A/N: Hi, everyone! I'm super glad many of you were happy to see this one return. It's one of my smaller fics but I enjoy working on it. Since I'm bringing this old goodie back to life, I'm going to make some minor adjustments to the original plot and create a timeline for the new direction I want to take it into (also because a lot of you wanna know what happened in Boston lol). Since Coven aired in 2013 that is the year I'm going to base Maxine's birth. I don't really think I ever established a timeline.
Anyway, yes, that is Oliver Thredson! And, Ambyyy, omg yes! The lamp from Sleepy Hollow is exactly where I got the idea for the one in Max's room! Ever since I saw that lamp as a kid I've dreamed of finding one to buy for myself lol


18- Fears




Cordelia found herself to be the last one at the bar late that cold February evening in downtown Boston. The rest of the witches had decided to call it a day after a couple of drinks, exhausted from the long day. However, Cordelia was not yet ready to return to her hotel room for the night. She ordered herself a whiskey neat and took in the moment, just happy to be there. She was the Supreme after all and life so far had been going just the way she planned it. There was nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate another victory. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac played through the bar, swimming along the pitch of talkative and lively voices; the night seemed never ending.

Besides, the last time Cordelia had enjoyed herself at a bar was back when Fiona was still alive It was the night someone had attempted to blind her with acid. Cordelia did have to admit that before the incident in the restroom, she was having quite the good night with her mother. Nevertheless, Cordelia tossed the memory to the back of her mind; she was proud of the work they had made that day and was looking forward to opening yet another school for exceptional young ladies. She was so deep into her thoughts that she didn't notice when a man sat at the bar next to her.

The man sat in silence for a couple of minutes until he cleared his throat, "Ma'am, are you lost?" His gruff yet attractive voice broke the silence between them, loud enough for her to hear through the music.

Cordelia felt the fire of the whiskey deep inside of her. She smirked, "Why? Because heaven is a long way from here?" She didn't bother to look at him, having heard the cheesy pick up line before from a couple of other sleez balls in the past; she was sure he was just like the rest of them.

"Heard that one before, huh? Guess I'm not as clever as I thought." His tone was rather embarrassed if only a little sheepish.

Cordelia scoffed, amused, "You thought that was clever?" She glanced up to see who the voice belonged to. It was in the middle of The Chain that she met a pair of steel blue eyes looking back at her. Her lips parted, her voice caught in her throat.

The man at the bar next to her was not what she had been expecting when she heard the half assed pick up line. He was an older man in his forties, at least ten years her senior with a dark beard and rugged good looks. He was dressed in a casual black suit with a white button up. Even though he looked well put together there was something intense about the look in those cobalt eyes of his. A look that sent a shiver down Cordelia's spine but one that pulled her in like the tides.

Cordelia suddenly felt embarrassed and rather shy. She smiled and averted her eyes down to her drink. "Do those ever work for you?"

"Don't know, this is the first I've tried." He admitted with a mere shrug.

"I find that hard to believe." She teased. "My apologies, I've had a few." She didn't know why she had admitted that.

The man chuckled, waving over the bartender, "What's one more?"

Cordelia met those eyes and felt the fire in her stomach grow wilder. She flashed him that gorgeous smile of hers, "Sure. Why not?"



Cordelia tore herself from the memory of the night her daughter was conceived. She had never spoken to anyone of that night. She didn't know if it was shame or fear but it was a secret she kept well guarded. If anyone was concerned, the father of her child was but a mere donor. Nothing more, nothing less. It was the way Cordelia wanted it.

Cordelia's eyes went back to Maxine who stood to her feet and wandered towards the back of the garden. Cordelia slowly stood, "Excuse me, Queenie, I'll be right back."

Maxine followed Misty deeper into the garden towards the back gate of the house where the plants began to overgrow. The smell of the Bayou was always so present in the air. Maxine smiled as she watched Misty twirl around in circles in pure joy. She stopped mid twirl and looked down at the sleepy girl whose eyes held a sense of sadness.


Cordelia followed Maxine until she came to a stop just behind a tree, listening to the soft voice of her child. She stood by herself, alone in the garden speaking to thin air. The sight made Cordelia's skin crawl and she listened.

"When's Nana comin' back?"


"She keeps the others out of my room…"

No response.

Cordelia felt her hands tremble.

"I don't wanna see them right now."

Unable to hear it any longer, Cordelia stepped from behind the tree. "Maxine?"

Maxine jumped, startled by her mother's sudden appearance. Misty took a step back, eyes shimmering with awe at the mere sight of Cordelia. "She's like an angel fallen from heaven, ain't she?"

Maxine eyed Misty, raising a confused brow.

"There you are. What are you doing all the way over here?"

Maxine looked away from Misty and averted her eyes. "Nothin'." She muttered, placing her hands behind her back.

Cordelia extended her hand, looking around the garden. She felt a panic in her stomach. "Well, come on now. It's time for your lesson."

Maxine took Cordelia's hand and followed her back to the house. She looked over her shoulder to make sure Misty was following them.


Cordelia stood in one of the smaller classrooms, arms crossed, eyes on the child. Maxine sat in one of the desks, eyes down on a book of Latin spells. Her lips pressed together, hands turned into fists on her lap; she looked awfully nervous. She always was when Cordelia had one on one lessons with her. Maxine was young but she understood the importance and power of her mother. She was the Supreme after all and the Supreme reigned. She was always afraid of failing her mother.

Cordelia had eternal patience for the child. All she wanted was to help Maxine control her abilities. Maybe there was a way to put a stop to the spirits, to limit their reach to her. It was clear the girl was bothered by their multiple visits, so much so that they interrupted her sleep. Cordelia only wanted to protect her.

Maxine felt eyes watching her and slowly looked over her shoulder but saw no one. She relaxed in pure relief to be left alone if only for a little while. She didn't mind Misty or her grandmother's company. It was the other ghosts' presence that grew heavy on her.

"Maxine. Who's there?" Cordelia asked, worry crossing her face.

Maxine turned back around, "No one." She answered casually.

Cordelia frowned at this and knelt down by the desk. She knew Maxine was keeping so much from her and the thought worried her. "Maxine, look at me."

Max's eyes flickered to Cordelia's. Her lips pressed together, not wanting to speak.

Cordelia took hold of her child's little hand. "I want to help you. You need to let me help you."

Max looked out the window and then set her eyes on Cordelia. "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

Cordelia smiled sadly at her child. She nodded, "You may." She saw the relief in Maxine's eyes. "Do they scare you?" Cordelia asked; she wanted to know but was afraid of what her child would say.

Maxine let her eyes fall upon the desk and squirmed in her chair. "Sometimes." Her voice was low, almost a whisper. It sent chills down Cordelia's spine.