Lydia had diced to have a girl's night with Allison and Malia. Allison had suggested maybe asking either Danny or Ethan along for it. They figured Maybe Ethan would be better just in case anything happened with Malia. Lydia approached him at his locker she knew which one she wanted as he had just kissed Danny, Aiden was about to say something to her when she said "Ethan we're having a girls night and wondered if you wanted to jinn us."

Ethan replied "why because I'm gay?"

Lydia replied "yes but we also want to get to know you a bit more too."

Ethan stayed silent for a bit and looked at Danny who said "he'll be there."

Ethan replied "I guess my partner has spoken, so where are we meting up and should I bring anything?"

Lydia told him her house and she would have everything.

A little while later the girls were in Lydia's room getting ready for the girls night, they were starting to wonder if Ethan would show up at all. Lydia's mom came up to her room and said "there's a boy called Ethan at the door that says he's her for a girl's night?

Lydia said "Yes don't worry he's Gay mom you can let him up."

A few moments later one of the twins came into the room, with his back pack a sleeping bag and a pillow, Malia then said "see he did show up."

Allison then said "how do we know that it's not Aiden who showed up instead."

Ethan replied "one there is no way in hell my brother would do something like that and two one of you already knows I'm not." As he was talking he took off his Jacket and hung it on the back of Lydia's desk chair.

Allison then said "yeah I figured Malia would know the defence."

Lydia then said "you didn't think I would be able to tell which twin is witch?"

Ethan then said "Danny mixes us up sometimes. "He then told them about how he had caught Danny attempting to hit on Aiden. They had a good laugh at that. Ethan then said "so um what are we actually going to do at this thing."

Allison then said "we were about to order some Tai food but weren't sure what you would want."

Ethan then said "I'm good with anything except for tofu."

They all looked at him as he said "it's not a werewolf thing it just makes me sick to my stomach, I can eat anything else and I'll be fine but Tofu just makes me sick."

After they had ordered the food they stared to get out stuff to do faces and their nails. Ethan sat filing his nails with them as well. They talked a bit about their current boyfriends. Lydia and Allison shard some stories about past boyfriends. Ethan let them know Danny was his first boyfriend and they all knew about Malia. Then they asked Ethan what he thought about Scott, Stiles and Jackson. Lydia figured asking him about Adian was just weird and since they knew that he had talked to Jackson with Dannay they figured he had some perspective on him. Ethan sated out by saying "Scott and Stiles are kind of cute but they aren't my type neither is Isaac by the way." Lydia then asked "what about Jackson?"

Ethan then said "he's kind of cute and if I wasn't with Danny and he was gay id' probably date him."

Allison then said "how is he doing by the way?"

Lydia then said "he's good I talk with him every now and then."

Ethan then added "he has pack and had apparently heard about Aid and I He was a little mad at Danny for being with me but I think he saw how gentile I can be."

Lydia then said "Aiden can be like that too." Ethan then said "TMI I don't need details about my brothers sex life although you are right behind his rough exterior he is very caring."

Lydia laughed as she said "I'll try and keep that in mind tonight."

Alison then asked "do you ever find it awkward being compared to him?"

Ethan thought for a moment and said "um not really he's my baby brother plus he's the only family I have left."

Lydia then asked "so what do you and Danny like to do together?"

Ethan then said "mostly we just cuddle although we have done it though, just once. Usually we just sleep in our underwear. Danny likes to snuggle up with me for warmth."

Malia then said "I like to do that with Stiles sometimes."

Allison then said "its funny being with Scott in his room always seems awkward but that's one of the things I like about him."

Ethan replied "yeah Scott does just seem to be the awkward type, same with Stiles too. I'm a bit like that too Danny is my first boyfriend. He's the first guy I've gone on a date with the first guy I've said I love you too. The first guy other than Aid I've slept with."

Lydia then said "ok next question Boxers or briefs."

Ethan replied "boxers, Aden likes Boxer briefs though, I got a couple of pairs of them for Lacrosse but I like Boxers more. Danny likes boxer briefs too."

Allison then said "Scott is a boxer's guy."

Ethan then replied "I figured he was one but he also wears boxer briefs for lacrosse too."

Alison then said "I forgot that you've seen him in the locker room."

Ethan then said "yeah, the funniest is when Danny and I hit on Stiles. He takes it s seriously and wonders if were picking up on something. Like if he makes a little comment one of us will tell him to come over but we like to cuddle."

Malia then said "he does like to cuddle though."

Ethan replied "I think he's just worried still if he's gay or straight but I'd say he's definitely straight. But like I said he's fun to mess with though."

Lydia then said "ok one other question and you don't have to answer if you don't want to but did you start dating Danny by choice."

Ethan then said "I'll answer it but only because Danny asked me about it too. It's complicated. At first Danny was an assignment by Duke just like how Aid was assigned to Lydia but I developed feelings for him pretty early on and he kind of did too. He has told me that he did question about whether he could date a werewolf or not but he accepts that's what I am now."

Alison then said "have you two ever talked about whether you'd want to adopt?"

Ethan then said "not really but if possible Id' kind of like to adopt werewolves that got abandoned like Aid and I."

Allison then said "so sort of form your own pack then. "

Ethan replied "yeah I guess I would be I just don't want to see any young pups end up like we did and in packs like the ones we were in."

Malia then said "How come you guys didn't end up stuck as wolves like how I got stuck as a coyote?"

Ethan replied "probably berceuse we got taught at a young age to find something to ground ourselves to our humanity. That's the most important thing for any werewolf to learn writher born or bitten otherwise you can get stuck as a wolf or you could end like Peter"

Allison then said "what do you guys think of Logan?"

Ethan thought for a moment and as Lydia said "he's interesting but he's kind of big."

Lydia then said "I think I used to have a crush on him but I never knew his name I just used to see him around town and liked him."

Allison then said "he's a lot like Scott but with more confidantes and less awkward."

Ethan then said "yeah. He's hard to figure out though he's had girlfriends but he hasn't said much about them. But he almost seems like he could be Bi at times."

They looked at him as he said "I'm only guessing I wouldn't out him or anything like that if I did know. It's something that you should always be told by the person directly."

Lydia then said "is it odd that I could tell that you were Gay and Aiden was straight though?"

Ethan replied "not really girls seem to be more likely to be able to do that although I do have girls in school look at me but I only have eyes for my Hawaiian boy."

Malia then said "you said earlier that Aiden is your baby brother?"

Ethan replied "yeah I was born 7 minutes before him but I was also technically born a day before him."

Malia looked puzzled as she said "how does that work"

Lydia replied "Ethan was born just before Midnight and Aiden was born after midnight the next day. It sometimes even happens that twins are born a year apart just by one being born on new year's eve and the other being born on new year's day."

Ethan replied "yeah twins can be interesting. I've met a couple others and some of them have hated each other."

Malia then said "I don't really remember much about my family."

Allison then said "I used to look at my Aunt Kate as being an older sister until she tried to kill my friends."

Lydia than said "you did turn with them for a bit though."

Ethan looked over at her as he said "doesn't surprise me hunters always are looking to take us down."

Allison then said "Scott changed both mine and my Dads view of things."

Ethan then said "sorry I've never really met decent werewolf hunters before, it's harder for me now having the eye colour I do as one now though."

Allison then said "yeah we tend to look it as if you killed someone in cold blood."

Etna then said "I did kill someone in cold blood though but I didn't enjoy it. The only death I've ever enjoyed was killing our old Alpha."

Everyone stayed silent for a moment until Lydia s phone rang it was the delivery guy. Ethan got up to go and help well Malia said to Allison "well that got dark."

Allison then said "yeah let's not bring that up again ok." Malia agreed to it as Lydia and Ethan came back up with the food. Ethan then said "I'm sorry for being a bit of a buzz kill before I didn't mean do that it just came out."

The three girls all hugged him as they knew from what they had heard from the rest of the pack and from what they had observed he liked to have contact with people when he was feeling depressed. He smiled and said "thanks"

Next they got out the food Ethan was a gentleman and let the girls go first. Well they ate they talked about lots of things.