just a little oneshot I came up with cause I love forestfireshipping

It was a regular day for the gang except for one fire pig pokemon. Pignite wasn't himself. He was crying and ,as far as everyone else knew, he only cried when he was abandonded and when he saw his ex-trainer. But he was crying right now. And for Pignite that wasn't him. The first to notice was Charizard. And he was the first to ask why. Because when a friend was hurt,he was hurt.

"Hey Pignite."Charizard said with a bit of sorrow in his voice "*sniffle* yeah?" Pignite asked. "Why are you crying?"Charizard asked with concern "I'm not crying I just have something in my eyes"Pignite lied making charizard shake his head "Just tell me I need to know what's wrong so I can fix it" Charizard said. "*sigh*the problem is...me"Pignite said with his eyes closed with a few tears escaping from them. Which made charizard confused "What did you do?"Charizard asked "It's not something I did it's who I am"Pignite said sadly and Charizard made a hand gesture which meant 'go on' "I'm fat , ugly and completely weak and I don't deserve her!"Pignite almost yelled but when he realized what his last words where his eyes widened. Charizard asked "don't deserve who?" Pignite got really nervous and his eyes darted in several directions "Look, Pignite I think I can help you"Charizard suggested and Pignite sighed knowing he couldn't get out of this and he mumbled. "sorry what was that?"Charizard asked "sn*mumble*"Pignite mumbled albeit a little bit more clearly "say again?" Charizard asked ,although he obviously knew what he was going to say, he wanted Pignite to say it properly to be sure. Pignite sighed "snivy" Charizard smiled happy that his buddy was inlove but a little sad that he felt he didn't deserve her "Okay one:happy that you're inlove. Two: unhappy that you're feeling bad about yourself cause you're great"Charizard said. "no I'm not Char, I couldn't even battle my old trainer so she had to fight my fight which was selfish of me so I don't deserve her and she deserves better than me" Pignite said his ears drooping and a tear falling out of his right eye.

Charizard sighed and whispered "arceus in heaven forgive me" SLAP! Pignite was on his side rubbing his left cheek and sat up staring at Charizard "*sigh* sorry I slapped you but I needed to make sure you had my attention. I think your looking at it all wrong you're not fat it's muscle, which ironically is normaly said the other way around, you're not ugly and no one said you were ugly or fat, you're not weak you managed to beat shamus in the end after snivy was beaten which is not selfish because you fought for her,you evolved for her and you used your concern for her safety as an incentive to fight and you didn't hold back!" Charizard lectured showing his elder brother side and Pignite started to contemplate his words. He nodded "you know what?" Pignite said standing up "Your right! I'm not bad! As a matter of fact, I'm great and when the moment is right I'll ask her to be my girlfriend!" Pignite yelled confidently and pumped a fist in the air and Charizard smiled, happy that someone that was practically his little brother had found love and was confident about it.

Thanks for reading and I would like more people to write stories about forestfirshipping.