Claire hated djinn, they were disgusting lying blood drinkers. She had just killed this one and was now checking to see if any of his victims had survived. God she hoped that little girl was alive! She looked so pale hanging there with that needle draining her blood into the plastic bag. Quickly taking her down she felt for a pulse. It was faint but there.

Luca, her hunting partner took the child from her arms.

"I'll try to save her. Just let me concentrate" His eyes begin to glow. They were normally gray, but now they were shining silver orbs of light. As he touched the girls forehead she began to regain color. Claire hadn't realizer she was holding her breath until she let it out...

She had met Luca in a park of all places. He was sitting on a bench watching children play.

Young good looking , early twenties ,dark brown hair, fair skin, dressed in faded jeans with a pale blue hoodie . Damm, he was handsome! Too bad he was out of bounds. He looked very normal sitting there drinking coffee out of a styrofoam cup.

She had never seen him before but her instincts told her what he was. She got up and walked over next to where he sat on a bench.

"Hey there angel boy did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" she said quiet enough so that only he could hear."

When he spoke his voice was calm and quiet, with a resigned quality to it.

"As a matter of fact it did. Burned my wings to ash. I've harmed no one and just want to be left alone. If you mean to attack me hunter please wait until the children are gone. Violence could tramitize them."

Watching the children play as she talked

"I'm not hunting you angel, I just finished a job near here and came to the park for some downtime. Finding you was pure chance. How about we have a chat and you get to try to convince me that you're harmless. I know some of the troubles the fallen angels have caused since they fell. I'm willing to give you the benifit of a doubt."

She had definitely not been actively seeking to find an angel. Nonetheless, she had to find out if he was dangerous once she had found him. She wouldn't hunt him, she was through thinking all supernatural creatures were monsters. Now they recieved the benefit of a doubt. With a weapon at her side of course. She was fair not stupid.

He told her that his vessel had been a heroin addict who was dying of an overdose when Luca approached him. The guy literally had nothing to lose by saying yes. He was dying anyways. It still had been unsetteling, at least at first, to be around somebody in a vessel.

Since his vessel hadn't any money or any possessions he could sell, he couldn't even afford a place to stay the first few nights on earth. He eventually managed to find a job in a thrift store where he was allowed to sleep in a small space in the back.

As she begin to talk to Luca she discovered that he wanted to help make the world safer for people. After being cast out of Heaven , he wanted nothing to do with other angels and kept a low profile.

The first time she suggested he hunt with her he laughed.

"I'm not even at quarter power and have no wings. What could possibly make you want to risk your life with a poor excuse of an angel like me"

You're young with a fit trainable body. You want to help people. And if you aren't helping fight evil then you are making it stronger by standing down."

Eventually, after they talked a few times, he agreed and they began hunting together.

Each had their strong and weak points. He hated research, but was pretty good at interviewing people. They just looked into those big grey eyes and became very helpful. At first she had wondered if he was using some power to influence them, but no he just had excellent "people skills".

She was the more experienced fighter and tracker of the duo. Although he was no slouch with an ability to see in the dark like a feral cat. Plus he was lightning quick and put the fighting moves she taught to good use. They worked well together.

After they left the girl at the hospital. Claire said,

"Thank God we found his lair in time."

Luca frowned.

"God had nothing to do with it. If it were dependent on him to save her she'd be dead. No Claire, this was all on you. She owes her life to your hunting skills."

She shrugged,

"All that matters is that an innocent life was saved. Now, lets go back to the motel and get packed. I told Josh we'd meet up in two days and he hates to be kept waiting."

"Does he know I'm an angel, maybe I should let you see him alone."

"Nah, he's one of the good guys. The fact that you're an angel won't bother him as long as I say you're okay. You'll like each other, just wait and see."

As she watched him pack up the weapons she wondered to herself. How on earth did a damaged angel and another hunter become like brothers to her? She certainly never saw that coming.

This is the end for now. I may do a timestamp later with Claire, Josh, and Luca.