A letter, to my dearest Hisana

Much has happened since I last wrote. The blood relative of the man Rukia was forced to kill, also the Captain of the Tenth Division Isshin Shiba, was sent on a mission recently and has not come back yet. Usually this would be fine, however the mission was of intrigue due to its nature, enough to warrant all of the Captains to be notified of its existence. While I am mostly unfazed, I am curious of his fate. Fortunately, Rukia has not heard of the news; I cannot be sure of what she would do if she were concerned with another member of the Shiba household.

As for Rukia, she has become more and more proficient at her skills as a Shinigami. Her Shikai, which awakened shortly after her recruitment into the Thirteenth Division, has advanced in its power and she herself has developed increasing prowess, though she has a distance to go before she can truly reach her potential. The fact that she has come thus far however, prides me slightly, though I have refrained from telling her so that she remains humble.

On a side note, Ginjiro Shirogane, who is my lieutenant, has recently talked about retiring into his side business of operating a sunglasses shop. I can only pretend that he is jesting although he seems rather serious about the notion. Perhaps I shall need to find a replacement soon. Regardless, continue to watch over me as I proceed on this river of life.

From he who loves you dearly, Byakuya