January 2014

Slash, one vampire dead. Turn and swing the blade and vamp number two dies. her recon showed this to be a simple case. Three vampires killing people in a small town. Two down, one more to find.

After checking two more rooms, she moves to the back kitchen area of the old farmhouse. And damm! There he is,but he's not alone. There are more, she quickly counts six altogether. Where the hell did they come from! She had been very careful and through in her investigation. All indications led her to believe there were only three.

No time to kick herself for being wrong and no time to run. They had her surrounded and outnumbered. Gripping her machete firmly she attacked the vamp nearest her. She was going to take as many down with her as possible.

Hearing a voice from behind her, she turned to see a man enter the room and dispose of the vampire nearest him. She knew that man. Just as quickly another taller man came in through the back door . He quickly killed a female vamp and went after another. it only took a matter of minutes before all the monsters were dead.

Without saying a word she turned and quickly walked away. Yes, she knew these men and she knew what they traveled with. Something she wanted never to see again. She had to leave now!

Heading to the front of the house she saw a figure standing in the doorway. It was dressed like the two other men in the usual hunters outfit of jeans and flannel. Despite the strange (for him) clothes she knew that body and that face.

"Get out of my way" she said in an deadly calm voice.

Castiel moved aside to let her pass.

As she pushed the door open, she paused.

"I know the angels have fallen from heaven and can be killed easier now. If I ever see you again I'll kill you. Stay far away from me"

Then she walked to her car and drove away from the thing that wore her fathers' face.