Rose's POV

I slung my case-it over my shoulder and waited for Annalee to finish putting on her boots.

"We should go see Divergent tonight. I think we can both agree that was an awesome movie." She said, placing her tennis shoes on her leaning tower of books. Today was Friday and it was finally the end of the day. Friday is always movie night for us. Either she comes to my house, I got to her house, or we go to the movies to see a new movie. Last week was her turn to choose and we saw Divergent for the first time, but this week was my turn and I have no plans watching that again. True, it was good, but I have an even better movie in mind.

"Not even. I only went a week without watching Phantom and I practically broke down. Even if they totally did the worst casting in the world. Maybe I'll introduce you to Love Never Dies…"

Annalee rolled her eyes at me. "Really? How many times have you seen that movie already?"

"A hundred times and counting." I teased. We walked down the hallway to our lockers. Annalee broke off and headed to hers while I walked to mine. Amy, like always, was already at hers.

"Hey, Amy. Do you want to come over for movie night?" I asked, shoving my books in my locker and getting out my book bag. She smiled at me. She is always chock full of happiness and… ducks.

"Sure, you'll have to pick me up though, my parents…"

"Got it, your parents aren't home or something. Isn't this routine or something? We need to have a party when you get a car." She rolled her eyes at me. Wow, I guess I really induce eye-rolling.

"Yes, well, I'm sorry I didn't get a car right when I got my license like some people." That was the one thing I could rub in their faces. My parents got me a hunter green Jeep when I passed my test. I love it to death! "By the way, what are we watching on this fine evening?" she asked breaking out her British accent.

"It will be a surprise for you…" I said and turned to run away. I heard her calling me in frustration when I was a little ways away. I smiled. Amy has never seen Phantom. That is the main thing I tease her about. If I am the only one who appreciates good music, then so be it. When I made it to the parking lot, Annalee was already leaning against my Jeep.

"Where were you?" she called across the parking lot. I walked over and unlocked the doors.

"I invited Amy to come over."

"And?" Annalee hopped in the passenger side.

"What do you think? She can't come because of her parents or something." I said backing out of the parking space. Annalee let out a disappointed sigh.

"Which is why we're going to pick her up later."

She smacked me on the arm. "I thought she wasn't coming! God, I swear…"

"C'mon, it was just a joke. You're the one who fell for it."

"Whatever." Of course. More eye rolling. We stopped at her house to pick up some clothes for overnight.

"What do you do here anyway?" I asked.

"Dance Moms, Dance Moms, and more Dance Moms." She replied, digging through her drawers for some pajamas.

"Oh, so you can be Dance Moms obsessive, but I can't be Phantom of the Opera obsessed? That's cold. Come on, we need to pick Amy up. She's gonna think we died or something."

She swung a bag over shoulder. "There's that happy spirit you always radiate, Rose." It was my turn to roll my eyes. I pushed her toward the car and started the engine. When we got to Amy's, I walked up to her door and rang the doorbell. She answered the door in her red penguin .


"Yup!" She took her bag and dragged it behind her. When she saw annalee in the front seat she pouted.

"Backseat?! Not fair!"

"Totally fair." I replied pushing her in the backseat. When we pulled up to my driveway we all got out and I unlocked the front door. Fortunately, my parents were away on some business trip, but then there's my siblings…

"Rose is home!" I heard Emma yell as soon as I opened the door.

"Yes, and we're using the living room tonight, so don't even step foot in there." I yelled back.

"Fine with me!" she yelled again and I heard a door slam shut.

"That was easy." I said leading Annalee and Amy to the Living room. I headed to our bookshelf full of movies and pulled out my copy of Phantom.

"You never told me what we were watching." Amy said from behind me.

"And I told you it was a surprise." I retorted. I put the DVD in the player and pressed play. Amy sat on the floor on a sleeping bag and Annalee took one of the couches with a blanket thrown over her blue .

"I'm going to get my P.J.s on too. Don't start it without me." I ran upstairs and changed into my fuzzy black pants with red music notes on them and my Beauty and the Beast t-shirt. Very appropriate for the occasion, I think. Before going back downstairs I checked on Emma.

"Lights out Emma!" I said, walking into her room. She crawled out of her closet. Apparently her closet is some kind of fairytale land according to her.

"Please, just a couple more minutes?" she gave me her best puppy dog eyes.

"Nope. Mom said eight thirty and that's when you're going to bed."

"Fine." She said stomping over to her dresser and getting out a nightgown.

"Look, mom will be home tomorrow, so you can complain to her when she gets back." She jumped into bed, ignoring the statement I just made. I turned out the lights and headed back downstairs.

"Goodnight!" I called to her.

"Night." I walked down the stairs and took the remaining couch just as the commercials ended. As soon as the menu came on Amy groaned and smashed her head in a pillow she stole from the couch.

"Oh god" I heard her muffled voice through the pillow.

"Hey, you're the one who said they were coming."

"Yeah, well I didn't exactly know that we were going to watch this." She said, raising her head from the pillow right when I pressed play.

"Oh well…" Annalee said. "At least you had a choice. I already told my mom I was coming home with her. No backing out then."

"Oh, come off it. Is this really so bad?"

"YES!" they said simultaneously.

I shook my head with a smile and turned my attention to the screen.

After lots of popcorn Amy and Annalee fell asleep, leaving me to watch Love Never Dies alone. I flipped open the case to the sequel and switched out the movies. Finally some great singers! A stage production is better than any movie any day in my book. About halfway through, during The Beauty Underneath, I dozed off, my eyelids becoming heavier and heavier.

"The girl is awake!" is the first thing I heard when I woke up. My head was throbbing and when I reached up to feel my head I felt a bump. That would explain my blurry vision. When my vision cleared I sat up and looked around.

"Mama!" a blonde at my bedside called out.

"Quiet child! I'm coming." was the reply I heard.

"How do you feel?" asked a woman who was approaching. She looked an awful lot like… Madam Giry! Shocked, I looked at the blonde girl sitting in the chair next to me. It was Meg!

"You were hit by the manager's carriage, my dear. You have a nasty bump on your head. Are you alright?" repeated Madam Giry.

"Yes, I'm fine." I replied.

"You were apparently coming to audition for a chorus member, for you were holding an application when it happened right outside the opera house, Miss Rose Johnson." I didn't know what she was talking about. I don't remember filling out anything and last time I checked, I have two left feet. If Annalee were trying out, that would be believable. She has been taking dance since she was four years old. Either way, I needed someplace to stay, so I nodded my head.

"Usually, we don't give any places in the dormitories until you are given a role in the opera, but since Moncharmin was careless enough to hit you, he has offered a place, nonetheless." She said. It was more of a demand than an offer.

"Meg, bring the poor girl to your dorm." She turned her attention back to me as Meg helped me up. "You will be spending tonight with Meg and Christine until tomorrow's auditions. By the way, I'm Madam Giry, the ballet instructor. If you do make it, I'm sure I will be seeing you soon."

Meg led me down several hallways and rooms before we entered a room with two bunk beds in it. A girl with curly chocolate locks was laying on one of the bottom bunks and reading a book. She looked up when we entered and sat up.

"Oh, Meg, is this the girl whom the managers hit?" when Meg nodded she stood up and held up her hand.

"I'm Christine Daaé. What's your name?" I took her hand.

"Hi, I'm Rose Johnson." Meg crossed her arms, then unfolded them and held out one to Christine.

"Hello, I'm Meg Giry." She said. A giggle spilled from Christine's lips.

"Wong person, Meg." She said and turned her to face me.

"Hello Meg." I said before she could repeat herself. "Are you related to Madame Giry?" I asked. Of course I already knew the answer, but I didn't want to freak anybody out.

"My mother. She's too sour, don't you think? I love her, of course, but she is strict much too often."

"Come on, since your mother is so strict, I'm sure she'll want us in bed. We're almost a half an hour late. Thanks to you." Christine said to me teasingly. I knew why she was so eager to go to bed. And I couldn't wait until I met him.