It was a dark night at Eichen House on the grounds of the old Oak Creek internment camp. Scott suddenly felt something draw his attention away from Lydia and Stiles, he ran through the hall ways picking up speed using every ounce of strength he had both human and werewolf. Once he got to open ground he saw Allison and Isaac fighting the Oni, just as her arrow struck one another came from behind. Scott leapt at her and shoved her out of the way, the sword it had out just grazed her arm.

Scott wasn't as lucky the sword had hit him. Alison and Isaac rushed over to him. Alison pulled out the sword from him. Scott slowly got to his feet and Alison helped him into her car to drive him home. Isaac sat in the back supporting Scott who was starting to heal.

When they got to Scott's house Melissa instead on taking a look at the wound that Scott had despite the fact that it was healing, she cleaned it and put a bandage on it to help keep it clean. Alison then helped him up to his room. She ended up lie with him as he healed.

Isaac looked on from the door before heading to his room, he realised that him and Alison never really worked out. She still had feelings for Scott. Isaac knew this and knew they could never be together.

At the same time Ethan and Aiden were healing from being shot with wolfs bane, at Derek's loft. Well he was there Chris Argent got a call from Alison telling him that she was with Scott and that he had been hurt by one of the Oni's swords, but was he was healing.

Back at Eichen House Lydia and Kira helped Stiles into his jeep and drove him to Scott's house as he instead on knowing if Scott was ok. Once they got there Lydia called her mom to come and pick up both her and Kira. Stiles told his dad that he would be staying the night at Scott's house, he understood especially after he had told him about Scott being hurt.