It had been nice visiting her mother. Amelia hadn't asked why she suddently showed up for a visit. Claire was grateful for the tact and understanding that went along with the welcome home a while she allowed herself to just bask in the unconditional love.

They talked about her mothers' friends and what they were up to. They also talked about her father and what a loving man he had been. Of how he used to read to her at bedtime, take her to the park on Saturdays, and taught her how to fly a kite. She could still remember the huge grin on his face when she finally, after so many tries got it in the air.

She didn't tell her mother what the angel said. Her mother never asked about the supernatural aspects of her life. It had almost destroyed them after all. She knew that eventually when her mother died, she would be with Jimmy again. He had been the love of her life.

She knew that she had to ask herself some hard questions. Not sure she would like the answers.

After two days of wondering who she could possibly talk to about her current life crisis, She decided to text her friend Josh. He was a hunter she had worked with several times and they had become good friends. He had a similiar life storie. Except his didn't include angels. Demons had possessed his father and killed his mother.

Claire: Got time to talk? It's important.

Josh: Hey Claire, Haven't heard from you for a while. Are you OK?

Claire: No, not really. I did something that came close to being as evil as the things we hunt. Wondering if I am more messed up than the usual hunter shit.

Josh: What did you do? Did you kill someone?

Claire: No, but I caused pain. Oh, what the hell! I mutilated someones face with a blade. They were able to heal themself after, but that dosen't make the pain I put them through excusable. I wanted them to suffer as they caused me to suffer. It didn't work. I just felt empty.

Josh: Does this have something to do with the angel?

Claire: Yeah, I had him at my mercy and threatened to kill his friend if he didn't let me destroy his face.

Josh: Would you have killed his friend?

Claire: No, it was just leverage but he didn't know that. I must have seemed like a monster to him.

Josh: You said he healed his face. Are they both alright?

Claire: Just fine and dandy. I'm the one that came away with scars, emotional ones.

Josh: I know you Claire. You are a good person. You have made mistakes but you are not evil.

Josh: Hey...

Josh: Claire, are you there?

Josh: Did I say something wrong?

Josh: Please answer back, you're scareing me here.

Josh: ?

Claire: Sorry for leaving you . What you wrote..I'd heard it before..but not about me.

Claire: I know that I want to continue to be a hunter. I just have to make sure I don't go "dark side". Not forgetting how to be human and taking care of people.

Claire: I have never told anyone this but I was the angels' vessel for a short time before he returned to my father.

Josh: Did he hurt you?

Claire: Not physically no. I've never been the same since then. I was just a young girl and to have something that powerful possess you is mind altering. There was a long time after that I had nightmare of power and light overwhelming me.

Josh: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Claire: Did you ever wonder how I found the wraith in Ohio? Or the vampires nest in Illinois?

Josh: It did seem as if you were very good at finding the things we hunt.

Claire: When he left my body, I was different, my mind was altered enough that I can tell when supernatural creatures are near. Does that make me one of them? I 'm afraid.

Josh: Don't you dare even think that about yourself! This ability just makes you one of the best hunters there is. Being afraid shows that you are human and you are good. I will hunt with you anytime. I trust you.

Claire: I don't know what to say...appreciate your faith in me. I have to go now. will text when I'm in your area again. we'll go kill some evil sons of bitches.:)

Talking with Josh had helped clear her mind and focus on what she wanted to do.

She was going to hunt and she was never going to let herself become unfeeling of others pain again. She had to remember that hunting was more than killing monsters. It was about innocent lives not being destroyed.

Hunting things and saving people. It was what she did best.