The battlefield, blood...pain...blood...pain again...

Nothing more than that. Just the war and death.

"He's more like you then you'll ever know, fool."

"He nothing like me, Jiraiya."

"It's my fault...I'll never forgive myself for letting you falling apart."

"You could have never stopped me, you know."

"True..." He said, looking into the fire.

"I don't have time for sitting here and talking to you, stupid bastard. I need to go back. My dreams won't stop here."

Jiraya smiled, looking at his former teamate.

"What's with that stupid smile on your face?"

"That's why you should have stayed...that's why you should have taught him."

"I do not understand you, and I don't even care about your stupid words..."

"Because he's like you, Orochimaru..." He paused, looking into the fire again, playing with a small leaf. "He would do anything...anything to see his dream comes true."

Orochimaru wanted leave, withought a word.

"I will never leave" Jiraya whispered. Orochimaru suddently stopped. A tear falls down to Jiraiya's cheek and then, it hit the ground. He lied. He knew he had lied. He had been incapable of protecting his master or student, Minato, incapable of saving his best friend, incapable of stopping his second student, Nagato, incapable of helping Naruto to save the world, to watch over him...That was the word for him..."incapable".

'And I will be incapable...till the end of the time...'

"Orochimaru...leave're dead."

"Not this time." He said. He was sitting down, concetrating...trying to accumulate enough chakura for transfer...he wanted to go back, to the real world.

"You died by your own student hand.".

"And you by yours." he returned.