(Mistypaw's POV)

''She's in shock!'' Silverwater yowled.

Shadowflight watched in shock as Amberpaw suddenly fell on the ground; she had fainted. Her eyes were still open and had a spooky effect that, I think, appears on cats who had fainted or... were dead.

''Amberpaw! Wake up! Wake up!'' the medicine cat yowled, even though she knew there was no hope in her waking up soon. Shadowflight, in obvious desperation, began snapping orders to cats who did not have any time to figure what was going on.

Shadowflight began grabbing herbs, like thyme, to give to Amberpaw. She licked her to make her heart pulse slower and steadier, it was a mystery still who had done this.

She padded over to Mistypaw's body, and began putting on her cobwebs in order to stop the bleeding, to make it better. She grabbed herbs she found nearby or told cats what to look around for.

Suddenly, two blue eyes glowed in the bushes, and a ginger she-cat sprang out of them. She had her fur all ruffled and dirty with mud, more mud, and some pine needles. She looked wildly around us, and padded over to Mistypaw.

''Fastpaw,'' Rabbitstar growled slowly. walking even slower toward her, who was crouched by Mistypaw's body. Hopefully, both Mistypaw and Amberpaw would be safe, but Fastpaw may not. Everyone knew how Rabbitstar hated cats who killed someone else.

Fastpaw just looked up at Rabbitstar, her eyes full with a 'I've done nothing, forgive me please' gleam in her eyes. But Rabbitstar took no notice. ''Traitor!'' the leader yowled. ''You just killed one of our best apprentices. I knew you shouldn't have been born in this Clan. This Clan is for loyal cats, but your rebellious attitude won't let you become a warrior. Neither I. You are now our slave, or prisoner, whatever way is fine. Pebblewing! Badgerclaw! Get her in camp and out of my sight. Now.''

The young apprentice's eyes were with panic, ''I've done nothing! I found her nearby and saw her fall here! I did nothing!'' she yowled. Then murmured something Rabbitstar hopefully wouldn't catch, ''I hate my own leader.'' The warrior, Badgerclaw, took her by the scruff, and she laid limp during all the journey. Pebblewing, the deputy, followed too, watching carefully if Fastpaw wanted to escape.

Shadowflight saw Amberpaw's eye open a bit and heard her murmur, ''Fastpaw... you're my only friend now...''

I hope you like this, Frozen Stream of OakClan. I would be very happy if you let me do this story, but it's fine with me. I just hope you choose a good writer to do this!