accepting Peace

Rick leaned against the frame of his window, watching as his son walked to their house after walking Beth home, a proud smile was displayed on his face for his boy.

He had always had his theories on his boy's feelings for Hershel's daughter, and he was happy that his son had found something to hold on to. He'd like to think his late mentor would be happy for his son.

A soft knock was heard at the door, and Rick said. "It's open."

Michonne, walked into his room with her hands behind her back, and a sneaky grin on her face. Something that made Rick go pale.

Now against what the rumors around Terminus said, Michonne and him weren't an item, couple, or anything like that. She was just a very close family friend…that lived in his house…and spent almost every waking moment around him or his son.

"Hey," He said to her, pulling himself away from the window. "Need something?"

She just grins wider, and then tosses something fast to him.

Reflexes kick in, and Rick catches the object without missing a beat.

He looks down to inspect what was just thrown at him and his eyes widen.

Rick had just come face to face with his greatest enemy he could remember since the world had fallen apart.

Michonne walked closer to him and pointed down at the object in his hand. "Your face lost the war." She says to him calmly. "It's time to shave."

He opened his mouth to object, but Michonne grabbed the electric razor out of his hand and started it up for him.

"You don't get a vote, Rick." She said playfully. "This isn't a democracy anymore."

Two years, almost two years since he had said that, and he was still hearing crap for that! It was almost as bad as people saying that he always said "Stuff and Things" too much. Which he didn't…he hoped.

"You're not gonna get out of this one, Rick." Michonne says handing him the razor.

Rick laughed a little, and then tossed the razor onto the bed. "Maybe later." He said as he walked back over the window and watched his son walk back to the house.

Glaring at Rick, Michonne walked to him, ready to give him hell for tossing another razor away. When she got close to him, she saw what had gained his attention, and smiled.

"He looks happy for once." She says leaning on the other side of the window across from Rick.

He nodded, running a hand through his thick beard. "Yeah, you can thank Beth for that." He answered.

A warm smile graced Michonne's features, and she moved a little closer to Rick…only cause he had a better view of Carl from his side. "She's a good influence on him." She replied. "I almost gave up on them getting together."

Rick chuckled to himself; he had thought the same thing as Michonne. His son had closed himself off to so many people in his group that he began to think that maybe Carl had given up on the young Greene girl. "I'm happy for him. He needed something more."

"A lot of people do." Michonne said looking at Rick.

Feeling her eyes on him, Rick turned to match her intense stare. They would always do this. Since the first time they met. Sharing a silent conversation with only their eyes.

This went on for an uninterrupted minute.

Then a soft knock was heard on Rick's door, and they broke out of their trance like state.

"Yeah?" Rick said turning away from Michonne.

The door opened and Carl walked in to the room.

Michonne and Rick noticed that while the boy still had the same lost look in his eyes that he had been sporting for the last couple of days, there was a sense of hope now hidden deep in there as well, and a real, genuine small smile was on his face.

He wordlessly walked over to Michonne and hugged her tightly. Something he had been making a habit of doing lately. "Goodnight." He whispered so softly to her that it was a stretch for either of the adults to even hear him.

"Night, Carl." Michonne softly says stroking his hair.

He then broke apart from her and shuffled over to Rick.

Rick raised his hand to ruffle his hair, but instead, Carl crushed him into a hug as well.

"Goodnight, dad." Carl said to him gently.

His father wrapped his arms around him, and kissed the top of his head. It was a strange feeling having his boy back in his arms, but Rick wouldn't ever complain.

The teen let go of his father, and then wordlessly started to walk out of the room.

"Carl." Rick called out to his son.

He turned around to look at his dad; stuffing his hands into his lose pockets. "Yeah, dad?"

"I love you." Rick gently says to him. "Always."

Carl feels his eyes tear up a little at his father's words, but he does his best to fight them back. He replies softly. "I love you too." Then he walked out the door and closes it behind him.

Now it was only Rick and Michonne in the room again.

Rick yawns and scratches his beard. Wrong move.

Michonne had taken his brief distraction and shoved the razor back in his hand.

"Shave. Now." Michonne commanded to him.

Rick felt sweat drop from his forehead under Michonne's hard glare.

"Alright, you win." He says to her. "I'll be right back." He then walks into the bathroom and closes the door.

Michonne waits outside the bathroom door for Rick to finish.

Then minutes passed, and Michonne began to wonder what was really going on in the bathroom. "Hey, Rick, what's the hold up?" She asks knocking on the door.

When she shears nothing, not even the electric razor, Michonne eyes widen and she busts open the door with a powerful kick.

She rushed into the room and there was not a trace of Rick Grimes. She looked around and saw an open window. Making her way over to it and looking out, she saw that a guardrail and the roof was right there.

"Son of a bitch." She cursed to herself. "Bastard escapes one house and now he thinks everything is home alone."

"Ya know she's gonna kick ya ass, right?" Daryl said as he finished his eighth pull-up. He had discarded his shirt before the workout, hating the feel of it sticking to his body as he was trying to move. He had made it his personal mission to always get a workout every day and Dixons took mission damn serious.

Rick nodded watching Daryl do his workout. "Yeah, I know. But I don't feel like shaving."

"Nine." Daryl grunted to himself. "Is it worth it, man?" He asks Rick. "I mean it's just hair."

"Coming from you?" Rick replied with a chuckle. "I would have thought if anyone, you would have took my side on this."

Daryl gave another grunt and muttered "Ten." He then let go of the homemade pull-up bar and landed on his feet.

"The hell you mean by that?" Daryl questioned whipping his sweaty forehead with his shirt.

Rick opened his mouth to answer, but Daryl interrupted him with a shake of his head.

He pointed to the pull-up bar then pointed to Rick. "Ya in my house then ya gonna workout with me." Daryl said to him. "Lose the shirt and give me ten."

Sighing, knowing there wasn't a point in arguing with Daryl, Rick unbuttoned his shirt, walked over to the bar, and started to pull his body up.

After watching Rick do three pull-ups, Daryl started to speak. "So, what' ya mean by that shit ya said before?"

"I meant," Rick, grunted as he got to six. "Ya don't too big on haircuts or shaving either. I mean your hairs getting even longer than Carl's"

Daryl looked back at Rick in confusion, but the man just shrugged and continued the workout. The gruff man grunted and walked over to a nearby mirror and inspected himself.

Rick was indeed right, His hair was getting longer than even Carl's was. In fact, most of his face was beginning to cover his face, and his straggly beard was getting bad too.

"Shit," Daryl grumbled to himself, but he shrugged it off right after. "The hell that matter for though?" He said to Rick. "I ain't got a woman to impress."

Rick was about to hit eleven pull-ups, but he what Daryl had just said had made him lose his grip and fall flat on his back with a hard thud.

"What?!" He hollered. "What woman?"

Daryl was about to answer him, when the door to Daryl's house was kicked open and Michonne came stomping in there with her sword drawn.

"GRIMES!" She snarled at Rick.

"Ya on ya own, man." Daryl says turning away from the pair and making his way up the stairs.

Michonne pounced on Rick and grabbed him in a tight headlock.

To say Rick felt betrayed was an understatement. "I thought we were bothers!" He called out to Daryl.

"Not when ya throw a sister in the mix, bro." Daryl said as he disappeared.

"Alright, I think this is going too far." Rick said as Michonne locked the door behind her after tossing him in the bathroom. "You don't have to be in here with me."

She gestured to the window that Rick had broken out from, and then gave him a deadpan look. "Fool me twice, Grimes. Fool me twice."

Sighing, Rick started the razor in his hand and brought it closer to his face, but stopped as it was about to touch the first hair.

His hand fell and the razor hung at his side, he groaned to himself and rested his head against the mirror in the bathroom. "I can't." He says.

"Why not?" Michonne asked.

"Lori." Was his only reply.

A light bulb when off it Michonne's head and all the pieces fell into place.

"I know it's stupid." Rick says to her.

She tries to tell him it's not, but he cuts her off.

"No, it is. I know that." He replies. "It's just the little things I'm still having trouble with." He looks down at his wrist, remembering that he had given away the watch Lori had given him to that stoner Carol and him and met long ago when on a run, he then looked down at his hand, where his wedding ring was.

"I'm trying. And all this," He gestures all around the room, but she can guess he means the house in a whole. "It's just harder to keep my mind off things when there's less to do."

Michonne knew that peace came hard to people like the Grimes. Carl hadn't yet accepted pace yet, and she knew that Rick wouldn't accept it anytime soon either.

But she was here for them, helping them find a way through the destruction that was their minds. They helped bring her back, so she'd do the same for them.

She walked closer to him, the front of her body pressed against the back of his; she grabbed his hand and helped guide it back to his face.

"I can't do it for you, but I'll be with you along the way if you want." She says to him as she flips the electric razor on with her finger.

Rick chuckles at Michonne, looking over his shoulder and staring into her chocolate eyes. "We still talking about a shave?"

"Ask me after." She coly says gesturing for him to start. "Come on, don't keep me waiting."

So Rick sighed deeply and brought the razor to his face…

Fifteen minutes later, Rick was inspecting his now clean shave face. It looked so strange to actually see his himself without a beard.

He then felt a hand softly stroke his now shaven face, he looked to his side to see Michonne smiling at him.

"Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad." He says laughing. "Now can I get an answer to why I had to lose the beard…?"

"Well…" Michonne started walking in front of Rick and covering his view of his face from the mirror. "I was never enjoyed having a beard tickle me."

Rick did a double take, wondering if he had heard right. "Wait, what did you just sa-"

Michonne silenced Rick in the middle of his sentence and crushed her mouth against his. She wrapped her legs around him and he held her thighs in support so she wouldn't fall.

She dominated over Rick's lips since he was still in too much shock to even comprehend what was happening, then after a minute of surprise, he began to respond in almost animal like energy. He spun them around and smashed their bodies against the door of the bathroom.

They broke apart for second, sharing a longing stare again. Having a silent conversation and agreement to what was about to happen.

"Alright, no more fucking staring." Michonne snarled as she pounced on Rick again.

Daryl tossed the scissors back into his cabinet as he finished the project he had been working. Strands of hair littered the floor and sink of his bathroom, but he just opted for cleaning that shit out later.

What Rick had said earlier had stayed with him, he was starting to like a little too wild. He remembered back in the day Merle would always bitch at him if he let his hair or beard get too out of control. It wasn't his fault. He just didn't give a shit.

But his hair was getting too long, it actually was starting to become a task to maintain it and at that point its time to say fuck that and start cutting.

He inspected himself in the mirror, looking at his now short hair. It wasn't too short, cause the last thing he wanted was to be walking around looking like a damn jarhead. His hair looked like it did when the group had first gotten to the farm, he also trimmed his beard too while he was there.

"Now let's hear him say something." He muttered to himself walking out of the bathroom.

He walked down the stairs and over to the old beat-up punching bad he had scavenged from his last run a couple of days ago. He raised his hands, but before he could even make a fist, he heard a knock on his door.

Daryl grumbled "Son of bitch..." And went over to his front door and threw it open.

To his surprise, he found Michonne standing there, with a shit-eating grin on her face. A grin that said, "I just got laid."

"Shit, took ya guys long enough to bang." Daryl says opening the door wide so she could walk in.

To his surprise thought, Michonne doesn't. She just stands there.

"Ya ain't gonna come in?" He asks loudly. He walked back in to his house very quickly to throw on one of the many discarded shirts; he let litter all around his floors.

"Actually I wanted to tell you something...something I should of told you a long time ago." Michonne's mood did a 180, and Daryl almost felt a chill go down his spine.

He threw on his shirt, giving her a side ways glance, trying to think of what she meant, but gave up. "The hell ya talking about?"

Michonne looked away from Daryl, looking in the direction of the house she shared with Rick and Carl. "I'm sorry, Daryl."

"Sorry about what?" Now he was confused as shit. What the hell was she getting about.

She turned back to him, and he was shocked to see that Michonne's face was covered in guilt and shame, something that he had never seen before. Not on her.

"Andrea," Michonne started, putting her head down.

Shit, now Daryl knew things were about to go south. The topic of Andrea had been a touchy subject for everyone in their group. Michonne being the worst to ever bring it up to, him and Rick were a close second though.

Michonne gave him a conflicted look and put her head down, staring at his boots. She then said something that his blood run cold and destroyed his idea of the truth.

"She's alive, Daryl." Michonne said to him." Andrea's alive.

To Be Continued….

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