Chapter One
Anchorage, Alaska

Cate was getting sick of her dreams. Normally she didn't remember them but lately they were the first thing she thought of in the morning. They were nice dreams that made her want to sleep more.

At first, they featured several people at once; a small six year old girl, a tall African boy laughing, and another boy of fifteen or so, while a girl with grey eyes braids her hair. Recently her dreams had been of her and another boy who looked to be older than her. Sometimes sparring with strange weapons, other times talking and laughing. He often teased her jokingly.

She had always felt love in his gaze for some reason and it was reflected in her own when she looked at him. Small touches were his way of saying 'I love you'; a touch on the shoulder, his hand on the small of her back, a light caress on her arm; all light and natural.

She sighed. "No use longing for a dream, so pay attention to reality," she ordered herself. She had been thinking about them all day as usual. She sighed to herself and returned to checking out her books and listening to music.

The sixteen year old bobbed her head to the sound blasting through the little white buds she kept in her ears as she walked out of a library balancing multiple books. The Lucian Alliance operative watched her closely; she was of average height, short blond hair with the occasional streak of chocolate brown and blue eyes that sparkled.

Target name: Cate Morris AKA Leah O'Neill; daughter of Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter-O'Neill.

Primary objective: Capture and return to ship with target.

She smiled grimly, gripping the zat concealed in her ordinary (if oddly made) Tau'ri jacket. This would be "a piece of cake", as the saying went.

No others were around and she wouldn't be seen behind her. She stepped out from her spot and quickly zatted the teen. She hid the zat before gathering her up and pressing the ring transport button. The books and iPod were left behind. And in the dark of an Alaskan winter no one saw a thing.

Los Angeles, California

"I'll be home in a few minutes Mom. Yeah, love you too, bye," a large muscled African-American boy of seventeen said into his cell phone as he jogged through an empty alleyway. He was tall for his age with dark brown hair and coco-colored eyes. The operative watched him from his hiding spot as he ended the call.

Target name: TJ Johnson AKA Bra'tac; son of Teal'c and Ishta of the Free Jaffa.

Primary objective: Capture and return to ship with target.

He quickly stepped out and zatted the boy before disposing of the cell phone and ringing up to the ship in orbit.

Ashland, Kentucky

Ethan was really starting to hate his dreams.

This would sound strange to most people because they were good dreams. Mostly, they were about an extremely hot girl who he had somehow come to love and she had come to love him. He was a pretty decent artist and kept his favorite sketches hidden under his mattress. In his dreams, she was shorter than him by a head, with blond hair streaked naturally with chocolate brown highlights. But it was her eyes. They were what haunted him the most. They were a gorgeous crystal blue that he often got lost in.

The dreams started about a year ago and he had never really liked any of the girls in his high school (despite the fact they all liked him) so he stayed away from the realm of dating. He wanted to go into the Air Force so it was better not to get attached anyways. He heard his parents' voices travel up the stairs. They were arguing again.

"Fan-freakin'- tastic," he muttered. It was yet another argument over his decision. He got up from his bed and started to head downstairs. He usually left during these arguments so he might as well leave now while he could.

The eighteen year old ran out of the house, closing the door behind him as the angry shouts of a man and woman echoed behind him. They were having the same argument. He wanted to go into the Air Force; his father supported him, but his mom wanted him to be a lawyer.

Ethan was of average height for his age with messy black hair and hazel-green eyes. An operative watched him from a spot behind a car.

Target name: Ethan Mores AKA Jason Sheppard; son of John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir./

Primary objective: Capture and return to ship with target.

He quickly zatted the teenager and ringed up to the ship hovering in orbit before anybody saw what happened.

Myrtle Beach, Virginia

Joe sighed; they had forgotten to pick him up, again. He sat down and pulled out his favorite book, The Forgotten Prince. It would be awhile before one of them remembered so he might as well read until then.

He flipped to his favorite chapter and began to read.

An eight year old boy sat on the steps of a school crying while cradling a book in his lap. His parents who were constantly arguing forgot to pick him up, again. Another operative watching him felt a wave of pity. Like all of the operatives he had watched his target for the past three weeks in order to learn their patterns. This was the fourth time that they had forgotten about him. At least the boy's actual father had never forgotten about him./p

Target name: Joe Caris AKA Zane McKay; son of Rodney McKay and Jennifer Keller.

Primary objective: Capture and return to ship with target.

It was the same objective all seven operatives hoped to accomplish.

He sighed; but why did he have to get stuck with the one kid he felt pity for? He steeled himself before heading over to the kid. The boy was too busy reading to notice the man. He zatted the boy and hit the button to the ring transporter. No one saw and the only things left behind were the boy's things.

Nashville, Tennessee

"Bye Dad, I'll be home around ten," a well muscled boy of fifteen called as he headed out the door. He was tall for his age with close cropped black hair and deep brown eyes. The operative watched him, a grim smile playing over her lips./p

Target name: James North AKA Ryan Dex Emmagen; son of Ronon Dex and Teyla Emmagen.

Primary objective: Capture and return to ship with target.

He stepped out and zatted him. Hitting the button he quickly returned to the ship with his prize.

Concord, Massachusetts

A six year old girl sat in her bedroom crying as an angry red welt on her cheek slowly faded and a purple bruise appeared in its place. She kept her face buried in a pillow trying to keep quiet so she wouldn't get in any more trouble.

The operative watched her with an angry expression. Her anger was directed, not at the girl, but at the woman who gave her the bruise.

Target name: Kayla Heris AKA Lily Weir; daughter of John Sheppard and Elizabeth Weir, sister of Jason Sheppard./p

Primary objective: Capture and return to ship with target.

The operative took a deep breath before stepping out of the closet. The girls' head snapped up, her eyes widening in fear.

The operative held up her hands in a placating gesture. "I'm not going to hurt you," she whispered.

Kayla shook her head vigorously. "No you have to go or she might hurt you too," she whispered, obviously panicking. The woman's heart went out to this girl who was more concerned for the safety of a stranger rather than her own.

She crouched down to the girl's eye level and pulled out a syringe with sleeping fluids. "This is filled with sleeping fluids. Now I'm going to take you away from here, okay?

She nodded. "Just get me away from her. Please."

She quickly administered the fluids and once Kayla was asleep the operative picked her up and ringed up to the ship.

Ticonderoga, New York

A fifteen year old girl with sandy brown hair and sharp grey eyes hiked up the steep incline barely breaking a sweat. The operative observed her progress with a critical eye. Her body was well toned and her progress steady; she would reach the top within a few minutes.

Target name: Claudia Terrence AKA Claire Jackson; daughter of Dr. Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran.

Primary objective: Capture and return to ship with target.

Once Maya reached the top the operative zatted her and ringed up to the ship.

On the ship

Operative one shoved Cate the main cell as she regained consciousness.

"What's goin' on," she asked groggily.

The operative merely sneered before she left.

After a few minutes Operative two showed up with TJ in tow. He was unconscious and mumbling incoherently as he deposited him on the floor.

One by one the operatives showed up and deposited their captives. Cate checked their pulses but she figured they were just unconscious.

When the third boy was dragged in she was given an electric shock by the operative when she tried to check his pulse. Once the operative left she checked him, hoping that he was too far into unconsciousness to feel how her fingertips were practically ice. His heartbeat was steady.

When Operative six came in cradling Kayla she immediately jumped up and took her from the operative.

They should regain consciousness within a few hours," the operative whispered. Cate nodded and sat back down with Kayla's head in her lap beside one of the boys.