"Jasmine have you seen your sister,"
"I have a surprise for her"
"Why her papa? why not me, I'm the older sister!"
" Daughter, don't be jealous, she's young and has a great gift"
"It's her fault mother is no longer here, I wish she'd just disappear!"
"Don't say things you may later regret Jasmine" the Sultan said sternly.
Jasmine only scoffed and turned away angrily!
The Sultan's face turns sad as he thinks over his eldest daughter's hatful words, he turned and walked away to search for young, Lillian.
In his arms he carries a white tiger cub, his surprise for his youngest daughter.
unknown to any of the Sultan's family Jafar and his minion Iago where hiding just around the corner and had herd every word,
"squawk did you hear that Jafar? Princess Jasmine wants to little Lillian gone!"
Jafar stroked his twisted beard in contemplation, "hmm... Interesting with her out of the way the only heir to the throne is Jasmine, I can become her suitor, and rule Agrabah!"
Iago nodded his heads in agreement and then looked at Jafar in confusion, "So...uh.. how are we gonna get rid of the little munchkin?"
meanwhile over in the stables the Sultan found his youngest daughter petting the horses.
"There you are Lillian, I've been looking for you everywhere!"
Lillian turns and looked sadly at her father, "Sorry daddy, I was just talking to the horses."
the Sultan smiled at his daughter and said, "Yes dear, that's nice, now I have a present for you!"
Lillian turned to her father again, confused, "Why it's not my birthday?"
the Sultan waved away her comment still holding the cub behind his back, "Oh come child, it's tradition for the princess to be given a gift once in a while for no reason!"
Lillian's face light up like a candle and she smiled before she pleaded with her father, "What's the gift, papa please tell me!"
the Sultan pulled the small animal from behind his back and held it out to Lillian. she cuddled him close and looked lovingly into his eyes, which were startlingly similar to her own. her father smiled at her happiness, "yes he's quite handsome, he's Raja's cub, which is strange because all his brothers and sisters are orange with black strips and he's white with orange strips.
Lillian looked at the cub lovingly and whispered, "unique like me," she smiled to her father, " I love him papa, I will name him Prince!"
not long after her father left Lillian was still playing with Prince, when Jafar walked up to her, "Good afternoon Princess."
she looked up at him and smiled, "Hello Jafar!"
"your father asked me to escort you on your outing today princess, he said that he was busy with your older sister!
Lillian wrinkled her nose in confusion, "He didn't mention it to me when he was just here, and besides we are not allowed to go outside the palace." before she could move Jafar threw a handful of red powder in her face and she fell to the ground unconscious.
After transferring her to his lair, he changed her into poor man rags and wiped her memory.
meanwhile a young boy who was wondering around the market had no clue his fate was about to change forever!

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