Rose's POV

"Here, you'll need this." Christine said, throwing me a nightgown along with a chemise.

"Yes, you do dress weird wherever you're from…" Meg said looking me up and down.

I looked down at my pajamas. I forgot how crazy I must look to them. It's not every day that a girl in the 1800s is wearing pants. Or ever for that matter.

"What's Beauty and the Beast?" Christine stared at my shirt. I realized how much she could relate to the story. She must be thinking about Erik. The beast was, after all, holding a rose. I decided to not tell them about the future.

"Oh, that's just an opera from where I come from." No, it is not. There is a line between opera and musical, and that is a musical.

"Where are you from anyway?"

"Ummm… let's just say I'm not from here." The girls both gave me weird looks.

"Whatever, just change." Meg said. I walked behind the privacy screen and put on the garments Christine lent me. When I walked out, Meg threw a pillow at me and pointed to the top bunk above Christine.

"Sleep, mama will have our heads if we don't get to bed." she said. I climbed the ladder and hopped into the bed.

"Goodnight, Rose" Christine said.

Meg threw another pillow at her. They may be form the 1800s, but they still act like today's girlfriends. I stayed awake for another two hours, waiting for a special appearance. After Meg's breathing became heavy Christine got out of bed and looked at the clock that was sitting on the dresser in the corner of the room. Looking up at my bed, she slipped on her shoes. She walked over to Meg's bed, then mine, making sure we were asleep. I faked some heavy breathing so she thought I was asleep. She then crept back to the dresser and pulled out a rose with a black ribbon tied around it. Wow, Andrew Lloyd Webber was scarily accurate. Christine walked out and closed the door behind her.

I jumped out of the bunk and hit the floor softly. Knowing that this would happen, I wore my shoes to bed. Quickly, I made my way to the door and closed it as soft as I could. This would take major quietness. This is the Phantom of the Opera we're talking about. I followed Christine down several corridors and had to hide behind numerous tables and statues that were standing about when she looked over her shoulder. When we came to the auditorium, she walked up to the stage and stood in the center.

"I got your gift, angel." She said looking all around her as if expecting someone to come out at any moment.

"Good. Are you ready for your lessons, Christine?" a baritone voice boomed through the auditorium.

"Yes, angel." Christine replied to the disembodied voice.

"Then we begin." A violin's music flooded the room, starting a scale for Christine to sing along to. Christine sang along to every note until an earsplitting E6. Yes, I am enough of a geek to know exactly what note Christine's highest note is.

"You did well, Christine. That was your highest note, yet."

"Thank you, angel. I should go; Meg and Rose might wake soon."

"Rose? I've never heard of her? Meg yes, but Rose…"

"She's new. Monsieur Moncharmin and Monsieur Firmin hit her with their carriage. She is staying with us until the auditions tomorrow. If she makes it, she will be our new roommate."

"Of course with all their incompetence already, they must run over a girl to prove how stupid they are. Must we have those managers? I'll admit Lefevre was not the best, but he was far better than them. "


"You may go Christine." I hurried out of the auditorium and ran up the corridors that led to our room. I jumped in bed just before Christine opened the door. I let out a silent breath. That was close. I pressed my head into my pillow and restrained myself from letting out a phangirl squeal that wanted to erupt from my stomach. That was not as hard as I thought, for the moment my head hit the pillow, I fell into a sleep full of Phantom dreams.

"WAKE UP, ROSE!" Meg screamed smothering me with a pillow. I shot up and used my own pillow as a shield from her blows.

"Very subtle wake up call, Meg."

"Thank you." She beamed proudly. She turned around and reached for her hairbrush. As soon as she turned her back I shot my pillow at her arm, causing the brush to fall out of her hand. She turned around with her mouth open.

"Oh so it's war you want!" she shouted and grabbed the pillow off the floor. She walked over to me with her hands up in surrender.

"Yes" I replied.

"Then its war you'll get!" she tackled me with the pillow.

A resonating bang brought us out of our pillow civil war. We both looked up to see Madam Giry standing in the doorway with her cane in hand. Meg immediately got up off of me and placed my pillow back on my bed.

"Meg Giry, are you a dancer?" Meg nodded meekly.

"Then go dance!" Meg scurried out the door.

"Auditions start in an hour, my dear. You should be getting ready." I nodded and grabbed the ballerina outfit Christine left for me. When Madam Giry left, I put on the outfit and did my hair in a bun. I saw my handbag lying on the dresser and picked it up. Meg must have brought it with her when I was 'hit'. Why did it end up here? I didn't have it with me during the movie… Oh well, don't argue with time travel. The clock told me I had a half an hour left before auditions, so I pulled out my phone and pressed the home button. Of course it wouldn't turn on; it wasn't invented yet. I put it back and dug in my bag for something else to pass the time with. I came up with my copy of Le Fantôme de l'Opéra. I swiveled my head around to make sure nobody was watching and plopped on my bed and flipped to the end of the book.

"Time for auditions, Rose! They already started! What are you reading?" I looked up and saw Christine sticking her head in the room. I threw the book down on the bed and jumped off the bunk, glancing at the clock and seeing that I was indeed three minutes late.

"C'mon then…" I said, grabbing her hand and pulling her along behind her.

"How do you know where the stage is?" she asked stumbling along behind me.

"Ummm… I went exploring last night." I replied without thinking. Christine stopped in her tracks.

"Y-you went t-to the auditorium last night?" she stammered.

"Yeah, why? C'mon I'm going to be even later…" Christine seemed to be assured by my acted cluelessness, and started walking again. Oh god… I'm sure they'll have a nice conversation tonight about me. I thought.

When we got to the stage I stepped behind all of the other ballerinas with Christine, earning a death glare from Madam Giry. Luckily, instead of preparing a dance for them we had to copy the dance moves from a song from the next opera, Hannibal. Wow, I got here just in time… Not only for auditions, but for the entire Phantom story.

I found dancing here way easier than it would be in real life. Perhaps my dancing skills were enhanced when I went through time. The thing that made the dancing difficult is we were dancing in chains. Do not be fooled by how easily the ballerinas do it on stage or in the movie. After tripping over the chains twice, I struck the end position, my chest heaving with my ragged breaths.

Then I heard the devil herself approaching the stage though she wasn't even in the same room.

"No, no, no! I will not do it! I hate zee part and if I do, zee phantom will probably drop a sandbag on me again!" shouted Carlotta tearing into the auditorium. You're not too far off I thought.

"Oh great" I heard Christine mumble under her breath. She reached down and unclasped the shackle from her ankle then came over to me and showed me how to do the same.

"Who is that?" I asked. While I was working on the bonds on my own ankles.

"That's Carlotta. She's the prima donna."

"She sounds like a pain."

"That's only the tip of the iceberg." she groaned.

"The casting for the Hannibal ballet is Jammes, Giry, Daaé, Johnson, Sorreli…" and other random people whom I didn't recognize from the book, movie, or musical. I breathed a sigh of relief when my name was announced. That means I'll be staying here until I find a way to get home. In the meantime, there's always Erik to meet.

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