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Beautiful Things

CH 1- Precious New Comings

She was there the day Cordelia gave birth to her granddaughter. It had been three years since Fiona Goode had died. She had awakened in her own personal hell accompanied by a man she once called her lover. Fiona despised the home she awoke every single morning in. Every morning when she first opened her eyes, there were a few minutes in where she would forget. She'd wake up confused but the realization always hit her hard like a bucket of cold water. Unable to stand Knotty Pine any longer, Fiona managed to reach the human world as a spirit.

She watched her daughter cradle her newborn child in her arms. Cordelia laughed and cried at the same time as she held her daughter for the first time.

"Hello," She said softly to her, "Hello precious baby girl." The newborn yawned and sleepily looked up at her mother. She then closed her eyes and fell fast asleep, completely safe and comfortable in her mother's arms.

Fiona watched Cordelia cradle her new miracle the entire night, completely invisible to her only daughter. Cordelia was so gentle with her and oh so loving. She caressed the baby's soft cheek and whispered sweet words to her. Fiona could not lie; she was moved by the scene before her.

It reminded her of when Cordelia was born. The difference between them was that when Cordelia was born, Fiona was utterly terrified. She didn't show it but deep within the fear of motherhood was eating her alive. On the other hand, Delia was ready for anything and everything. But Fiona knew that her Delia would love her child and be the mother Fiona never could be.

Cordelia had fought so hard and for so long to become a mother and now that she had the radiant health of the Supreme, she was able to have a child of her own. But the girl had no father. Her father had been an anonymous donor. Cordelia had said she didn't need a husband to have a family of her own. Fiona was quite proud to hear her Delia speak so confidently. She was a new woman now. Strong, poised and confident. Fiona was truly proud.

But now Delia had what she always wanted and the girl was darling. She was absolutely perfect, a true descendent of the previous Supreme Fiona Goode. Fiona was more then proud of her granddaughter. She was seven pounds of utter perfection.

When Cordelia placed the baby in the tiny, wheeled crib next to her hospital bed and fell fast asleep, Fiona walked up to the little girl. She smiled down at her.

"Hello there, precious." She spoke softly to her. The baby girl stirred and opened her eyes. She was probably hungry again or needed a changing.

"You look like her, your mother." She told the child as she marveled over the little cherubic face. "Absolutely beautiful."

Indeed the newborn looked much like Cordelia when she was a baby. Fiona remembered her perfectly. And her granddaughter was just as precious. She had fair skin, soft to the touch. Her head was covered in soft golden blond hair and she had a peculiar little birthmark on the skin along her ribs, above her tummy. Her mother had a birthmark just like it. Fiona mused over the little fact. She brushed the newborn's palm softly and was surprised when the baby extended her hand and stretched her fingers.

Fiona almost took a step back. When she had come back from hell as a ghost she had discovered that she could touch people, her hand didn't go through them like in the movies, however, they couldn't feel her touch. There were so many times she had placed her hand on Cordelia's shoulder but not once did Delia flinch at her touch. No one could see her and no one could feel her. But Fiona could see and feel all. No one could hear her either.

"My, aren't you special." She smiled, almost wanting to cry from joy. The baby scanned her face, reacting to the sound of her voice. Fiona was overjoyed that her voice was finally being heard after so long. Perhaps the child was more special then she first led on. Fiona couldn't wait to see what powers the child was hiding deep inside. The again, young children were sensitive to these kinds of things. Well, Fiona would just have to wait and see.

"Your mother is going to take very good care of you. I know that for a fact. But you need to take very good care of her too. I'm not around to do so anymore. I know my Delia can handle herself but she still needs help. Be there for her. Love her like I couldn't." Fiona leaned down and kissed the baby's forehead softly.

And then she was gone.

Cordelia awoke at the sudden cry of her baby. She pushed the blanket off and swung her feet off the bed. "Hey, you." She said collecting the bay in her arms. She checked her diaper but she was clean. "You hungry again?" Cordelia sat back down resting against the bedframe and commenced to feed her child.

Cordelia couldn't be happier. She had fought so hard to become a mother when she was married to Hank Foxx. She went through so many treatments, tried so many spells and rituals; she even went to the Voodoo Queen herself for help. It wasn't after Cordelia became Supreme that she obtained radiant health. And after three years Miss Robichaux's was running perfectly, many of the girls were settled in. They had even opened a second school to house them all in. Everything was well.

Cordelia had done her part to protect the Coven and now she wanted the title she had first dreamed of: being a mother.

She held the baby close and marveled over her. Cordelia hadn't even decided on a name. When she was married to Hank they had discussed baby names. Hank was sure that they would have a boy and he wanted to child to be named after him. Cordelia never agreed to such a thing but she let him have his moment. However, Hank was dead and the bundle in her arms was not his child. So Delia could name her whatever she wanted.

When she first found out the baby was a girl, a jumble of names came to mind. The name Fiona was one of them. Cordelia always thought that she hated her mother but she knew it was the fear and obsession over power that drove Fiona mad. She had forgiven her mother, however and she no longer held any anger for her. She was at peace now. The name Misty also crossed her mind.

Cordelia smiled at the thought of the swamp witch. She had tried effortlessly to bring her back from hell but she still hadn't succeeded. Cordelia hadn't given up, however. She was going to keep trying.

"What will it be?" Cordelia brought the now wide awake baby closer to her, "Claire or Olivia? Alice or Grace?" she ran her finger along the baby's soft plump cheek. The little girl kicked her tiny legs and gave out a soft coo. Cordelia smiled, "Maxine? Do you like that?" Cordelia said the name out loud, "You know, Maxine Cowell was the name of a very powerful Supreme. One of the best the Coven's ever had. Her portrait is hanging up at home." Cordelia paused for a moment. "Maxine Goode."

Satisfied with the name, Cordelia smiled and kissed her daughter's forehead. "You are the most beautiful baby. I will always love you. I will be your mother until the day you die. "