Disclaimer: I own nothing. Star Wars belongs to George Lucas and Vampire Diaries to Julie Plec and L.J. Smith- I just mess around with their characters.

Note: This takes place in the Star Wars universe, and Elena is Padme's adopted sister in this (not that anyone knows it except Padme's parents) and her and Anakin fall in love instead of Anakin and Padme.

'Protect Her'

Moonlight shone through the window, casting a pale, silvery glow over everything. It was quiet save for the sounds of traffic outside- peaceful even. But still Anakin found it hard to sleep.

The young Jedi's dreams had been plagued with visions once again, only not of his mother this time. If he closed his eyes he could see the jumbled images clearly: a ring of fire, a man with glowing eyes and lips stained red with blood, a very familiar form lying motionless on the ground…

The rustling of covers tore him from his thoughts, and he looked towards the other side of the bed and saw Elena sleeping peacefully.

A smile tugged at the corners of is mouth at the sight, pushing his dark thoughts from his mind. Her dark brown hair lay sprawled across the pillow, bleached silver in the moonlight, and her peaceful features took on an unearthly glow.

She looked like an angel- something he'd always thought she was ever since their first meeting on the starship years ago with her sister Padme. My angel. He thought, remembering how they'd exchanged vows in secret on Naboo months ago. Something he wouldn't go back and undo for anything- even if it meant costing his position in the Jedi Order.

Anakin couldn't resist reaching over and stroking her face, causing a smile to grace her face and remain there, all while she continued sleeping peacefully. He felt his own grow slightly in response- he knew she could sleep through most things if she chose, she was that stubborn- before sliding off as the images from the visions worked their way back to the forefront of his mind.

He didn't know why they were about her, or how the events were set in motion, but he did know he would do whatever he could to prevent it from coming true. He'd already lost his mother; he wouldn't lose his wife as well.

There had to be some way to stop these visions from coming true and he would find it- search every nook and cranny in the galaxy if he had to. Failure was not an option this time; she was one of the few things he had left.

He took a few minutes to meditate; realizing how emotional he was becoming over the whole thing, and closed his eyes, instinctively pulling Elena closer as he tried to get some sleep knowing he'd need it in the morning. He also took the time to meditate because, he privately noted, he felt a strong sense of hate for the strange man with glowing eyes and lips red with blood- Elena's blood; something he well knew would lead to the dark side.

She was his angel, his light, and he knew that if he lost her there would be no doubt he would willingly let the dark side claim him- and that thought scared him almost as much as losing her.

I apologize if Anakin was OOC- this is my first time writing for Star Wars despite being a long time fan and the longest I've ever written from someone's point of view that wasn't Elena's in a Vampire Diaries crossover. I hope you enjoyed this anyway. As I wait for inspiration for my stories to return to the point I know I'll be able to update them there will be more oneshots coming. I definitely know another one or two in my Kirk/Elena drabble series along with some other Vampire Diaries crossovers. Any suggestions?